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QT1!? in snother column, advertitement bout OUD lew and Tfehraika Lnadi. Bv on Immens wsettee, extendías thrmi-h a ■■i"l .r yi-ui-y h.'ivin.; ,!,!„ tb,,! ,,m, ,,,,„.,( inanj thooMud eawm of 1 om disawea peculiar " wwnan, I bfve km, c.blsd to perfecfa most potent and agreeaMe medicino thatmeots the IndicaHon prenmted by that clan „f disc-ase w h positivo cortainty and exacmetta bavonamXdit 1"ÍS UHUIml HweWc compound, t Dr. Piercc's Favorito Prescription. The term. lujfrever, is bat n tOMe expreK)nn of m in,.-( miitured aiipicelatinii uf u value Iw-cl Dpon autna tiucl wltiicssod r.ulltie. Ax a clwno fltí in the ruw special diouasca lncld't to tho ;epe organism oí w,mau. clngled it wit as (Uo climax or crownlnK sem f n,v xt.ra carofr. Oo ita me"l5 a a Zlfün, ate, nd cfffectual reiaedy for tht rlaiy al il.ease and ons thatwill ut uil timrunnd under nllriri-ninFtances act klndly and in hurinouy wtth the lans liH-h1;„vl-ni the female yitem. I am wllliiis to Mala; my rauntatioii ih n uhyi-iclan Nav cvon mor,., so conSdeot am 1 that It wil] nnt dlííppoint huraoít BaDïnlii8expBctatlon-.ofiH(infflelivald wu i-u i rertrnimend it, ihat I otter anti sull it under A POSJTl VU SCABANTEE. If a tneflctI affect in not rxperii-nced hy Uic timo two-thlrdsoftho contento nï tbe hottle nïe ul I v.ill.on ivtmii of the bottle, twn-third of tbo' medicine baring beg taken accordtn - to iliroctlons, and the case being ons tor wbich I recommcnd It, promptly rpfniid tho money paid fnr it ilud X not the moat j rfrct confldenca in it3 virtiic-s. i oonld nót ott r il as I do ander these conditions; but having wltnsMed ita tnily mlruculom cures in thonaiiDds ol' cuses, s Veel war run (cd and perTortly safo In riskiiiK totn iny r lutation and my uiouev Tlie followiiig nro amonq; those diseat-os in vlnoh my Favoiitc Prcccrlptioii Ims worked cures- na il by magie and with a certnlntr never biifore aitiiinecl by anv m-dlclue; ten. rorrbffia, Kxrrssiv i-Mmving," raiiihil Momhly I modi, Snpprossiona when trom ïinnatural oiiiwm,, Vc.-,k li-M-k, lVolappiis, or IkiHng pfUie Uteme, Antovprflou und HetrovcrBion, Bearins Down Senpntions, Interna! Hcnf Nervoue Depresii'on, Ücbility, Despondencji hreatened Mifcarriage, Clironlc Conntion Infiammation and Ulceratiou of the Vtenis, Iiiinoti'iicy, Barrenaenu.orSterlllty, Peínale Weikneni :uid vcry mmiy otber cliroiiic diKcaso.s Incident to wouia not montlon-d here. lu wbicli aa well f" In the casos whioh I lrnv.' mentioned my Favorita Proscriptiuii works cana- tlie ninrv'l of the!;l. Ttiis medicine Ido not extOl ns a cure ni I. but t admlrably fulfill a si Halones of parpose, being a n-,o--t Derie t npuciac In all chronlc dUeaaca or the sesual yera of womun. It vvlll not dlwppolnt, nor wil u do harm in any tmio or condltlon. It will .10 luana tuvulnable In dloeaaea incident to pre nancy, and can lie laken in moderate dores wltk perecí puVly while i i thtt state. Indeed, it. i, a 'Idlnrr's Cordial, anci po prepares the syotmn for parturition tiiat it rendera cfilld-lahor easy i have iwetvel the hcartfdt pralse from iini'e" " 1O"WV 'neaUmaW beoefita I my Favorita Prererrption to the Lndio.s '1 Mi Ülr '}$ !. n ót heart. i.u-i ir iueir D#i n-eiiare. Tiipsc who dosiré fuitter informaMon. on these pnbjocts ran obtain it in my Treatise ra Chroittc Diseases ov the Uenebative and t'RütABi übsahs, st secnre Iraní observation Upon receipt of two notiee stampa. It tre.its mimitely on those aireasen peculiar to 1 emules, and glves much valuubieadvice 11 i'.L'ird to their management sciupVïoN is som b" " i Mauafactnred at the Chemrcn) Laborntory of 11. r. I-IERCH, M. I.,ln,pr ' BUFFALO, N' T-. Vinegar Bitters are rot a vile Fancy Drink made of Poor Rum, Wliiskey, Proof Spirits and Refuse Liquors, doctnrcd, spiccc], and sweeteneri to please the taste, called "Tonics," " Appetizers," " Rcstorers," Sc, that the tippleron to drunkenness and ruin, but are a Irue Medicine, made from the native roots and lierbs of California, free from all Alcohol ie Stimulants Ihey are th(! Great Blood Purifier and a Life-giving Principie, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of the System, MTTyipg o(T all poisonous matter and restoring the blood to a healthycondition, enrichinK it, refreshinK aod nvifjOnUing both mlnd and body. They are easy of administration, prompt in their action, certain in their resnlts, safe and reliable in all forms of disease No Pcrson cun taks hese Bitters according to direchons, and remain long nnwell, provided their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison orother irjeans, and the vital organs vyasted bevond tlic Doint cfrepair. DS "lcl'9in or Illfr-9U. Headache, Pain in the Shoulders, CounJis, Tightness of the Chest, Diiliness, Sour Krurlatión of the Stnmach, Bad 'l'aste in the Mouth, Bilioin Attaclti, Palpitation of Ihe Heart, Inñammation of the Luniy Pain iu the reiona f the Kidneys. and a Imndred o'tbeT painfu! lyniptoini are the oflsprings of Dyspepsia. Ia these complaints it