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Mn.DT'j; : the vcather. _- But erna Mnall-pux patiënt reported n hospital. HESRT C. W.YI.DKOX is arting Deputy Couiitj C'eik. - Odntfty Treusurer Faikchilu is stiil at liis home in Shaivn,--siik. _- Recent letters irom Gov. Fklch report July weather "tray down in Tdxhs." - lf you propose tfl " gó weit," "buy your couj,ou railruud tickets at the Aluu-s ollico. - Luwis Bkek, of this city, tlie Bgéd fat her of Mrs. "R. A. Beal, died on Tuosday iiiyht. _ 8 degrecs lielow zero at 7 o'clock a. m. of ïucsUiy Iffirt. How is tnat for "Balmy " 2 degreaa bolow zero : that is what the mercury scored at 7 o'ciock on Wednesday momia4'. - The bill aniendiug our city charter was tabled in the Senate on Tuesday, on motion of Senator Childs. - The Rite of Confirmation wïll be a;lmmistored at St. AnJrew's Church (Episcopal) next SuikIut orentng. - Nüttik Fi.ynn', said to be from Aun Arbor, committed suicida at Niles on Sunday last, by shooting Leraolf. - Winter don't sëem to be lingering " in the lap of Spring." Hu is too vigorous for ny of that " lingring." - The LixGAJius had a full house on Tuesday cvening, and all anno away pleased. ïhis troupe is flrst-oltua in iti line. - The Patti-Makio concert on Mondáy evening was a neiv rendering of " the play of Hamlet with Hamlet lolt out." _ In Beechek's " talk about legislativo corruption and the Credit Mobilier " he said Credit Mobilier once. Ratlier thin. _O. W. Seavey, of the H opestown (111.) Chrunicle, a gradúate of the University, class of 1871, give ns a cali yosterday. - The coming annual Commencements of the Law and Medical Department) of the Universitv are set down for Wednesday, March 2b'th. ' - There was a lively little snow sturm on Sunday afternoon and eveuing last, siuce wliich cuttcra and sleigh-i have been seen in our streets. - HesEY WaeD BbBCHEE had less than an S800 house on Wednesday evening. The New Yurk "Lecture Bureau" is "short" on this place. - The village of Manester charter amendmeut, heretofoi-e referred to in these items, authurizes a saloon líbense or excise tax of froni i 100 to $200. - At the Court House aid electiou, held on SiturJay of last weók, 428 votes only were polled, of which 412 were in favor of the loan and 1( against it. The store of KosE & Beeuoel, at Manchester, was burglared on Welne.-sday night of last week, and about $300 worth of ñne cutlery aud platod-ware bagged. - The l-20th of a mili appropriation bilí in aid of the University has passed both the House aud Seuate, and only wants the signature of (iov. Baoley to become a law. Beechek's audience on Wednesday evening was largely from out of town. Curiosity brought in our " country cousins " and " úneles " -the same as they come to see Bap.num. - There was a little too rauch "gushing" on the part of a portion of the audience at the 1'ATri-llAiuo concert on Monday evening. Cheering at the wrong moment or continucd too Ion; will not be mistaken for irreprossiblo enthusiuiü. - We iuvite the attention of our citizens who can see nothiug but Holly Water-Works to an nrticle in anothet column headed " Fire at Kalrjiazoo." AVorks put in operation in 1870 should not bü bo " worn " by this time as to fail of ti iifïiiiii-n w- irl xliitl' - About 4 o'clock on "Wednosday BUHSmg ihe resídence oosupiéá by T. G. Owkx, at Ypsitonti, und owned by F. Caklislb, oL Detroit, was burned. ïho loss of Mr. C. is put at froin ?ö,000 to $7,000, with au iiisuiunue ui' Si,7ÜO ; that of Mr. OWEN at $1,500, fully insurej. -fc B. Vis, of Owotso, was beforc J ustice Biíahax a few day ao, on a charco of forgerv, waived exainination, and was bound verror trial in the Circuit Court. The ñames of Peteu L.vnKi.v aud wife, of Salem, were forged to a mpltgaga ou which the suni of ïlöOü was loaired. - Riiilroad tickets - iirst or " seeond class - from Chicago to auy point on the Atchison and Santa Fe Railroad, in Kansas, and return, for sale at this office. JPnrtms buying lands of the A.. T. & S. F. K. - the best in Kansas - can havttthe price paid for tlieir tickets ou that road credited ou their lands.

- Peter Brehm, former proprietor of the Western Brewery, living at 26 West Liberty street, committed suicide on Friday afternoon last, by shooting himself in the forehead with a pistol, his death being almost instant. He had been for some time laboring under a sort of mania induced by hard drinking. An inquest was held by Coroner Breakey.

- Ou Wednesdüy aftornoon, as a son of Mr. Rosier, of Lodi'. was driving downlluron Btïeel the whiffle-trees feolt came out and let the po!e drop dowu. The frightened team broke from the driver, came tearing down the street among the wood wagons, straddléd the "townpump," and brought up against a team belonging to Emanuel Frey, also of Lodij knockilig down both liorses with such force as to brWak pole, whiffleitrees bolt, ete. The horses wére, also, cousiderably scratched and bruised. In the Circuit Cóurt, Judge Ceaxe présiding, the following cases have been disposed off biiice our last report : Appeal of Hussell Whipple, Adm'r, on the estale of Jedediah Winslow, agáinst allowing claim of Audrcw Winslow. Jury trial : Verdict for claimant, $92.'J9. Notice of appeal entered. In the matter of the appeai of liebecca Smith from the decisión of the Judge of Probate, disallowingher claim agaiust Ebenezer Smith, Guardian of Mary J. Smith, minor. Jury trial : Verdict, no cause of action. Ealph W. Van Fossen vs. Ann Hodson. Ejectment suit, involving title to eleven acres of land. Jury trial. Verdict for plaintiff for three acres ; no cause of action for eight acres. Sarah G. Merriman vs. Hnfv Goodyear aud Benj. F. Sutton. Plea withdrawn. Judgment for plaintiit, ÍU74.21. Paul H. Wheeler vs. Wm. A. Benedict. Judgmeut on default, S213.13. Kebecca Hood vs. James Hood. Decree of diVorce gaanted. Margaret McXamara, Guardian, vs. Rose Conaty et al. Judgment on default, $743.90. Luke B. Frenen and Reuben Riblitt vs. Maurice O'Rourk and James McMahon. Judgment on default, 743.90. Andrew J. Sutherland, "Wm. W. Whedon and Morris Hale vs. Lewcllyn G. Rogers. Jur} trial. Verdict, no cause of action. Edward W. Sauuders Bi. J. B. Beissell. Judg ment on deiault, bl6.40. Lucius T. Hubbell, Aaron Parsons and Hiram B (iranger vs. Daniel Coon. Judgment on de fault, $1-27.95. Jacob Hasahlwardt, Conrad'Hasahlwardt mi Augustus Lodeman admitted to citizenship. The People vs. Daniel Miles. Information for arson. Trial uow on. We make no note of motions for continu anee aud other preliminary motions.