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QTT1 in another oolumn, advertlsemenl abouf (OJ-iiJ lona uiiíl ebrusika Luuds SEE iisfl uS.''1--' TTILL'S OPERA HÜU6E ! Patti-IIario! THE STKAKOSCH OOHCERÏ. Monday, Harch 3, 1878, at 8 o'elock 1'. ■. Jr"x "! ' ■'''■ Uy announces to the JJnblicoi AnnArboratiu vicuiity, that the First Grand Concert! In Ann Arl.or of-MH. CARLOTTA V TTI and bignor MABIO, wül take place on Mondar evening, March ;:.!, at 8 oYlock. Tho celebraied Artiuls will arpear: Mlle. ( '. i; i . n TA PATTI, the Quecn of üio Concert Room. -Mi,:, ANNIE LOUISE CAIIY, the favorita American Contralto. TERESA CARHENO, the oelebrated Pianist. big. EVABIü 800LARA, the fumous Basso. Mons. EM1LE SAUBET, the mimciit Violin Vir8%. MABIO, the woildixnowned Tmor Coduct'jr Biff.MAzo FKkJX'Jr"'"'2'-! Petialt Gilmore & IJoor open at V 4 ; commence !t 8. Webl used at these Conoertü. 1415 T ILL'S OPEEA H0U8E ! FOR ONE EVENING ONLY. Tuesday, Marcli 473. Aanaal uppearanco of thoso great favorites, LINGARDS! AND THEIR NEW COMEDT COMPAXY. Tho performance will commence witli the charming Comedy, A Day After the Wecïding! Followed by the TSHXV UKARD SKKTCIIES. Pronouneea by the New York lierald " superior to any he has jet given." Concladine witli Mr LinVÍMZ?La3r replet wu" ft9d' 'md Br"J11- F}fH - W. HOBAOX Liscari). ', AUCZDOHMIKOlLlBOlBD.) J'ai'liuel Jiis8 i). Lingauu. And Cumpany. Admission, $1.00. Reserved seats without extra enarge, at Gilmore & lisku's, commenciBf Pridav leb. 28th,at9 a. m. (iallury, 50 cents. H13 TLOUE AND FEED STORE. HENEY WiLSCH (Successortoüco. Laubengayer,) At 14 West tiborty Street, will keepconstantly on hand a fiill stock of Fiour, Meal, Oat, Corn Mi 11 Feea , lic. All orders promptly flllert at the lcwebt cash priecs. Cash paid for Corn and Oats. Hliyl Assignecs' Notioo. NOTIf'E is hereby given that the assignces of Ilenry lyear will.Heat at the Soodyear House, in the illage of Manchester, in ths Connty of Wai.htenaw, and State of Michigan, on ïuesday. the sixth day of May next, at ten o'elock in tlie forenoon, to receive a at oí all cliims afainat sai.l lienry Goodyear, ezisting at the date of the usignment to the undersigncci, and that al! persons who desire to reo h distribution ander said assigiiment, must give notice oí their claims with the Touohers or jroof thereof to tJie undersigned at or beiore saidmceting, as it is intended to declare a dividend amoñg creditors ut that time or soon thereafter as may b?Dated, Manchester, Feb. as, 873. RANSOM 8. BMITH, JOSEPH McMAHON, M. H. CALKIN, 1415 Assignees of Henry Goodyear. Estáte of Veit Zeeb. STATE OF MICIUÜAX, County of Washtena-w, esAt n sesuion of the Probate Court for the County of Waahtenaw, holden at tho Probate Office, in tLe city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the twenty-fourth day of !"ul;ruary, in the ycar one thousand cight hnndred and si-vcnty-three. Prosent, Noah W. Checver, Judpe of Probate. In tho matter of the estáte of Veit Zeeb, deceased. On reading and Blingthe pelition, duly Terined,oi Jacub Zeeb. praymg that WSUam April or some other suitable person nsay be appointed Adniinistrator of the estáte of said deceased. