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Grant And Louisiana

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It is no wonder that the President is in a üdget about the condition ot' things in Louisiana, and sonda a message to Congress asking instructions, and relief i'rom this unpleasant responsibility. The disgraceful ïnuddle which he reeognizes and wants rcctified in Lis own work. Without his secret oonnivance at first, and open support afterwurds, the usurpation inight not have been uudurtaken, and most certainly would not have been consummated. Judge Durcll made his infainous decisión in servilo complaisance to the well understood wishes of the Aiministration. Pinchbaok was made acting Governor because men whorn a whisper trom the President would have held in check abeitéd him. President Orant is the real author of the disgraceful Louisana usurpation, and he now comea to Congress asking it to get him out of his His previous committals bind him to sustain the Kellogg goveinmcnt Qnteéa Congress comes to the rescue : but the reports of the Senate Committee cover the origin of the govermuent with such deserved infaray, that the President is put upon the defeusive and sceks to be relieved from an invidious responsibility. The defonse of his conduct which the investigation extorts from General Grant, stands upon feeble legs. He says it was his duty to enïorce judicial decisión, and consequently those of Judge Durell. But cvery member on the Committee of Investigation declares that Durell grossly and fliigrautly violattd the lavv. Gen. Urant s Attorncy dencral should have so informud him at the time, and doubtless would have inibrined hiiu in so plain a case, had hu not knowu the President's strong bias to support his brother in-law, öaaey, and the Louisiana ring. When a judge roiiders a decisión in manifest violation of lw, and thereby rendershimselt' liable to impeachineut, the President is under no obügation to give sueh a judge his zealous support. General Cirant is now ia the unseeiningly position of maintaiiiír a trlarini? íop whirVi thojudgewho aided its perpetuation is universally coufcssed to deserve impeachment. The other fceble leg on vvhich General Grant's defensa of his conduct stands, is, that the Kellogg government is recogniztid as valid by the judicial tribunals of the State. It was quite a different question which was decided by Louisana Coiirts, as Senator Trumbull conolusively showed in his minority report. Ui' the geven ucmbers of the Senate Committee ouly one (Morton) give any importanco to the decisión of the Louisiana State courts ; and the President himself evidently regard8 this rather as a prntext than a reason, or ho would not ask Congress to decide a question which, acvrding to his own theory, was clused by the decisión of the State courts. The President perceives that he has marched into an untenable position, and he wants gress to come to his


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