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The Senato Credit Mobilior Comtnittee unauimously reported a resohition expellitig Senator Pattcvsoii, of Cfew Hamp,-hire. The report reviuwed thii evideneo in J placed Mr. Pattors dii in a very bud position. In the Sonate, on Monday eveiiinjr, Senator Pattorson nndertook to cail up and pet action on thu resolution, but boing nssured that i ts cotisideraiion would interfere with necessary busuiöss, and that justice (?) should be done hini at the special sesion, he very considm-atcly withdrew hie motion to prooeed with his oase then and tliere. As Senator Puttèrson's terra of otiioe expirod with the third ot' March, we can searcely sce ftffftön the special session can take. It can not expel that is evidunt; and censure unaer thu circumstances- Patterson havinp retired to private He with an extra $.3,000 in his pocket - will be farcieal in the extreme. " For ways that are durk and tricks that are vain'' ruoderu statesmen are peculiar. - The New York World is of the opinión that the House stultifiad itself in censuring Messrs. Ames and Brooks. The World holds tliat if the theory of the House .Judicary Cornrnittee is correct that it was without jurisdiction and could not expel for offenses or acts comrnitted before the election of the inculpatedmeinbers tothecarrent term, itwas equally impotent to censure. Either too much or too little has been done is the World's conclusión. - Colfax don't acknowledge to any dishonor growing out of lus doalings with Oakes Ames and his very crooked explanation before the Credit Mobilier comniittee, and therefore he proclaimed in his parting address to the Senato that " looking back over these ten exciting years I can claim that I have committed no act which has proved the confldence tnieplaced that called me to thisposition." The jury of the people aro not exaetly so certain of that. - Butler wanted tho salaries of Congressmen incrpased to equalize the unjust inequalites growing out of the inikiage fees heretofore allowed. And so his new bill gives the delégate from the district of Columbia or the member from Virginia or Muryland the same salary as the delégate from Washington Territory or the member from Oregon - f7,500 - and neither gets any mileage. 'lint is equalizing with a vengeance. - In the late Congress there wero 74 Senators, 243 Keprcsentatives, and 10 Territorial Delegates- 327 in all. Each of these members gets $5,000 moro for his expired term ihan he agroed to labor for, or in gross, $1,635,000. Tho dear people foot the bill. Why can't every man in public or private employ vote an increase of his own wages or salary as well as these Congressmen F - In the House a few days ago Gron. Butler thanked Heaven that " God made hini and notthe newspapers :" in which thanks the newspapers heartily join. They have botched jobs enough and are more than glad to have Butler off their hands. But then, is n't it next to blnsphemy for Butler to charge God with getting him up : that is in his present distorted shape. - As intimated in our last, the House didn't expel Messrs. Ames and Brooks, but passed resolutions oensunng ov "absolutely condemnijig their conduct : " Ames by a vote of 181 to 36, and Brooks by a vote of 174 to 32. Mr. Brooks liad the coolness to answor to his name and vote against cehsuring Ames. " The iuountain labored and brought forth a mouse."' - The House voted to censure or condemn Ames for bribery, for tb at is the very kernel of the offunse charged, and refused to censure Bingham, Dawes, Garfleld, Kelley, Scofield and ethers who were bribed if any bribery was corumitted. " ConsUtenoy, thou art a virtuo." - In tho U. S Senate on the 3d inst., Messrs. Butler, Peters, and Potter, of the House, appeared at the bar, and impeached and demanded the trial of Judge E'ela ■ hay, of Kansas. Judge Sherraan, of Uhio, was not impeached, though an effort was made. He had "friehds at court." - Mrs. Putnam, widow of the man Foster killed with tho car-hook, has written to Gov. Dix, tisking him to commute the sentence ofdaath. Shtj says that hanging Foster will in no way assuage her grief, and sho would like him to Tiavn timn tn ri'nmif - Gen. Frnmont is on trial in Paris - the Prench try a man just as well whero he is is n't as where he is, and Fremont telegraphed that he could n't bo there - charged with uogotiating worthless railroai securities