has no equal, and one boltle will prove a better guarantee of its merits than a lengtliy advertisement For Vemalc Complaints, in young or old marnetl or sint-Ie, at tlie dawn of womanlionrl. nr t!. turn of lile, tliese lome Bitters display so decided ar influence tlmt a maiked iniprovement is soon perceü tibie. r r For Iiilln.n.Mal.ii i and Chronfc K.irnnialUm and Gout, Dyspcpsiaor Indigestión, Bilinus Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Siseases of tht Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters havs been most wccessful. Snel Diseases are caused bj Vitmted lood, wlucU is generally produced by derangcment of the Digestive Organs They are a Gentlc Piirgativc nu well ai Toiilc, possessing also tile peculiar nierit of acting asapoiverfnl agent in relieving Congestión or Inflam. matton of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Biliona Diseases. Skin DIseMM, Eruptions, Tetter, SaltRhenm, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Puntilles, Boils Carmíneles, Kinx-wonns, ScaldHead, Snre liyes Ervsipelas, Ilcli, Scurfs, Discolorations uf the Skin, Bumsre and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,, are hterally dnjr up and carried out of the system in a short tune by the use of these Bitters. One Ixittle in such. cases will convince the most iucredulous of their curative enects. Cleniue the Viilatcil BIooil whenever yon tind lts impunties bursting througlv the skin in Pimple Eruptions, Sores : cleanse t when you find it obstrucled andslnggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it is foul ; yonr feehngs will teil you when. Keep the blood pure, and tlie heallh of tlie system will follow. Grateful llioiniiiKls proclaim Vinugak Bitters the most wonder-Ail Invigoraut lliat ever sustiined the iifikine system. Pin, Tape, mul WnriiH, Inrking in the system of so many thousanris, are effcctually destroyed and removed. Says distinguished phystol. ogist: Thereisscarcelyan individual upon the face of the earth whose body isexempt from presence of worms It is rot upon the healthy element of the body that h-orms exist, but upon the diseased Intmors and slimy deposils that breed these living monsters of disease. No system of Medicine, no verinifuges, no anthelminitics, will free the system from worms like tlie B. ters. Meciiailicnl Discaaelt. Persons engaged in PaintB and Minera ts. such as Plumliers, Type-setters Gold-beaters, and Aliners, as they advance inHfe, wilT be subtect to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against ihis take 11 dose of Walkhr's Vinbgar Bitters once or twice a week, as a Ptïentive. Bilious, Remittont, and Intermittent Pcverg, whicli are so prevalent in the valleys of our great rivers thrmighout the United States, especially those of the MississippL Ohio, Missouri, Illinois Tennessee, CumherlandAjfansas, Red, Colorado, Braros, Uio Grande, Pearl, Aliima, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke, James and inMpupüfen, wilh their vast tributarles, throughout our ênflrrf eoupiry during the Summer and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of unusinl heat and dryness, are invariably accaaipanieii by extensivo derangements of the stomach and lw:rt!(J other abdominal viscera. There are alway moreor hísj obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable state of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being clogged up with vitiatej iccumulatioiui. In their treatment, a purgative, exenh; a MHBtf'l influence npon these various organs, i tMentrCTy nénir, There is no cathartic for timm?OK juftl to Bu. J. W.i.ker'ü Vinegar Bitter 4bcv will speedily renve the rtarkcoloied viscid ia(lEr with which the bowels are loaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions of the hver, and restoring the healthy fuuctions orthe digestive orgaii. Scrofiila, or Kln's Evll, White Swelnngs, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelle.l Neck, Goiter, Scrofulot Innammations, Indolent InfLioitnalions, Mercurial Aifections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc, etc. In these, as in all other constitutiona! Disense. Wai.krr's Vinegak I!ittrs have shown Ilieir preat curative powers in the most obstinate and intractable cases. Dr. IValker'sCalirornlaTliiegarBiMern act on all these cases in a similar manner. By purifying tlie Blaod they remove the cause, and byresolv'ng away the ■ 'ects of the inllanimalion (the tubercular depositsl the alfected parts receive health, and a permanent cure is etïected. Tlie propertlea of Dr. Wai.ker's Vimkgar Bitters are Aperient. Diaphorelic and Carminativo, Nutntious, L.ixative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-Irritant, Sudonlic, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious. Tlie Aperient and mild L.ixative pioperties of Dr Wai.ker's Vinegar Bitters are the best safeguard in all cases of eruptions and malignant fevers, their balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect the humor of the fauces. Their Sedative properties allay pain in the nervous system, stomach, and bowels, either from infiammation, wind, colic, cramps, eter x ucir v-tjuuier-irniani ïnmience ex tenas tnroitgnout the system. