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A Ridiculous Runaway

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After the rebellion, althoiigh he was neither sad nor un sociable, General Lee rarely smiled, and never but onco in public laughed outright. This occurred at a tiine wben oiie would have least expected it, - in the retreat to Apponiattox, - - and General Henry A. Wise was the occasion of it. On the second or third day of the retreat, General Wise, who had long desired an interview with General Lee, discoverd him at a distance, and iminediately hastened toward him. While he was yet a great way off, General Lee, who happened at the time to be alone, turned and began to stare in a way that was most uuusual for him. As Wise drew nearer the stare became intense and mixed with wonderment. A few steps more, and still General Lae gazed aud gazed wonderingly, os if he had never seen Wise in his life. Amazed and puzzled at General Lee's unmistahable ignorance of his identity, Wise advanced quite close to him and said rather tiffly, " Good morning, General Lee." It was very early and very cool, too, - a sharp spring morning. As he said this, Lee's intense gaze relaxed, a sinile appeared in its place, the sniilo deepened, broadened, and spreading from feature to feature, ended at last in a fit of the most immoderate and unoontrollable laughter. Astounded beyod words, and indignant beyond measure at such a reception, it was :ome time before Wise could demaud an explanation. During all the time Lee laughed as a, mature man rarely eer laughs. The exylanation given through tears of laughter not yet dried, was simple enough. Gen. Lee had mistaken Wise for a Caín ancha Int] an. He had lost his hat or cap, a dirtj' blanket was thrown over his shoulders to protect him from the keen morning air, and his face, washed in a mud puddle and hastily wiped, retained a ring of red mud around the borders, whioh made the resemblance to an Indian as exact as well could be, - al the more so in consequence of Wise's strong features. - Á


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