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How I Make Soft Soap

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I keep my ashes dry, and when put in he hopper preparatory to mailing soap, I have iïom a half to ono peck of unslaoked lime put hl witb. the ashes. Befcre putting the grea3e in, I s. ving the kcttle off the fire and let it hang a few moment a, If there is any potash in ,it, I take a shovel and taks it out, for if ihere is much potash in it it will aot raiie good soap. I pack the ashe3 well, rddjtiug water cnough to dampen tlioni. Then I put th ree or fur b'ickets of water ench day for two or three days, nntil I think it sufficiently soaked. And lastly, I pour on boiling water to run tha lye off. Ai soon as I have enough run off to coinmence boiling, I put my kettle over the fire, and boil the lye as fast aa it will boil, still adding more lye 03 it boils down. In this way I continue for a whole day. By evening it will fca Gufficiently strong to eat a feather in passing it three tiiues acroas the liquid. I now put my groase in (all I think U will eat) still byiling as last na I can without its running over. If it eats the grease all upl add more. I now leave my kettle to hang over the fire all night. In the morning, if thora is any scraps of grease that are not eaten upil boil Hgain tbr on hour or two, and if they do not dissolve I take them out. Then I take out a few spoonfuls of the soap, and set it away a littlo while to cool. When cold, it' there is po lye under it, and it appear freo from grease, I set my kettle off, and hang another one to boil more lye. Managing in this way, I generally can make from sixteen to eighteen gallons of nico white soap in two days, and


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