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kidneys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Their Anti-BDtotu properties stnnulate the liver, in tlie secretion of bïle, and its discharges through the biliary ducts, and are superior to all remedial agents, for the cure of Bilmus YeprT Fever aml Ague, etc. Fortiíy tlie body agaiiist dlfWMe by purifyin$ all its fluids with Vihkcar Bitters. No ep. demic can tik e hold of a system thus frwcarmed. The Jiver, the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the nerves are rendered disease-proof by thisgreat invigoraht. pirecflons.-Take of th Bitters on going to bed at night from a half to on and one-half wme-glassfull. Eat good nourishing food, ch as beef steak, muttnn chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take out-door exercise. They are composed U purely vegetable ingredients, and contain no spirit. J. WALKER, Prop'r. R.H. McDONALD&CO., Druggists and Gen. Agts., San Francisco, Cal.. and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sts., New York. SOLD BYALL ÜRUGC7ISTS AND DEAI.KR pASH FOK BUTTEE ! Fot h few weeks I want to buy and pay the money for all the : ChoicD Roll BUTTER OFFEBED. 14t3w8 JOHIT W. MAYNARP i I WHEEE TO BUY BLEACHED OOTTDNS I MACK fc SCKAIID Hare just reoeived a large stock of the BEST A-D MOST POPULAR ) "brands f New York Mills, Wamsuttas, Utica, Nonpareils, Tuscaroras, FRUIT OF THE LOOM Loiudale, Hilh' Semjter Idem, Cabots, &e. AL8O, IN BRÖWICOÏÏOIS! As well as in other linee of our goods, -we are enabled to Bhow the Largest and Best Assortment In the city, st the LOWE8T PRIOEa 1409 yyiVl. WAGNER 18 NOW fiEADY FOR THE FALL TRADE Haring Recelved a Large Stock of FALI l WISTE C3-OOIDS, 1NCLUDING OLOTHS, CA8SIMERE8, VE8TING8, &C. of the BEST STYLES aad (HJALITIEg, WHICH HE WILL MAN U F ACTUHE os termsto galt: Also a fu 11 line of READY-MADE OLOTHING in Gents' FUENISHIHG Goods. BI3ST STTLEli ALSO LADIES' AND GENTS MOBOCCO SATCHEL8 No.21 Sonth Maia Street,- EaetSldet OALL AND SEE THEM. Wll.IUÜt WACNKR. Arm rbir. Octbcr Ut, 1S72. OKSWINEOFTAR 4 10 YEARS ? PUBLIC TJóT BJ - Haf proTetl flc Ir. Crook's a To Imvo mora Í3$M?g ir similar prepara' &iW ( P i ion over olicred I he public Tt i ricli in the medicinal aimlitiesofTar, an! unequalel for diseasos of tlic Throat and i.uujís, performiog the most remarle able cures. Conghs, C'ohK Chronlc Congtu. It effectnally cnrei them all. Astliina and Broncliitüh Has cared so many #ca(ioH it has been pro , nounced a Bpecific fot theae complainti. For pains in Uroast, Side el Back, Gravel or Kidney Disease, Diseases of the Urinary Organs, Jaundice or any Livor Complaiut. It han no equal. It is also a superior Tonic, Restores the Appetite, Strengthens the System, Restores the Weak and Debilitated, Causes the Food to Digest, Removes Syspepsia and Indigestión, Prevenís Malarious Fevers, i Ui ves tone to y our System. 'X'HE CHEAPEST HOUSE IH THE CITY OF ANK ARBOR! H. GOftEN UEALEll IN w iMillinery fee We Sell for Cash Only. HMtf 33 SOTTTM MAIN STREET. A Rare Chance TO LET. A Urge nd modern new Grocery Store In Bachoz Block, Detro t 8treet. Undonbtedly thebcBt locatton in that part of the city for said business. A cood targe cellar and new barn attaehed to Ihe premiso The rent is $300 yeariy, to be taken In froceriei for my ffttnily nse. Also a fine new Meat Market, all complete, joining my blocb, with modern improvements, marbl table Ac, large new smoke house, large brlckcistern and cellar, new barn and II ready for nse, wlth three family rooms abore. Store rentB for $240 yearly taken in ment for my family nse. Also a small etore in my block, honses, rooms. 4c to let. ' FOB SALE - Three good largo carriage or farm norse, one flne new carriage, bnggies, wagons, la rmÍD5 tooln. AIbo ttree pond rows. WWÍ Inqiirtori.. R.BCCHOr TEN REASONS WHY Chollo Cholera Morbusin 15 minute nt. ' Wl." curc lhe niost obstinate case j wed?,""" aiU'd lndlBtiOn na fe, l'u1' 'V'e best nm"iy n the world M ia,n h?arChOp a hoiuands can testify.J ÍÍk ? hc first synptoms appcar. il? IT '5 ' bat áiar"'": ev put Wort ínPh-i.C; cur'?e„'hose distressing complaints, Slí-l"1' Ís a m05t excellent CmmenaíLfwñ'?nd ' 'i1C Voun Clrls. middle ■JtiWpmen, and at the Turn of Life, thU remcdy u o( mcalculable value. . 5 v " wi" remove wind from the bowets na henee a few drops in some sweetened water given to a babe s better than a dozen cordiab td ?"' nndmako It Sleep. Contamng no anodine. 7th.- It is a sure relief for adults and chüdren rffïia'jaüa1 ""and Hemor" .9ïh-TItw'", cure Conetlpatlonandkerp the bowels regular. It wil) as0 cure the worst case ofSummerComplalntaiidDysentery. JOth.- It will cure Sour Stom ach, gtlmulate the Llver to healthy action! (elieve He a rt-Bu rn and act as a renend Regulator of the system. When taken diliite the dose with Rugar a n f water to a Win e-Clasa fu 1 1 and jou V hitt esey (Dyyepsia Cure) $,.