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The Turks Alarmed

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" The Turks," saya a newspapor correspondent at Constantinople, " by noïneans easy at the progresa Ku'ssia ia. niaking in Central Asia ; but tiioy daro not show it. They know to do so would, bo of no avail, and would only bring upou thein Kussian resentment. But thoy. cannot, With a oalm and satifised eye, seo a foreigner, and abovo all a Christian, denorainaiion established in the región whenee they derive their origin. They hoped, for a moment, that England, stf deeply interested in opposing abarrier t& Kussia'a polioy of conques1:, would infañrvene ; and they see with discouragpient that the English Government is but sligliüy disquieted. I know that Sir Ilonry Elliot has moro than once beea questioned on the subject by the Turkish' Ministers, and (htef hu has given thém evasive answers in regard to the policy which England intended to purpue. AÍready forujidable on the sido of the Danubo i-:-d of the Black Sea, liussia will beoomo equally formidable for Turkey on the side of Asia ; but the Porte is not strong onough to protest against her encroachments with any chance of being listoriod to, and seeing that England is silent and leta matters tako their course,' Turkoy aVso leeeps silent - though groan ing j'Y secret over the destiny which the Bussian conquests are preparing for hex1 in the future.


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