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the twentyfourth day of Harch next, at teno'clook in the forinoon, be asaíyned lor the hearing of said petition, and that the and hcirs at, law i,l suid doceased, and all other persons inteieoted in said estáte, are rcquned to appear at a session of Baid f'ourt, thcn to be holden, at ths : 'lobato Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if nny tlwre be, why th prayer of the petitionet should not be granted: And it is furthcr ordered, that suid putirioner give noticetothe persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said petition, and the hearing thrreof, by cauarng acnpyof this order to be publislied in tliè Michigan Argus, a newepaper printed and circulatins in suid County, tliree succes-sive weeks previous tof aid day of bearixu (Atruecopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEB, 1415 Jud-ie af Probate. QO-rAETNEESHIP l C. IC. MILLEN haa asociated -with liimsolf in business his sou. CHABIiES S. MILLEÑ. Herealter the style and name of tlie ürm will be C H. MILLEN &sox. 0. n. MELLEN, Ann Arbor, Feb. 20, '78. CHARLES S. ÜILLEX. All persons haviBg unscttled accounts or who are in any way indebted to C. IX. SOLLEN will pirase settle the same at once, either with myself or the new iirm. C. U. MILLEN, CAED OF THANKS. I dosire to express my thanks to crlil friends and patrons (home of them of many yoars standiufi) for their patronage, and hope for a contínuosce of it -with !):,■ new iirm under ihe e.iah systeinot1 doing boainess, knoving we can and will make it au object for them to do so. C. H. MILLEN. JEW CASH DRY GOODS STOEE. C. H. MILLEN & SON llave deteimined to conduct the business of buying aud selling Dry Coods! Ou CASH miNCIPLES. It needs no argument these days to satisfy all that tho CASH SYSTEM Is gruatly to the advan'tiigc of both buyer aud Beller. OH. MILLEN & SON. TTTE ABE NOW Receiving a large stock of BLEACHED & BROWN AND 2 CASES OF NEW SPIÖfö PRINTS ■Wliich we offer at tho Lowest Casli lárices 1 -AT C. H. MI1LBN & SON'3 1414 Cash Dry Goinls Store. TOE SALE AND TO EENT. SLAWSOS8 te SON OFFEIl TIIEIII STOCK OF GOÖDS FOP, SALE, AND THEIR STOEE Oor, of Hurón and Fourth Sts., FOK BENT. INFORMATION FURN1SHED ON PREMISES. ïiruvi slawsoiy & soiv. OEEDS! SEEDSi! SEEDS!!! TDïIE TöISeAKüIbLIABLB ! I put up noold wni - but all nre frenh andreliable. A BiaaU etun iudlcioualy invested in Flower Beeds, will add mucb tu the beauty and cujoyuiL-iit üf lioaiü. TRT IT. Ihiivc also large nnd wel] fUled Green Honsea srith the dioioesi GreeB Bouas and Bedding Planta and Bhrab8, whíoh can be saiely fcraiwported,Bn3 1 sell at ittün reaeh of all. Catalogues J'ree. Agenta wantod to Bolicit ordei B. Address, I. C'. McIïA%V, liivcv-id(. GaxdcnSj BingbRmton, Broomo Co., N. y. H0bm3. ifofiiNsiif ■ !" SHTEHAW J ÖNOTARYpueilCl .: - GENERAL IJ ïjjf jkHCONVEYAHCER K-JJöS 1 - ' r- i Fa, ann arbqr Y 8 3S SSSS SSjL hSu kESm S?ffif Sffi OUR ABSTRACT BOOKS! As partlaily indica ted abore, are nowpogted to date. 1 at once, ín a condensad or posted form, show the orinal chaln and all ncw chaina of title. Iustance BUch as AUDITOR GENEEAL'S DEEDS, Known aa Tax-Titlee, whirfi are vcry numorons in tuis County, Decrees, Contraer?, Deeds ! WILLS, 5cC, Also, now as well 33 all of tlie oíd nndischnrrea Mortgage as f:ir baek naisj4- irhieli nre lcgions. Persons tafcing title pr mortgKftea and Hens will remember that Tax-Titlea and othcr collutiral ïnntters are not fonnd in the uraal mode of scarrh by Indexea at the Register' oilioe. The books or liDers in the Regititer'a ;iiice have becomeso namerousand voluminous that Ionir time is nceessaiüy required even to . hasty and unreliablo Beareh. AVith our faoilitios we say to the public that w fan show thein title and Tul" Eietory, make Deeds, Mortufcs, Assignmentii, Diseh;irfies, &c, as correctlj-, quicker and in better stylo than any other office ia the County. W o have MONE? TO LOAN! Oa Bond and Hortgage en long time. REAL ESTÁTE Sold or exchaiifrocl. IIOUSES TO RENT. 33 ncros opposite the Observatory for sale in lots to suit putchasera. ROOT & LEITER, BesI Estáte -ïpenta, No. 1. Oregory Block, Tkacy W. Eott, and oppooite lh l'oatoifice. ("HAIÍLES A. LEITER. 