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Hints To Beginners With Bees

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1U oee-a.eeper Magazine gives tho following uset'ul hint3 to young bee-keepers which we think may prove advantageous to be remcmbered, as they contain many general rules that might ba observed in the treatment of the apiary : Work quietly and avoid sudden starts. Neverfight your bees and always keep GOOI. r Ifyou get stung, remove the sting, squeezo out all the poison you can, and apply hartshorn. Use plenty of smoke. A roll of dry rags or decayed wood makes the best Blow it in the entrance and at tho top of frames. If you are tïmid use robber glores on tho hands and a vail over the face and head. The vail must be long enough to allow the vest or coat to. be put over it. When pasture first becomes. plenty 'in the spring is a good time to transfer bees Always work among the hives during the middle of the day, when the bees are busy. Scocks without eggs or yoang born in June must be queenless, and giouid be Bupphed with a queen or queen cell or they will dwindle away and perish either by robbers or moth. When syniptoms of robbing ocour use tho utmost caution. ContDaot the entrance of weak hives, and allcww the comb honey, sugiir, or syrup to be aroncd, Avoid openins; hives ast miinh a nnsaihU -Avoid an excess of drouo coinb by the preseuco of a qeeen in swarms where oombs are to be constructed. Aa swarms having young queens seldora swarm that year, less drone comb is built in swarms having young queens. Quiet is essentially necessary to the ■well-being of an apiary. Do nof; place ït near milis, steam works, or manufaotones of any kind. If possible have it in view from the winrtow of the family room as muoh extra trouble uiay be avoided. Put on honey boxes partly fllled with comb as soon as the lower part of the hive is well filled with honey and bees and when they are gathering honey plentifully oommonce with only one or two boxes at a time oa the populous MOCK. In transferring combs; Jways eire those the preference that contain worker blood. Pat brood combs near tho oen ter of the hive in tho order in whieh thev were in the box hive. Do your transferring where robbers cannot posaibly be attracted. Ayoid woak swarms, as they gather but httle honey, breed slowly, and are in great danger of destruction by robbers, the moth, or severity of winter Weak swarms should always be united in the mll, and should nevor be made by dividing early in the soason. Whenever you notice the bees running about the entrance, in the evening in a disturbed condition, mark that hive and notice it the next evening. If the bees run about smelling each other, it is a sign that they have lost their queen aud Bhould reoeivo attention In establishing au apiary, select a gentle slope to the south-east; face the hveinthe sama direction ; if possible fiave water running near; shade andprotection from winds are important. Set every hive as perpendicular as a clock- for a stand, take two short pieces of 4x6 ïuch scantling, and lay or nuil on a board. To inake queen cagijs : Cut wire cloth 3x4 inches ; pull out two or three transverse wires from one of the three-inch edges, and insert the protocting ends fchus left in the corresponding meshes of the other three-inch edge, fasten them ; stop one end with cork or wood. When yon wish to introduce a queen, put her in tho cage and stop up the other end ■with wai.


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