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Court House Election

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By order of the Common Council Mayor )ouglass has called au elcction to be held tomorrow, at the Cuurt House, to vote upon a roposition to raise by loau 33,000 in aid of a BW Court House. A special act of the Legisatura has heeu passed authorizing such approjriation and loau. The conditions we have ftleaily given, the permanent use uud control of a room for a Council and Polioe Court room, " and so of one for a Recorder and Treawrer's ofco, with vaults adjoiinng. The bouds are to be mado payable, S3,000 on the first day of Februry, 1875, and $3,000 each yoar thereafter until aid, interest of course on the outstanding priuipal to be paid with each inatallment. These jnditions ure fair botli for the city and couuty, ad v. o hope tliat the loan may be carried. llemember ■-- tü-morrozc. At a special meeting of the Common Council M on Saturday eveniug last au ordinance wa" itroduced charterin a company with a capital f f100,000, for the purpose of oonetnicting, naintaining aud operatiug Works : the ity contracting to pay $1ÜO per year for each of ó public oí lire hydrants, and the same rate for ny larger number ; reserving the control oí vater ratos or taxes ; and also the right to purliase the works at auy time. We expeoted to Ly the piQjpaeed ordinance in full bef ore our to-day, lint the promised copy has Jiot )een furnishod us. The ARaus readers wel] mow that we have always favored the construc;ion of Works ly a cumpany, as being ie most ecouomical for the city. But we wiil lot discuss the subject now. ■" We gire place in anothcr column to a communication from Dr. Douolass touehing the iropriety of taking water to Bupply tlie citv rom below rather than aljove. His reasons gainst tlie lower source of supply seem to us rnivincing, and certainly agree with the position ve liave heretoiore taken in these columns. - We also insert a cali for a " Citizens' Meetng," made by the Works Conirnitteo appointed sonie time ago. If Dr. Douglass is correct in iutimating and we tliink he is - that :hat the committee will report in favor of Holly Works at the so-called " Bunker dam," below the city, the public shoulf be ut the Court House on the eveniug named, March 7th, and put a ery flat and heavy foot on it.


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