1410tf ÏJESIIIABLE EEAL ESTÁTE VQU S .A. Xj E I The BubBCnber, on account of üï health, offers hij 33 ACRES tn the Corporation fo sale. This gronnd aajoinstJie Umverpitj ObseiTatory on the east, oppoaite side ol thu Htieet. It hits a most excellent SPEING ! On the northcast corner- ioïmerly suppliea the Kaüroad tanks lvith water. STS ADVANTACES Are as f ollows : For city tlio Huron Eiver meanders th same nomo SO tu 40 roda, and is part of the best. "Water ÏPowei On the Eiver in this vicinity, and the elevation on tha ji. .1 theast corner is sufficiently hipli und ampie to sup. ply the city necessities tor water and tire purposesTHE WESTERN PORTION On tlio road is vLry appropriate and soltatlo for a Public Cily Cemetery. The city has no such gKmnda now bilt must luive 80011, and whatever grounds th city (luis not care to uso, n.-in be sold at an'udvantsee so much so,that the cost of the Water orks {rounda and Icmettry, would be merely ncjninsl. If the city ( t want the same, the grounds wuuld he invalitable i'or FEUiTS, LAEGE&SMALL, There being some 100 trees now in hearing Tegetables and Pastur.age, And also for MilKsupply.BLOODED STOCK, liorses, üheei)? And otlier aninutis ahvays in prcfit want by many in the city and ita viciaity. As city lots udjoining tha northwest corner of tl. is land are now selling from three hnndred to three hundred and flfty dolUrs, these landfi wouïd or could be sold in a short time to a dvantage and to niucii iiront to the purchasera. LIBEBAL TinVwIB ATill he g-iTen or the same vill be exchanged for Mer■chantablfl ,roüds or Biuge aud Medicines, at caali pi ices. TRACY W. ROOT. Ann Arbor, Jan. 31, 18T3. 1411 "tAMES McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Offioo iu now block, North of Court House Honey collected and proinptly paid over. HSTSXJRANCE AGENT. Trinmph, aseets, $72T.903.H North Missouri, " f:45,41T.!'l Hlbernia, " 35ü,ooo.oo REAL ESTÁTE. I have SO acres T land Sí of a mile from the city imits, flnely located for fruit or garden purposes. Also 40 acres. Also 10 acres, with house and barn.and a livel Htreara of watev running throngh the barn yard. CO acres, a milcont. 1 will Bell anyor all the abovecheap, or exchonee for city property. l:-M JAMES McMAHON. CAW GüMMEK & SHAKPEÑEE. A CHEAP, Rimple, ank durable Machine- easily operated nud running Wlieels from Ssá inches to 12x 1 inch. Frice of Machine, $15. Wheelfl "with bevelled, doublé b#velled and round face from $3_1S to $7-35, itceorcting to thicknt'es. Heuviur Machine $7O "nd $9O, running "Wheels up to -4 inelios in ilhimeter. For illuatratcd l'umplilets or Photogrnphs, addrosa THE TANITE CO., HlSmfl ötroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa: 8PEC1AL WOT1CE! All of the TANITi: GOVS poods are direcily made by the Go., at theirown l'actory und undertheix uwii Patente and Pro It ia cheaper lo buy Standard Goods directly from well knowu Manufacturera thnn t-o buy of Detüers or yetlow priced or poor iruods. Tbe fullest information ou all pointe connected with Emery "Wheels and Emery-Grindiiig-Machiuery will be furnished by thio Compauy. 1413m3 tmpbovejd saxon ceystals, SPEOTAOLESj -AND EYE PSESBRVERSPatroxiized and recommended by tlie most eminent Oouliatsa o of ths medica] inoiossion, a tran8pitren1 refractiva iiu;ility, so conBtruotcd 8 the atmoal relict" and preserve the functioii uf the eye. The eight of the a(;ed greatly BBaialed; weuksiühtstrengthened, and perfect red. SOS.OiWOiN'S & SONS, F&tOTICjU. Opticians, ,; the improved EYE PHBSEKVINQ S] ATAIiAUT I.LNS, ciiM A 'i', 0LASSE8 for Dear-righted persons. JACOB HALLES, Asreut, U13m3 No. 22 East Huron it-, Ann Arbor. IQn HECES .NEW PEINTS, SPR1JNG STYLES, 10Doz.LADIES'NE0KTIES 1 il-' teceivéá by H13l J. H. rAVNAKO.


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