„ per bottle. ey Agüe Cure 50c. pe" bottle. Sn ! KeeK f Ugl? Granules JC per bottle. Sold by all drugg.sts and Warránted. Whlttleier Prop. lied. lo., Toledo, O. eXjohioí, " THE " H ATT EB, ! HAS EECEIVED HIS FALI & WINTER STOCK OF Hats and Caps, IN LATEST STY1ES, LADIE8' FUR9, EKTS 1 TRISil(; eOODS, ETC, FHICH EK PROPOSES TOSEI.I. AT PUKKS WHICII DEPY COMPETITION. 7 South Main St., Ann Aiboi. WISHART7 .HIÑE TREE m cfliiu i NATURE'S GREAT REMEDY FOR THB THKOAT AND LUISG8. ït is gratifying to na to inform the pnbllc that Dr Q. V. Winhart1 Pine Tree Tr Corgial, for Throat nd Ludjí Diseases, bas gained an enviable repntation ïrom the Atlantic to the Pncille coast, and from thence to soine of the first fum He of Europe, not t rough the press alone, bat by pertoos throngaoat the States actual ly beneflted nnd cnred at hig efücc. While he pnblishcs less, so say onr reporters, he is nnable to supply the demand. It galns and holds its reputation- First. Not by stopping cough, bnt by loosening an-1 assisting nature to throw off the nuhealthy matter collectod o bout the throat andbronchial tnbes which catites irritalion . Second. It removea the causee of irritation (which produces congh} of the mucons membrane and bronchlai tube, assists the lung to act and ihrow off the unhealthy secretions, and ptirifies the blood. Xhird, It is free from sqiillls, lobflia, ipecac and opium, ol which most throat and lung remedie are compoBed, which allay cough only, nd dixDrganizé the stomach. It has a soothing effect oa the stomnch, acts on the livernnd kidneys, and lynpathic and nerTonn regïons, thas rpaching to every part of theeystem, and in ita invigorating and porifying efl'ects t ha gained a reputation which it muit hold abore all others in the market. NOTICE. THE PINE TREE TAR CORDIAL, GBEAT AMERICAN DISPEPSIA PILL8. AND WORM SUGAR DROPS Beingnnder my lmmediaatc directlcn, they abl notlooBO tliuir curativo qualities by the use o cheap and impure arti. les, HENRY R. WISHART, PHOHRIKTOR. FREE OF CHARGE. Dr. L. Q. C. Wishart' Offlce Parlor are open on Mondaye, Tnesdays and Wcdncndays from 9 A. H to i P. M., for consnltation by Dr. Wm.T. Magee. With htm are asnociated Ivo consulting phystcians of acknowledged ability. This opportanity la not olTcred by any other luttitution In the city. All letters must be addresscd to L. Q. WISHART, M. D., IV o. 232 IV. Second St., PHILADELPHIA. ARGUS BULLETIN ! WANTED 2000 NEW SUBSCRIBERS WATVTED. Moro Merchante and Business men, -whc knowing their own interests will advertise in the Argus. GET YOITE BALL CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, TISITING CARDS, WEDDING CARDS, At the Argus Office. GET YOUE BILL.HEADS, CIECULARS, LETTER-HEADS, STATEMENTS, At the Argus Office. GST TOUK LAW BLANKS, LAW BKIEFS, LAW RECORDS, PROGRAMMES, AT THE ABGITS OFFICE. New Type, Best Presses, Good Workmtn, AND REASONABLE PRICES ! í A WOED TO THE WISE. . FSerpltalScrofM " ■■■ of g I In any Arm. JÖ; f the Stin, dineaíe of th W i LiTer, Rheumatism, Pim20 ples.OldSoren.Ulwrs.BrokP en-down Constitu tiom. Cfi, Syphilü, or any diieue dvdSfWi pending on a depraved conSfteát lition of the Wood, tt7 Si POKE ROOT. jBAá erty of Pokecombined with mjy aprepawtion oflronwhich Mfr E" t once into the blcwd, Jn+ performing the mout rapid JK? and wonderful cures. _Aak yoor Druggist íor Dr. Orook'i öomPnd&jrrnp of Poke Koot- Uk. T1THITM0BE LAKE Hnvinp; rccently refitted and farniíhed the CLIFTON HOUSE! Iamnowprepared to recelvennd entertain plennure, fluliiuR and dancing parties, at one or the most attractlve, plcueaul and healthy waterineplaces in the Went. Myhoatn renew.laree and cnmmotlioní, and well adapted for the uae of pleasnre-scekerii. Anglers wlll flnd a ful] and complete equlpment alwaye on hand. Special attent ion tri von to the wantfl and comfort of thoíe who wish to spend a few weeks In recreation uring the warm inmmer month No paina wilï he tpared to make WHITMORK .AKK. in thr future aain tbe pt. a favoritf snmmf r rfïort. D. F, SMITII. Mortgage Sale. rEFAlTLT haring been made in the conditions o A. D. Í80, mude and executed by John Diehl au, il..Tgtt. lichl,of the ciiyof AWW gan, te rHsnrjr L, Jame, oí WilJiam.burgh', in th Mate of MowanhuretL, an recordcd in tbaöni the Register „, I)ed. fot the t'ounty of wïïbïïSi 18f9, in hber oí mortgagea, at page t&i, which iai mor tKage w , on th tMhhtt Ly of SSSntor r'ti, ".' ??Id aDd a88'8ned by .aid Henpy I,. Jame to Leonard Uruuer. which 8id wignment ml o Yi ' l.h Í"7 of J"ry A. D. 1S73, rocordud i the oflice of tho Kegiater of Deed aforesuid, tolibe 3 of MiijDinmt of mortguge, on paBe 6U4 ; „ whereas, thoie i due und unpnid on aaid mortgage a the date of tbia notioe the sum of twenty..six hundre dollr IJ200O.OO) and o .uit or proceeding at ü h u been loabtuted to recover the uwe or anf part therï Liv ?ï =e "herehygiven that on Monday, Ma twelfth, A. D. 1873, at 12 o'olock noon of that day, a the front door (south aide) of the Court House, in th city of Ann Arbor.