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The Five Innocents

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Trom the New York Heralcl. ■ Garfield is an Ohio lawyer, and has been five times in Congress. He is uh:iirman of " Appropriuti jas " - a fitting comniittea. He proeured ten shares of Credit Mobilier of üakes Ames, btit, having no ready casb, agreed to pay for them out of the dividends. Yet the sagacious Poland finds that Garfield did not knovv at the time of the investment of his credit that tho speculation wo-uld pay. Guileless Garfield! Scofield, of Pennsylvania, is a lawyer, with the experience of five terms in Congress. He " put a thousand dollars " into üakes Ames' Credit Mobilier and drew out dividends of oighty and 6ixty per eent. on his investment. Yet Jndge Poland says that Hcofield did not know tho valuo or character of his speculatinn, and heneo must be held guiltloss of any corrupt intout ! Fortúnate and coniidiug Scofield! ' Bingham, the ablest lawyer in Congress, has been a membei of the House of lteprescntatives for eight terms. He is chairman of the Judiciary Committeo, and bought twonty shares of Credit Mobilier stock for two thousand dollars. He received in dividends between ten and eleven thousand dollars. Uut Judgc Poland's whitowashing committee find that whon Bingham made the investment he was in utter ignoranco of any eonneciion between Credit Mobilier and Union Pacific. Benighted Bingham ! Dawes, of Massaohusetts, has been a member of Congress for seven terms He is chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, and as such, leader of the House of Eepresentatives. Dawfls, who had previously made " small investments in railroad bonds throueh Mr Amos," bought ton shares of Credit Mobilier stock of tliat operator at par, and held it until exposure was throatened. During that timo ho received dividends oí eighty and sixty percent, on the stook. Judge Poland's committee believed that Dawes did not know what ho was purchasing, and had no corrupt intent in purchasing. Innocent Duwes ! Kelley, of Ponnsylvania, is a lawyer by profession. He has boen a membor of six Congresscs. Ile is one of tho Committee of Ways and Means of the House. He bought ten shares of Credit Mobilier stock of Oakes Avnes without paying for them at tho timo, and pocketed the onormous dividonds, Before the investigating committee he testified that üo had received nothing, but his own reoeipta and indorsed chocks confronted him and told a different talo. Yet Judgo Poland's coinmitteo find Kelloy guiltless of any corrupt or improper act, and regard him as a fitting member to retain a soat in the House of líeproseutatives. Incorruptible Kelley! Dok't foiiget to roquest tlie Judge of Probate and Circuit Court Commissionor to malie orders for pubïication in tho Aau [JS. Yuur requost is all that is nocessary : not made your adyortising will go to somo otlior paper.


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