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JIVE GEESE FEATHJÏR8 FIKSTQXJALITY, ftonsu'iyoEbaud androrsalcby ABLZ. BÁCH k ABEL 26 MAIN STREET, Buy largely of Manufacturero and [raporters, and exclusively for casb, ind invite tlie inspection of the closest cash tade. OXJR STOCü OF IAD1BS' MffiS (JOODS Will be found largo and attractive, aibracing many new styles - Black Silks and Lyons Poplius at very iOw Pricos. BACK & ABEL. PIFTT PIECES BLACK ALPACAS ust received. We sliall make a SPECIALTY of these goods, and will make prices lower than ever oíered before in this cil y . BACH & ABEL. 0 PiecesWamsutta Bleach. Cottons 0 " Lonsdale " " oi) "ffill's Seta. ídem" " At lower prices tlian thty Lave been oíd for in the city in ten years. BACH & ABEL. Our Clotli Department s very complete, consisting of En glish, French, and Germán Coatings and Suitings, with inany of the best American brands. "VVe give espeial attention to this branch of our usincss and invite an inspection of he goods. BACH & ABEL. Sö IDOÍ2EZST Felt and Emlbossed Skirts. We have the Celebrated " Ponson " Cloaks, and Cloth (the Best Imported.) BACH & ABEL. We are agents in this city for the celebra ted HARlliS' SEAMLBSS KIO GIMES, ind havo in store a Full Assortment. BACH & ABEL. The Cheaperft and lïost Flre Dcpartmeiit in llie World. Over One ThousanA Actual lHre Put Out WITH IT, AND MORE THAN 10,000,000.00 Wortk of Proporty Saved From the Flamee. THE BA B C O C C I FIRE: IxtinguisiieI, the Babcock Self-Acting Flre Engine, Por Mills, City, Towa and Villagc Use. ' Á - v ■ ■■■_■_ _ It tfl aUvMvs ready to EUSfl insianily, aud is mont efíVctWe tli.-iti 1 Bteam ftré euglae, becaase it ia buqi er brouht into nction and töowsa powerfní iream of water Impregnated wlth carbon! c acid gaafor any length of time. Itdiapenees with complex machinery; flre companleSi reservoiri and sactton hose. Carbonioacid aa id bdth the forklng and eztiQcaihing asest. No fcsteam to be raloed-no flre tooe kinaled- no hosc to be l;iid, nolarffe comp&ny to be raustered Thfltme i!iuh isred ïs a building aaved. it, wil! throw 1 or 2 ttreama at a time, and one cylluder can bö re-chargcd while the other Is workln?. [tsaves from dostvaction by water, whai the ftra hasapftred ; it smothers, bot does not deluge. It is in daily ase In Chicago, Cindnnatl.St. Louis, Mobile, Phifadei phia ana othur Pirfl Departments seud for tlieir record) Good agents wantod. E T. BAKNIM, Cíen. Aeut US Woodward Ave., Detroit Mfitinfacturcr of Irou, Copper and lïrasy Wlre Win; Clolh, Bulting Cloth, Ban Mili Stones, tiroom Wirc and 'rwine, í'pi)er VVeather Vanes, Wire Connter Riüliug, Wíre l'eucing and Ornamenta Wlre Work. 1410yrï VÉANTE!)! Wa WÜl givfl energeiic men umi women BUSINESS THAT WILL PAY Front' $4 to' $8 pet day, otm be pursued ín your own neigbborhood, aml ís striotly honorable. l'urtioulr free, or samplci that wil! enable jron to go i" worlc u once, will be eent on recoipt of two three cent sta-mps Ad.liv 1 .T. riTHAHI fc CO., Iil3w6 202 Washington !St.,BO3tOn, Blasa, TAEMEES' STORE ■ AT AJSTN AEBOE Wc will solí all of our Tall and Winter stock of Dry Goods! INOIAJDINO FEINGES, GIMPS, LONG & SQUAEE SHAWLS, CARPETING! REDUCED PRICES Uritil all ara sold, aa fchey must be sold befóte Spring tradfi opena. Wo are uow ruoeiviug 36PIECE3OFNEWSHADÍS CASBMIR1 & EHPRB8S '}CLOTHS[ AND FRINGE8 TO MATCH. PLEASE CALL S SEE Our goods and prlccs before making your purcliases, as wc eau öhüw you tlio VERY BEST ASSORTMENT! Of Dress Goods that you can flnd in this city, and tne stock must be sold, And No Humbug. 2 BUTTON KID GLOVES FOH Sl.OO. Vre have'tlie best stock of BLAOK SILKS! AND 1K1SH POPUNS, G. W. HAYS, Supí. Jnauary 10, 1873. 14O8m3 STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, A perfect hair dressing- not a dye ■ nor a reBtoratiTC, but a dressing, elegant CcIII and eCÜ" STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE is cooling to the scalp, imparta a delightful sense of vitality _„ _ anl wítness to __ji tlio liair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, eweetly perfumed and limpid, rendera the hair supple and ;- - dreüses it in any 1 I deaired form. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entircly vegetable oil, prevenís tbat dryness of scalp xr b. i c ü mam causes dandxuü' ,i, , to aecumulate. "" "H O STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE contams in one large bottle more oil and moro perfumo mm than any other " huir dressing &i in marltet, and -H besidea ia eold tTventy-flvc per cent, lesa than most others. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE brightens blonde hair,darkensaub -- . urn hair; rendera lustroua brown anü black hair, leseens the harehneas of ooarso hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE IB MADE ONLY BÏ PEEDEEIOK STEAENS, - OHEMIST, f DETROIT, MICH. Bold everyrphere. Bg sure and get tho Genuine Coco-Oleine. Let no one palm off on you a bottle oí' some cheap and toorthiess imitation of CocoOleine. Therc are more than twenty counteríeita of i t now Bold, put up as near lilio tho genuine as th.8 makew doro aad evade tlie law. ■OEST THING IN THE WEST. Atehison, Topeka & Santo Fe R. R. THREE MILLION ACRES tíituatcd in and near the Aikansaa Vallcy, the rinust Tortioii ot' Kuusuö ! Eleven years' Credit. Beven per Cent. Interest. 22 peí cent, reducción to BOttleís who ímprove. A FÍIEE PASS TO LAND BUYERS. TIIïï F ACTS ubouUhUGranUre-LowrHöcEi, Long Credit, and a Kuuate to sebtlers ot" nciirly unefoui Li i : a Rich rioü, and típlondid Cliuüite ; short aud mild Wintera; arly plttnting, and no wiñtering of btuek; plenty of Kainfull, and jubt at the right seáBon; Coal, Scone und Brick on the lino; Cheal) Etates on Lumber, Ooiü, &e. ; no landa owned by bpeculaConi ; Somedtead and Pre-emptiona now abundant ; a firt-clasa Ërtilfoad oh the line oí" u great Through Kuute ; TroducLa will pty fur Land aud linprovoments. It ia the best opportunity over offered to the public, üu-ough the recent completion oí the Koud. JTor Circulars und Gfnerj.1 Infoimatioii, Aadrel A. E. TOUZALIN", Mauager Land Dep't. 14l0mo3 Toi'EKA, Kansas. A1ILL1ONS OF AGEES Nebraska Lands! FOB SALE BY TÏÏE Burlington & Mo. Blver RE. Oo On Tfti Tcdrs1 Credit at 6 per cent Interest. Producís will pay for the land and improven ithin the limit of this onerous credit. Better teriAs ure not offered, and probably neverwÜl be. Circular gfi ving f uliparticulara, gTatia; cali for all that are wanted to read ;uid ciw ulate. C'ome Wt!t and tkrive, Frionds will folio w. A Stictsotiíil Ma wj showing the" exact locatioá of ïowalandsia sold at 80 I of Nebrnska Laadt at same prioe. For Circulara und Mapa Ppïy CJEO. S. HABBIS, Land Commïsiioner, Burliiiton, louii. And pteaae aay in what paper Üils adwrtisement was soen. J41_v-i TEAL ÉSTATE FOR SALE. THE VOLNEY CHAPÍN HDMSSTEAD, Near the uorth east corner ofthe CourtTloue nquarè, This pjoperty wil! be snld at reaaonable prlcea. In lots suttable for aresidence, or furbusitrpoaes. A,lsolota onUlltei Aveuueeaet of Tunis' green housü. Ajeo a Farm of 160 Acres, Well watered and fcncetl, with good orchard and rair btfildiugs, wnhlnamlle ofthe Conrt House In Bt. John, Michigan. andBeveral bnndred aerea ii ]ñno and oak timbercd lands in Suyinaw Coujity, Kiehlgan. Iuquire of K. W. CIIKFVER,or 1390ni6 C, A. CHAPIS. 29! 29! 29! ! O. 3. ! Whcn flrst L. COLBY hung his sign Ot C. O. D.- AtSo.Sfc And oñered Groceries cheap for cash, ÍSome peoplc said, " he's bound to L0 to smasíl. And old-time (irocers would íaintly stnilc, Frophesying "C. O. D. will last but littlo wlulo. Ín Kixiy days ve'lí run luiri otf the track, And culi our wandeling custoniers back. ' The croakers said and thought it true, "IIo'lI surely fail before t lie year i Now ! Yon cau't sell Groceries ia tnis town And get your pay in Kreenbacks down ; Where dry goods riierchants on eyery strect With silks and batíns, hau out chiekens to eat ; "Where tradeis mixed in evory pliice, At the same cuuutcr 5 ou buy butter or lnco ; AVIiere credit and los go hand in hand. ilr. C. O. D. but a slim chance will stand." Let prophets and croukcrs have their aay, L. cbÚi Ysulls G HOCE RIKS only tor UEADT TAY, And sollo so etwap ior daily eask líe foars no dariger oí a bin.i.sli. And to his pU ti (Jila all, and business friends, The greetinjí of the seuson he eítends, To young and oíd, a triad New Yr, %ritli husLs oí' l'riunds and lote. 01 cncer í (Hve him íi cali, and from Mi stnTe Your tablee ejJreufl with jíood things more. At that piuco you willalways liml l-'resh n.