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O winter! O pitiless, pitilcss winter, I would with a breath I coilld liave you away, My Sibyl is dying, my Sibyl is dying, Is lying and sighing and dying for May 1 O winds wildly callittg, O winds roughly calling, From hill'top to hill-top, f rom deep unto deep ; tave dono With your calling, and rismg and falling - I charm you by her quiet beauty to sleep 1 O just for the bright íittls wings o' the bluebirds ! 'O just for a gli'mpso o' tlic skics o' the spring ! Osunshineof amber, flood all hef dim cham bef - 0 bluebirds fly quick to her windows and sing. O pinks and wild roses ! O wild pinks and roes ! All covered with drifta of black leaves in the woods; }y her cheeks red and burning and restlessly turning, 1 charm you to hasten the life o' your buds. O lilieS, O beautifu!, beautiful lilies! So folded and fast in your prisou of gloom ; Jy her flngers so Blender, her bosom so tender, I charm you to wake and to break into bloötu ! violets, under the stiff sleety graases ! 0 violets, soft as the. blue of the skies; 'ake hold of the slow, aliding sunbeams, I charm you From darkuess and death by the light of her eyes. )affodils, daffodils, sun-sucking daffodils. Waiting for Aprii to kiss you alive ; y the dazzling fall o' the long yellow tresses About her white shouldets, I charge you revive. daisies, ye modest and meek little daisies, So open of heart, and so fair in the face ; ome back to the borders and beds of her garden - 1 charm yon by all her un?peakable grace ! O hyacinths purple, so loyally purple, Come, come to ue, spite of the winter's stern f rowu ; charm you to come by the color shot over The soft silken sleeve of her holiday gown. Wild winter, wild, pitiless winter ! I would with a breath I could have you away, tiy Sibyl is lying, my Sibvl is dying, Is lying and sighing ana dying for May !


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