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BÏÏSIgESS DIREOTORY. NB. COLE. Dealer in Coal. Office wUhFELOi . & Gkant, ovrr laWS'n & Sons' Store, C'ur, Pourth and Harón St. fA.STCS T1UTCHEB, Attorney and l Cnansetor at L.iw, Xo. 5 East Huron Street. Kim Arbor, Mich. j '3S6 MF. FASQUI3I.I.E. M. . Office over A. A. forry's :-toro. Residente Washington Street, four doors et of State 137Syl 4 XV tRBOK ISIXGRAL SPItlXOS. A.' Xarrii IIiIb. Ml)., Buporintendent. Office i üuildinL', corner M;inn and West Huron Streets. W IXES & WOBDEX, 2Mouth Mmin strot, Ann Ar 'or, Mich-, wholesale and retail oealrs in Dry Qoods, Curpets and Qroceries. 1351tf MtCK & SCHEID, Dealers in Dry Goodi, 'ürucerles, Crockory,&c. JNo. 54 oath Main Itraet. _________- - Wil. J iOKSOJi, DiMitlst.succesenrtoC. B. . Porter OHice corner Main and riuron streete. ver the atore of R. VV. Bilis & Co, Ann Arbor, tlch. luestheticsadraiiiistcTi.'d if reqaired. EJ. JOHNSON, Dealer in Hate nd Capi, tfurs. Straw ttoods. Gents' Furnishing Good, %i. No TSuiitli Maia-troet, Ann Arbor, Mich. SUTHEtAJÍD & WHEDO, Life and Pire luHuranc A-rents, and dealers in Real Eet&te. ) ti'eon Horos Street. 0 ACH Sc ABEL, Dealers In Dry Goods. GroJ5 CCTÍU9, ie 4c.,So '26 South Main: Street, Ann irlmr. SliAWSOJi Sc SON, GroceM, Provisión and i;oramtoslon Merchant. aud dealers in Water ime, Land Plaster.aud Plasler Paris. No. 16 Eost H ron Street i 3JNDSIEÏM, Wholesale and Retail Dealer Ot u Ready Made Clothtng, !:ioths. Casnimeree, 1 utln{8,andGent's Parnishing Goods. No.aSonth Hal ii Street. WTI. WAKSEB, Dealer in R-ady Madel'loth ing, ,'lotb. Ciwlmeres. Vestinea, Hats.Caps, frank. 'fcrpet BL, &c 21 fonth Mainstreet. OlliMVaE Sc FISKE, Booksellers aud StaT tion-rs ..-ilicnl Law and College Text Bocks, lateml Ed Mi.-oeil.i-.ieous Books. No. 3 North Matn itroet, Gregorj Block, Ann Arbor. TUOAfl W. CHBBVBK, ATTORNEY AT LAW ! 0 11 :o with E. W. Morgan, East side of Court House gquire. 1331 Teacher 'f tusic. Q'veB instruct'on on the PiANO, VJOLIN AND GÜITAR, lt !iis office, No. S7 South Main street, (Moore'B iMJ'ni"), or .it the resideace of the pupil. PIANO TUNIJNG, nade i sjicciality and eatiëfaction guaranteed; 134yt TTkTo c k e k y GLASSWARE & GROCERIES, J. & P Donnelly n;veiintnrea'..irgcstoc.k'ifCrocter,GlaPBware, ated WarB.ritlery }nceries, &c, c, all tobe oldat uiuií'ially low prices. No 12 Bast Uaron Street, Ann Arbor. uistr j. & v. no JfEMir. TOHN G. GALL, DBALEB IIT FJftESH AND SALT MEATS, I,aO, SUSAOES. Ktc., OrrtirssoHcited aud promptly fllled with thebest Beate in the market. 3 1 Bast Washington treet Ann Arbor, SeDt. lfith, 1809. lSSMf T" ARKSEY, iyk Manulacturer or Garriages, Buggies, Wagons, ANDSLEIi?HS, of everyyle, made or the best m aerial, aud warranted. Repalrinti done promptly -mi prices rcasouable. Detroit treet, near B, Ü Depjt, Ann Arbor, .tlich. UMyl. Ï"R. C. A. LEITEK CONTINüKS TO PUT ÜP AND FILL Physicians Preseriptions, At all houw, at No. 1 Oregory Block. C. A.LEITER & CO Ann Arbor. Deo. -2Sd 1871. 1854 ;)R.U.B. PORl'ER, DENTIST. ! tlieSAVZNGS B&KKBLOCK, Ann Arbor. VU Jpemions on the Natural Teeth PERFOAMKV WITH CARK. JM3URP.ft.33BD FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE SETTIüta ARTÍFÍCÍAL TBETH, TO OCVE EACH INniVIPUAL, Dtnt'ire of thr, proper stee, ik&pesolor. Jirmntetane ftn I szpr9êion 1344 HVRRY UP ! pARTIUS wishing Wall Paper. Sbaia ■- Hullaods, Whidow PUtarep, Cd'dK, TaseeU, &■;., all New Stylea, at, Hat Ie factor j Prlces, by J. R. Webster e Ce,, BookSt"rf,ui!i(r the Expveeis Olüce. ..- - -.n, , LOVEJOY, TOBACOONIST ! Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, SrrafF, Pipes, &c. AT NO. 7 EA8T HUROX STREET, Next to the Express Office Kif hor, Hun, TTOUSE FOR SALE! ' Th. of tlie ubwriber on North tree Pi ■ion giv(.u Immodlately. Alse, the benutift bu.l'linu' site on the hül just east ot Col. Grnnt residence. Term very euV. A Kood bsrgain can be made Influiré of Ziba P. Kiü'i.


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