-w Grooeries oí best iniality and kind- i'vLTviliin;." needful for g-ood oneer at home You eau bny at lus counter whenever you come. The days :ire ko shurt Lliis bitter cold winter, To mention details would weary the printer. But ;sk if you ehOpse for anything eatable, You get it ut once, in quality unbeatable ! l'or buniriy men who are "weary andeold, Ha baa Oystera hot, Oyoter that must bssqld- 1 ', ts pickled, Oyster stew, and oyster fry, ( i O itera any otlicr way you chooóe to tiy. He will serve up Oyitersot any hoor of day, And the best 01 clgars to smoke on your way. A iMb of hot Oysters will do you much good, . And etfeer yiiu whilo selliug your grain or woad. Ainl with ensh in hand lay in a s'oru ( it 1 nüeo, Tea, Sugar, Flour and many moio, 01 al) thintfs suDstantial for daily iwe, Nor treat life's (jood thiagt with abuse ; Crookery and Glassware and l-'ruitu to put iu them, N ms, Uaisiüs, and Candy, tor chitdven wlio win them. And ye who are blessed ivith tlu.'ir beaatíful faces, Wil] flnd [39] the best of all nlaoea, To buy a trine, toliring a wniile or rirïi?inp: laut?h, Your ple.asure, than thelrs, wil! begreater by half- 'l'lu d lio not forjifet 10 cail on Mr C. O. ] ., And buy of lüm yo'r Fruits, Bugaf, and Tea. Thouprh the big fi)ft may fall from its place, TIn' (:. O. T). jV store isstillon the race, And doea 1.01 intend to tiy from the oourae Till croakers of evil 'alk Items-'lveshúarsje. ■ be sold ior ready pay. And Xi. OoXfcsy has loarned the way: times more th;m he expected- o. D'. fronï loss protected. And the secret he is not afraid tt teil - K( vii the 1' Bt of all things - with prices low- be good natured, give eood mn;usure, And you are bound to sêll ! 29! 291 29! TSTllAY! Came into tho onolosnre of the subriher aboit thel5th of November, ls;2, a two ye;tr oía HKLFKIí.. wjtb unaU red and whito i'Vits. Tho ownor wilt ]UH)ve iiroperty, piiy charges and take said animal awiiy. JOHX T-ÁYER. incj Jan, 20, Í873. 11106 A f ALSE REPORT! THAT A. A-TERRY HASÖONEOUTOF TKADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF HATS & CAPS 1 JUST THE STYLE, AND AT PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. ALBO' AFÜLLLINEOF GENTS' FURNISHING GÖODS DON'T FURCHAgE YOUK Fall and Winter OÜTFITS UNTIL YOÚ GKCVB HIM -A.C-A.Ij-L.. 15 South Main St.,Aun Albor lusi-tí. XñnTajibor Mineral Springs House. is beautlful rceort for healtb-ecckers la now open, "with its IRON, MAGNESIA, AND SULPHUR WATERS Commodionsbuildiri? hentect by Bteaín', and large and wcll-ventilated rooras. WATER AND AIR BATHS,Of all tomperatureg, aíso Shower, Vnpor, Medlcat and Electric líaths aro employcrt wiíh arlvantafro Ín the tiv:itiiu;nt of all formrt of chronic diseieèrf aml dfseaaca of fcm'ales. Special attoutioii paid tu dtot. With pleuant siirroimdings, aDd sitnated in one of the mot hojiltliy and bfautiful cities ín the country, it pogMMM attractlona for iuvalids or for píeseard-Beekfthí Beldóla fuund. ; Tfie anatygüof thc Spriogs will beiurnishei ou appllc:ition. Penoiia dcBin circulars to Bend io tholr friends can procure tnem at the ofticeof thel'roprlé-' lors on Hurón strnet, or at the Pprings. Addrese all letters of inqnlry to MOKBIS HAtE, M. D., Supt. Ara Arbor, Mtèè: SutUcrlund :i::rt Wlicdou, Vip'. Ann Arbof.Mich. June, 11, 18Ï2. H HÜRRY ÜP! PAMTIES wishiug Wall Paper, Cloth and Paper Shades, Hoilaucb, Window Flxtaree, Coids, Tassels, &c, all New Btvles, at. S:ttisfactorj Pricetí. by J, R,' Webster k Co,, Bjok More, near ;t:é Biprée Office. X ■-. x


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