-Washtenaw County, Miohi,in b virtue of the power oí a ale contain ei 'in aWmort gago, I huil sell at public auction, to the highe. bidder, the premises describ d in sid mortgage, or . much thereof as may ba necessary to latufy th amount due on uid mortgage at tho date of ttai. no tice, with interest, and the oost and expenses aUowe by law, and nlso an attorney fee of 30.00 as provide msaidmortgage. The following is a deoription o the land and premine as given in snid mortgage an t.o1'oM ln pursuanco of tho above notice, to wit All thoue certam piece. oí parcela of land situated i the city of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw, an btate aforesaid, known, bounded anddescribed as fol low,to wit: Beinjf lotsnumbere flreandsii (3and6 in Wock number nine, in Ormsby and Page's addition to the village (now city) of Ann Arbor, and alo tha part of ot number eight in aald block, lying outh o a direct line f rom the eat corner of said lot ftv to th southeast corner of said block number nine with th "PJi"";1""" thercunto belonging. ' üatcd, Ann Arbor. i'ebrunrv 13 lars Attorney for Asrneo. 1413 Mortgage Sale. pjEFAULT baving been mode in the condition of i s eertain mortgage, mude nd executed by Edward ?7af"' .f Nrtlaeld, County of Wnshtenaw, and State of Michigan, to William 8. Barry, of the same place on the flrst day of August, A. D. 18S6, and re corded 10 the office of the Register of Deed forsaid W AyTi i8 f9nliwon,tbefourth aay of December, A. D. 1866, at flve o'clock P. M. of eaid day, in hoer 3, of mortgnges, on page 228, whic.h said mortgage wasduly assigned by said Willinm S. Barry to Luther James of the city of Ann Arbor, Coumy. and n L-1 !alcl' n the 'ourth d!y uf Ucceinber, A. i). W66, and recorded in the office .f the Register of Deedí i for said County of Washtenaw, on the fourth day of December, A. D. 1866, at flve o'clock P. M of aidday, in líber 38 of mortgages, on page 234, and tnat there is claimed to be duo at the date hereof, the sum of 8ix hundred and ttfty-seven 97-100 dollar ■ aUo an attorneys' fee of thirty dollars shouldany pro' dingbe had toforeclo the name, and further insUlments to becom due on said mortgage, and no smtorproceedings at law or in equity having be?n had torecover the debt secured by said mortstBe or any part thereof. Notice b hercby given, that by v" T h n l? Power of sale in said mortgage contained, shall aell at public auction, to the highest bidder, on thetwenty-mnth day of March, A. D. 187S, at tw" o nlock in the afternoon of that day, at the front door (ounty of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, the premises descnbed in aid morlgage, as all those cerUin piecen or pareéis of land dencribed as follows, to wit : The west half of the northwest quarter of section twenty-eight and four acres of the east half of V"LinSIí ?í J"""1 f mW section, heretofore deeded said party of the flrst part to said party of the seeond part, all being in township one south of range six east, in said township of NortliBeld, in the County of Washtenaw, State of Michigan Dated, Jaanuary 3, 1873. LUTHEB JAMKS, John ÏT Gott, AsBignee of aid Mortgage. Attorney for Assignee. 140 td SherifFs Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WashtMiaw, U By virtue oí a writ of execution issued out of and under the wal of the Circuit Court lor the County of Waahtcn&w, and to me directed and delivered against the good, chattels lands and tenements of Willinm M. lirown, O. W. Brown, N. Granger, and A. Conklin, I have thutwelfth day of December, A. 1) 1872 eized and levied upon all the right title and interest tí'. W. Hrown has ín and to the following lnnds, to wit ■ A piece of land commencing twenty rodB west of the southenst corner of section twenty-nme, thence west on the south line of said section fourteen rod. thence north parallel with the east line of said section twenty-mneto the south bank of the river Ruin, thcnre along said south bank in a northenstcrly direction to a pomt twenty rods -west of the east line of aid section, thence south parallel with the east line of said section to the placo of beginning, containing one acre and one-third of land, be the sume more or les, also the following described piece of land on which a floarmg mili now stands, commencing at a point twentyñve and one-half rods norlh of the south line of said section twenty-nine and twenty rods west f the east line of said section, thence running north paralle with the east line of said settion eleven rods, thence east parallel with the south line of said section nine rods, thence south parallel with the east line of said íection eleven rods, thence west parallel with the south line of said section nine rod to the place of begnining, containing ninty-nine rods of land be the same more or less; all of the above described property bemg situated in the township of Sharon, Couuty of Washtenaw, and .State of Michigan, which above described property I shall expose for sale at public auction to the highest bidder at the south door of the 5'ol!Stiiouse in the ci'y of Ann Arbor, on the twelf th day of March, A. D. 1873, at ten o'clock, A. M Dated, thls 3d day of January A. I). 