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A "salamander" Scorched At Last

A "salamander" Scorched At Last image
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A shrewd yankee froui the horthern part of Maine, seeing Bnrniuu's advertisements for "Curiosities from all parts of the World," hit upon a novel plan to recupérate his ineager fortune. He could furnish the great showman with a sable ar.thropological specimen, which he do claré! m a letter to P. T'. B. tcr be ttíe " GEEATEST PltODIGY OF THE NlXETEENTir Cexttjry." "Ihavc a man in my employ," said he, " who, besidcs his other wondert'ul qualities, is able to reat tho finest printed newspapor in the counti y, when shut up in a room that is PERfectly DARK, without a candle ot light of any kind, just AS well as he can in THE BUOAD SUNLIGHT OF MIDDAY. Sond me a hundred dollars a'nd I will forward him to yo." Barnum, ever alive to secure curiosities at any price for his big nhov, forwarded thenecessary amount and telegraphed the man to " send him 011 at once." Barnüm disp: tched cno o: his trusty agenta to meet the grea' "Pkodigy " at tho depot of tho New Haven Railroad, when it was'discoverer that the decrepid 1)Ai:jcy could in fae read just as well in the dark in in the ligbt, for he was ah bltxd as üaktemcs


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