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French Imperialism

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ai interview witn liuizot on the conditiou of affairs in France shows the venerable statesman to bo in aceord with Thiers in his opinión of the future of Imperialism. The death of the ex-Emperor, ke says, was a fatal blow to the imperial party, and the empire can only result through disaster. Even were its re-establishment possible, it would require a sterner and stronger man than the Prince Imperial to stand%t the head of it. The Prince might be an intelligent and spirited boy, but he was not like his father tho symbol of imperialism. The Prince Napoleon was exceedingly unpopular in France. He was looked upon by every body as personally tiiuid and was always plotting, always in a trick, and, none bettor offering, plotting against his friends. The party was already divided. There was a staff of abie and experienced men, and under the staff a large number of intensely ignorant followers. The staff was composed 01' men like Rouher, Mague, Haussman, Fleury and La Eoquette, bui though ablo managers in politics they were men whose careers were well over. They were past the time of experimente and adventurea. These Bonaparte chiefs, Guizot thinks, will eventually unite with the Conservativo party to check the onslaughts of Radicalism. In his opinión a republic is not suited to France. There were few men there who were Republicans from a sincere and earnest belief that the people are capable of self government. There was no genuine national movement in favor of a republic. President Thiers would probably not break with the liepublicans, but he would grow more aud more conservative. France he said, is still an inval id and noodg rest. No one could predict her future. Of his own party, the Orleanists, he woffld siraply say that they were waiting tho orders of the country, and that no one of them - not even the Duo D'Aumale nor tho Count do Paris would ever for a moment dream of foroing hiinself on the country.


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