1873. -7 MYROX WEBB, Sheriff. Sheriffg Sale. STATK OF MICHIGAN. County of Waibtenaw ss. By virtue of one exeoution iseucd out of and under the eal of the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, to me directed and delivered. asainst the gxJods, ehattels, lands and tonement of Charlea C Ghurch.und for the want of good and chattel to atisfy the sune, I did on the lOth day of August, 4 1. 1872, seize and levy upon all the right, title and luterest Charles C. Church has in the following descnbed real estáte, to wit : Lot number 34 in K S Smith'sflrstaddition to the city of Ann Arbor, together with all the improvements and tenements thcreon, which above described real estáte beini? Uuated in the city of Ann Arbor, County of VVashtenaw, and State of Michigan; which above described real eatate I shall geil at the ouler south door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, at public auction to the higheat bidder, on the eleveath day of March, A. D. 1873. at 11 o'clock, A. M., of said day. Dated, Janunry ISth, A. D. 1873 MYKON WEBB, Sheriff. 1410 By Jorti Fobbes, Under Sheriff. Sheriffs Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coüntt of Washtesaw, O ss.-l)y virtue of a writ of eiecution issued out of and under the seal of the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw.and to me directcd and delivered aguinst tho goods, chattlcs, Ianda and tenement of Mosea Marks, and for the want of (foods and chattles to satufy said erecution, I aid, on the twenty-flrst ' day of Jirauary, A. D. 18Ï3, seize and levy upon all : the nght, title and intereit Moses Marks has in and to the following described iands, to wit: Lots number ' two (2), four (4), six (6), eight (S), Bnd ten (10), in block ' flve north, range four eaet in the city of Ann Arbor ' County and State aforeisaid. Which above ' scnbed propeity, I shnll expose for salo to the highest ! bidder, at public anclion at the south door of the Court House; in the Cty of Ann Arbor, in the County ' of VVashtenaw, on ihe second day of April, A D 1873 at one o'clock P. M. of said day. ' ' Dated, this 7th day of February, A. D. ISfS. MICHAEL FLEMING, Sheriff. 1413 ByMYRON WEB1), Under Sheriff. Assignees' Notice. NOTICE is hereby given that the assignees of Henry Goodyear wül meet at the Goodjear House, in the V ïllat-e of Manchester, in the County of Washtenaw and Btate of Michigan, on Tuesday. the sixth day of May next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to receive a statement of all claim against said Henry Goodyear, existing at the date of the aftsiirnment to the undersijrneii, and that all perrons who desire to receive any distribution uuder said assignment, nwt give notice of their claims with the vouchers or wof thereof to the undersigned at or before said meeting, as it is in tended to docbtre a dividend umong creditors at that time or soon tbereaf tor as may be. Iated, Manchester, Feb. 2.5, 1873. RAN80M S. SMITH, JOSEPH McMAHON, WM. H. CALKIX, I5 Assignee of Htnry Gooáyesr. L.C.RISDON'S ADVERTISEMENT. Now is the time to buy PARLOR & HEATING STOVES. I will scll tbem at COST until further notice. Ifo. 31 S. Main St, Ann Arbor. MOTHERS! MOTHERS !! MOTHERS!!! Don-t f all to procure DIRS. WINS],(iVS SOOTHING SVUII' FOR üHILDBEN TEETHING. Thls valuable preparation has been ueed wlth NKVER-FAILING SÜCCESS IN THOUSANDS OP CASBS. It not only relieves the child firom pain, bntinvigorates the stomach and bowelfl. correcta aciditr, and gives tone and energy to the whole eyetem. It wi il also instant!; relieve Griping in the Bowels and Wind C'olie. Webelleve ittheBEST and SÜRKST RBMEDT IN TUK WORLD, in all cates of DYSENTERY AND CIARRH(EA IN CHILDRBN, whether arlsing from teethlnu or any other case. Depend upon it mothers, it will giverest to yonrseïves.and Relief and Health to Yonr Infonts. Be snre and cali for "Mrs. lVinsIow's Soothing Syrnp." Having the fac-simlle oí" CURTÍS PFRKINÍ' mi tho OQMslde wrapper. Sold by DruggistH throufihont the world. iy CJP'P n Anot.hT column, ArJrrrtiiPmHnt lTt i Estáte of Jacob Beutier of Wariiteimw, holdö tt The Probate ó'1' ''0'j city of Ann Arbu, on Thursdty, ïï e t),?11 S of February.inthe year om. tlikuand M h " and seventy-three. gM h"ndre5 Present, Noah W. Cheever, Jndgeof ProW. In the m..tterof the estáte of Jacol } Í f,',6' ceaaed. John tí. Andrés. Adniini" nftor 71 d'e.tate, come intocourt and represen "N Srcd to reDd fl""l ciunt a„uch XihgJ There upon it is ordered, tlmt Mondar the teenth da, of March Dxt at ten o'clock i„ .JTnoon be assigned for iamlnlng and n "" nuch „ccount, and the heirs at 'Wlni said decenl and al) other persons int 0( in aid Mtete, re required toX„r '""H .on of ?aid Court, then to be holdeHt L bate Ofhce m the City of Ann Arbor in ro" Connty, and show ci.e, if any therJbe ,h ' said account should not be allowed : And it' iff y !!lf ordered that snid Adminwtrator Kive noice t) th her sons intercsted in 3ai,l estáte, of the St-nl , % accojint, and the hearing theieof, by "Sr, SHli of th.s order to be published ín ihe wÊS f , Wp' a newspnper printed and circulnting ñ ñd f ■"■ three successive weeks previou t,. „id SLïtfÖX. (A true copy.) NOAH W. rMf1"!. ______Judre of Probate. Estáte of Fredericklfunjïïai CÍTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washt. O At a session of the Probate Court for the r'? 