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By order of the "Citizens' Committee," appointed early in January, to duvise a plan for Works, a meeting is to lie held thia evoning at the Court House to hear and consider the report. Without any desire to fcrestall the action of the committee it is proper for us to say that it ia underdtood that the committeo or a majority thereof will report : lst, in favor of the Holly System ; 2d, in iavur of locatiug the works bdoio the city, usiitg the so-called " Bunker power" in lieu of steam ; and, 3d, in favor of the city constructing, owning, and operating such "vvorks on its own account. At this time we de.sire only to cali attention to the second point, tthough upon both the others we have well-cousidered opinions aud have lieretotore expressed them. As to taking water from the Iluron below the city we are irreconcilably opposed to it, and no other than sanitary reasons need be given aa a basis for su5h opposition. We can not bring ourself to consent to use for household puiposes - and that is oue of the purposes for which a full supply of water is absoutely necessaiy- Water taken irum the river below the city and in such clcse proximity to it. Any one familiar with the hty of the land in 'md around our city, with the locaties of the ;anneries, breweries, soap factories, slaughteihouses, gas-works, etc, knows that all thuse establishüiouts are drained into the Huron just at tlio city, eithor by way of Allen s croek or Üsxough other channels. The ruiuse, fiith, and Wash of our streets a'.so find their way into the Huron above the point propused to lócate the workg, and atiy general system oE soverage hereaftcr to bo established must be ïisc!"iarged into the river but a very short distance above the locality indicated. Xow-, scicnce teaches tliat the Holly system oi filtration will not cleause the water of its aeo 'imulated impurities - ünpurities mereflitag at every rod from the Sinclair dam to the Bunker )ower. And if scieuce does not so teach common sense dbeS. As well sink a cistern in the owest place of a farmer's barn-yard, pormit the nanures tè leach into ït, and theu attempt puriüeation by filtering through a barrel of loose gravel. The prolifïc souroe of typhoid tover and other diseises is the impuro water t)L wells and cisterus, made impure by the refuse and ffth of house-yards and barn-yards teaching into hem. And what such a barn-yard cisterri or well is o a tingle íamily Hoily Works at the tanker power v.-ould be to our whole city. At this writing we have uo desire to considcr he other recommendatious of the förthcoming eport. Wheu we know dcfeiteiy their characer ifnd the veisoning on liich they are based Te' inay have somethinp: to say concerning them. - Since the above article was put in type the oüowing card has been furnished us for publiation, wliich conünns our statements auu posilon to the ful'eit exteut. The mimes signed tu he card ought to eany weight enough to stamp efeat upon the project ín question : The undersigned are ileeidedly of the opinión nat the general intxoduction of water hito our ity obtained from the Huron River aftcr it has eceived the drainage and po'lution of the city would be highly dangorous to public health. We re also of the opinión that filtration through a ravel bed conatantly covered with water will ot give that air contact nccirssary to purificaon. We are also of the oph'rioii that water aken from the Huron above the city, and puried by air exposure in a reservoir; would be uitable for domestic use. Ann Arbor, March 3, 1873. A. Saöi:r, Doxali) MacluííJ, A. B. Pai.mek, A. B. Peescott, C. L. Foed, E. Wells, S. II. DoiiiLASS, P. B. Rose, Wm. Lewitt, F. A. Spaldixo, W. F. Bekakey, Conkad Geobo, G-. E. Feoihixüiiam. The Patti-Mario concert on Monday evening ast was not, take it all in all, a success. . The )rice erf admission was put above the usual figuro for this locality, which would not, however, ïave lïiade a material diííereiice had the concert loteóme in too close contact with two other rirstelass (of their kind) but cheaper shows, - the ixüards Tuesday evening and Beecher AVednesday evening. Then it was noised about on Saturday evening that the sale of tickets was msatisfactory and that the appointment was ountermanded. This iuduced some to return heir tickets and draw back their money. Then Aionilay camc telegram? announciug that Patii was sick and proposing to give a concert without ïer. And this being understood toward eveniu nsured a very lean house. As to the. concert itsélf it scarcely caine up to the expectations of the people, Sxcept in the singing of Miss Caiïy, vho fully sustained the reputatiou that canie before her as one of the queen3 of song, being husïastically applauded and encorad. Mario lici not seom in his best moofl - il' he has auy, - n fact showed a loss of his former power ; Scolaea, the Basso, was received with iavor ; aud lie Pianist and Violinist showed themselves accomplished artistes. But the tailure of Patti, öjr whicli the enterprising manager, M.vx Strakosch, was m do way to blailre, was a wet )lanket on the entertainment and prevented a uil appreeiation ot whtit was excellent in the concert. We hope that Stakosch and Miss Cary may visit our town again uuder more 'avorable circunistances. The jtmethan Neicspuper Reporter of the 17th ?ebruary propounds the followiug conundruin to certain editora who havo spoken disrespec;'ully of the "list syatem" as opcratud by its lublishers and othor ndvcrLising agencies : "We vvoukl ask these grave editors which ia best for their papers or their pockets, a column of short, clean, intorestAog foreign advertisements,changed monthly, and nctting, altor deducting commissions and composition, S70 (which is considerably more than Rowell & Co. 's "Hst" columus will net aiJlis " liberal " offers), or the same spaoe devoted to 'Dr. Helmbold or Vinear Sitters' for S10 or $-30 net, and staring tlieir readers ont of countenance for fifty-two consecutive weeks r'" Which all reads very well. But now comes this same conundrum propounder and offers us for a half column (plus) of 'staring" cuts, $2'2.öO net. Preaching and practice. We don't bite. ■ - By the way, wouldn't that article, "A presumptuous Monopoly," in the Reporter for March 3d, apply just as well to Eowell & Co. as any other ageuts ? We have exporienced a little of thëii mode of making "bids" to be raised. Scrilmer's Monthly tor March ís a Capital humber, both in illustrations and contents. Among the more noticeable papers are: Life in the New Diamond Diggings, by lt. W. Miller, illus.; Arthur Bonnicastle, chaps. vi. and vu., by Dr. Holland, increasing in interest ; Prof. Morse and the Telegraph, by Benson J. Lossing, illustrated by a copy of the first telegi-am sent trom Washington to Baltimore, and by the iirst Daguerreotypes taken in this country ; The Woman who Saved Me, by Fannie E. Hodppon, a good story ; Folk-life in Gorman By-Ways, by William Wells, illus.; and Christ's Miracles Scientifically Considered, by Augustus Blauvelt. There are sevnral ñne poems, and the minor departments are well fllled. Öceibxeb & Co., 054 Broadway, New York. - Scribner and the. Akqus for $ö.


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