to tho amount of $6,000,000. - Oakes Ames is " blood " to the last. Witness his motto as insoribod in a fellow meniber's autograph book after the vote of censure : " Put what you have where it will do the most good." Exactly what h; did by the Credit Mobilier stock. - Since Poland's very mild treatmont of the Credit Mobilier Congressmen - not Ames and Brooks - some R'ag of the press has suggested that he would be a worthy associate of Bergh : being disinclined to cruolty to animáis. - The President rode from the White House to the Capítol oa Tuesday last - iuauguration day - in au open carriago " drawn by four closely clipped mousecolored horses." Which pregnant faot ought to go down to future ages. - The United States has paid in est on i. acinc rauroa-us loausiu excess 01 receipts on interest account, to tho amount of 14,323,927 : all of wbich has gone to pay large divideuds on Credit Mobüier stocks, etc. - - Two years ago Grand Rapids took a fit of the sulks over the location of the State Pair and organized an opposition society. And now East Saginaw proI)Oses to imítate that exaiuple. ■ - The Japanese Minister at "VVashm'gton attendcd the inauguration ball, "escorting a Chinese lady in full dress of her country." Tho ball ís ehrouicled as " a succesa." - The so-called Agricultural .College bill, which disposed of full half of the public lands, failed to pass Congress. Another turn will be taken at it next sossion. - The Clayton investigating committeo whitewashed that much villiñed but distinguished statesuian, and he is now as pure as the averago of his assooiatcs. - Secretary Boutwell reports tho docreaso of thti public debt during the uiontli of Febrnury at if"),277,880. Alox. II. Stephens has been elected to Congress from tho Eighth Georgia district: without opposition. - At an electrón held in Arkansas on Monday last, a constitutional aniettdment adoptt'd was doing away with disfrunchisement for political cffenceS. - tiince the late fire at Kalamazoo the Ghief Engineer of the Water-W orks has rin to cxplain, and' prunounces tkeir Holly a fui luie. - Congruas has made another soul h.ippy : thnt is by femoying ii: politica] disabilitie of " Extra Büiy Smith," of Virginia. - The MuEnory (Louisiana) LcgislaEüre has elected Gren. McMillan tó tb ü. fcj Senate l'or tha full torin. - The Xew Haiup.shiro elt-ction talces place ou Tuesday next, March llth. ü.v Thtu-sday night of last we'ik the Scnatc remained in session all nig!t and until 7.40 o'eloc:; Friday morning. The fojlowiijg paragrophs are from tho têlegfaphio repost of tlie proeeedings : "At -t o'dODk a. 111. Mr. Flauafjan wliO WIW on the tlyor, gavo way to Mr. Morton, who uiade a mol ion í " adiourü. " Tl; chair (:Ir. Ferry of Michigan) was sound as'.eup, and had to ho awakehod by tho c'.crk to pat tiie uiotion. Tiie motion to adjoarn was lost." And it is for such intelligent and delibuiato asrcioa as this - crowdod into the last. days of a Bession - tliat f7,500 is to be paid Ly tho dear people. It is time that gome constitutional amenduients vvere mado impossing checks upou Congress. SPEAKING of tha increase of salaries, tho Detroit Tri'mne says : " It is to be regretted that President GkaST (lid not veto the bill contaiuing this offunsivê legislation. Had he done so it would have added as much to his popularity as any evint which has happened sinee the sutYender of Lkk." Does the Tribune forget that very pertinent remark of the venerable Jksse ; "Ulys never lot go oí' a good tbing' TluU bilí liad a cool $100,000 for GRAWTinit, and the cbspositi;m he has shown to get nioricy sinoe put in the way of it didu't prumise any veto oi' tho kind. The New York Eoeñitig Post, of Monday said : "Tüe Congress whioh expiro to-day, w'niltí it has jerforraed so:no good work, has, more einphatically than any of its predecessors, 'dona what it ouglit not to have done, and left undone what it ought to havo done.'" Which is not very complunontary, as sius of omission are as black as those of comaiission. The inauguration of President ÖRAïïT and Vice-President Wilson took place on Tuesday, with the usual ceremonies and display, or the papers say with unusually brilliant display. Tho oath of office was administerod to President Gkant by Chief-Justice Chase, after which he delivered his inaugural address, which we give in another column.


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