7' " Washtenaw. holden at the Probate Office iniw" of Ann Arbor, on Wedncsday, the nineTeeítí 1C"' February, in the year one thousand e bM Í „""Z0' and seventy-three. e'Bt nundroi Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probat Fr0nre"dÍna1nP.lPtl'epetition,duly Terifled , dïed seïzed. e"ate wllereof a'M Ü fnMv.treiUpOIiÜ " eraercd' that Monday, the twent, fourth day of March next.atten o'clock in the fnZi r and show cáus" tf V A A'lw isfurther ordered, thutsairtMtitinnnr Í a' the persons interested in"idtltc of i r'Ven!llce id pelition, nml the hear ng tteeof h7'CndC) .pyof thi, order to be puUM "d f XT,6 ' r„u a new8paper printd nnd drcola&ig toSl S'hearin'r' 8UCCe8S'Te TOki PreU8 % (At.rV11e,wPy-) NOAH W. CHEEVER 1414 Judgeol Probate. Estáte of Veit Zeeb ' OnreadinKan)fllingthe petitioi., duly VeS tor of the estáte of said deeeased AaDni8lw. f, tif5!np0? 'S rdered tht Monday, the twentt fourth dfty of Msrch next, t tra o'elock in thcb!;" noon, be asagned tor the hearing "f S" petltion, and thnt the and heirs at law íf Md_ deccaged, and all „ther persons in e ed in said estáte, are reqnhed to aimeaï i' o?,1 of said Court, tU to be ho?d" S he Probate Ofltce, in the City oí Ann Arbm JÍ how cause if any there be, why O. prav„ of "ï! etitioner should not be granted' AjíitVftrther rdered that ni I petitioner gire notíce to the pïiSj nterented in mnietlrte, of the pendency of mM m ion, and the heariirg thereof, 6y Miiirnff "L ' h.s order to be pulhed in the JficAin " ?ZV ewspaper pnntei anï circnlating in said C'ounh hree succesnive wek previons tosaid dy of hearin, (Atmecopy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEK g' 1415 Judge of Probate, Keal Estáte for Sale, OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washt O s. -In the matter of the estáte of My I S' Emauuel Luiek, Amelia Luide, and Lydii uÏÏ' minora. Notice 13 hereby given, that in punmance , an order graiited to the undersigned, Gnird of th estáte of aid mraors, by the Hon. Jmlfre of Prnb.t. for the Oounty of Washtenaw, on the twentieth & of January A. D. 18T3, the 'will be sold at pub iyendue, to the hiphest bidder, at the eouth door of the Court House in the city e( Aa Arbor, „ th County of -VV aBhteuaw, m snid State, an thé nine teenth day of Jiarch, A. D. 1873, at ten o-clock in he forenoon of ihnt day (subject to all eneumbrances bv mortgage or otherwisc existing at the time of the sale andalsombjecttotheright of dower of the widow' Henry Luick, deseaeed, therein), the followinii de. scnbed real estáte, towit: The undivided (4-5) fourflfth of the northeant qnarter of ehe sonWieast quarter of section thirty-four, and the nndivided tourfilth. of the west half of the west half of the Vat half of the Southwest quarter of section thitty.flve in township two south of range flve east, ii ,aid State, containing sixty aeres, more or less Dated, January 2U, 1873. .... AÏTOUST KUTZEL, 1411 Guardian. Real Estáte for Sale. gTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw. M.-In the matter of the estáte of Harriet E. Bordine, Levi Bordine, and Lovina Bordine,miuo" ?rS9th?j;eb7 g,iVe' tilatin Pance of an ord granted to the underslgned, Guardián of the estáte of said nunors, by the Hon. .Judge 9f Probate for the 5o on tte "iïth day of Janunrj-, A. ü. 18,3. there will besold at public vendue, to tbs ilghest bidder, at the homestead on the premi Mari a ?íe',"? Wednesday, the twellth d:i f March, A. D. 1873, at ten o'cloek in the forenoon of that day (subject to all encumbrances by mortoaKe or uï,T!S!"1ting'itthe time f le).thefSiDg uttsc-nbed real estafo, tr, -utit ■ tv„ ..-.%;.-j.j iL._6 electas iwn of the east twe_ïy -ivë aeree 5 , oTth,? ?h"ír f 5r"On thirt5-three. thé 'VJ half ofthenortheastquaiter, and the northwest quarter ?L ZUthTeStqUarter Of section 'hirty-foGr, and tion thirty-nve , a 1 in township four south of raom even et, containinR one hundred and eighty-nve aerea, more r lena, in said State. Iated, Januaiy 6th, A. I). 1873. 14m ASA M. DARLING. H' UMdian. Keal Estáte for Sale. CTATE OP MIGHIGAJf, County of Washtenaw. „. In themirtter of the estáte of (icorge E. Uoodinc deceased. Ktlee is hereby given, that in pursuancé of an ordei granted to the undersigned, Exwutrix of the last wiUand testament of said deceawd. by the fn "thi V ge ? bate forTthe Conntr of WashteLw, , i .i r deUmB l,ouse on the pnmi-S1" ln S9 í011 f WaahtenaTr, in .idl sítate, on the twelfth day of March, Á. D 1873, at one o doek the afternoon of that day (inbiect toallencumbranceBbymoitgage or ctherwine ting fno.1.""- thB,dMt:hBf M deceased) theiollowmg described rel Mtate, to irit : The aouth fiyeeighth of the west half of the southea.t quart of ectiontwenty-nineritttwn.hijl two outh of ranee seven coat in aaid State, and alm the ea3t half of th southwest quarter of aid seetren twenly-nine (ex cepting ten acre out of tho northeaat torner of said last desenbed pareel of lknd in the frm of a pr"lft1funbo?t"tyd. ia lengrth from norti to south), containing m all ons hundred. and twenty acres, more or lesa. Dated, Januury 20, 1;3 , ... AÍÍNI8 8. H. GOODTSa, 1410 E_ecntn_. Eeal Estáte for Sale. C TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wa.htenaw, ... k} In the matter of the estáte of Henry MePhillips deceased. ÏS otice is hereby giveavthat in pursnnce of on order granted to the undersigned, administiatrix of the estáte of said deceased, by the Bon.Judge of Probattr for he County of Waahtenaw, on the 13th day of January A I). 1873, there will be ld at public yen. due.t the highest bidder, ut the eciith doUr of the tourt House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw, m said Stute, on Wednesday, the 5th day of March, A. D. 1873, at 10 o'clock in thefore" noon of that dy (subject to all encumbtances bv raortfrage or otherwise existing at the time of the death of said deeeased , and also subject to the right of dowerof hiswidow, therein), the follnwing described real estáte, to wit : AH of the eaut half of the northwest quarter of sectio twenty-four, in township one south of range flve east (except a strip nine chains and forty links m width at the nerth end. and nine chuin and thirty-seren links in width at the south end extending along he west side f sid east half of said northwe st quarter), containing foity and 90-100 acres more or les. Alo, all thai prt of the east half of the southwest qimrter of said section twenty-four, which hes east of the land in saM spet ion which wa heretofore set off and partitioned to Ellen E. Latson under the decree of the Ciimit Couit tx the Countr of Washtenaw, in Ohancery, and north f the lands of said section set off to William C. LatsoB by said decree, boing twenty chains and seventy links ín lenpth and ten chains and 26 links in width, and containiuir twenty-one and 24-100 acres, more or less, all iu saii State. Bated, January 13th, A. D. 1873 MARGABET McPHILLIPS, 1409 Administratrix. Chancery Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, s.- The Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw : In Chancery. Francis M. Battles vs. Wilsou Battles. H satisfartorily appearing upon due prooi by :ithdavit that the defendant, Wilson Battles, is not a resident of the State of Michigan, but that he resides at Springfleld, in the State oJ Ohio : On motion of R. E. Frazer, solicitor for complainanant, it is ordcred that the defendunt, Wilson fiattles, cause liis appearance to be entered in this cause within thrce months trom the date of this order, and that in cast of his appearance he cause liia nnswer to the complainant's bill of complaint to be rilt d and a copr thereof to be served on the complaint's eolicitor within twenty days after service of a copy of said bill and notice of this order, and on default thereof, that th said bill be talen as ccmfeased by the said defendant Wilson Battles. And it is further ordered, that within twenty days the said eomplainant cause a copy of this order to De published in Michigan Argut, a pnblic newspoper pnnted and published in the City of Ann Arbor, Washtenuw County, Michigan, and that such publicación be con ti nu ed ín eaid paper once ín ench week for six auccessive weeks, or that she cause a eopy of this order to be personal] y served ou the said defendant, Wilson Battles, at least twenty days before the time aboye prescribed for his appearance Dated, Ann Arbor, Jan. 31, 1873. J. F. LAtVIÏENCE, R. K, PnAZFn, Circuit Court Commissioner Solicitor for Ciim Waehtenaw County, Michigan. pltiinant. 1412 Commifisioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAI?, eounty of Washtenaw, 88.. The underaignedj baring been appointed by the Probate Conrt for said connty, Commissioners to receive, examine, ana ad jast all claims and deniands of all persons againnt the estáte of George Young, Senior, late of said eounty, deceased, hereby give notice that hix moutha frora date are allowed, by order of anid Probate Court, for creditorsto present their claims ogainst the estáte of said deceased, and that they will meet at the reuidence of Thomns Voung, in the township of Lyndon, in said county, on Saturdny, the tenth day of May, and on Saturday, the ninth day of Au trimt next,at teno'clock A.M.of each of receive,. examine, and adjust said claims. Dated. February lOth, a.I). 1873. ELNATHAN SKIDMOIÏE. WASHINGTON BEAMAN, U13ir4 Commissioners. GENTS WANTED FO1Ï DOOKS NEEDED BY ALL FARMERS f The bent booke pnMIxhcd on the llorar ml the (on. Liberal tcrnif. vumry madrrapidly bj Agenta el'inir thet books. sê for rirr mrt roKfER COATES, ríttiwii. n tidci]'hi,r


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