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BÏÏSINESS DIRECTORY, NB. COI.E, Dealer in Conl. Office wKhFsua . AGnAKT, over ïlaws"n & Sons' Store, Cor., Fourth and Huron St. ÏiTufcSTUS THtTCHGK, Attorney nnd ii Oounielor at Law, No. S Eiist Huron Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. "96 MF. FAStH)EI.I.E, SC. . Offlco over A. A. ferry's store. Residence Washington Streel, foor doors east of State. 13"3yl W 1ÏB9K HIIVER1L SPBISCS, ' Morris Hale. M. D., Superintendent. Office n b uildiDir, corner Mnn and IVest Huron Street. INÉS Sc WORDEST, 20 orith Malt) etreet, Ann Arior, Mich-, wholesale and retail dealera in Drr Qonia, CarpetB and Grocerles. 135ltf MACK Sc SCHMI, Dealers in Dry Goods, Grocerles, Crockery.&c. No. 64 South Main Struet. _____ WH. JTACK8ON, Dentist.snccessortoC. B. Porter Office corner Main and Huron streets, sver the store of K. W. Ellia & Co, Ann Arbor, Mica. ineathetics administered If reqaired. ES. JOHHSOM, Dealer in Hate and Cape, pars, Straw Ooods. Gents' Furnishing Goods, 6c. No 7 South Main Jtreet, Ann Arbor, llich. SüTHEl.ASr & WHEDOK, Life and Fireludiirance -lüents, and doalersin Real Estáte, lillceon Hnron Street. ACH & A.tX, Dealers in Dry Goode. Grocerioe, c &c.,No. 6 South Main Street, Ann fcxbor. S" LAWSOIÏ SOSÍ, Grocers, Provlelon and Oomalission Merchante, and dealer? in Water ..imo, Land Piaster, and Plasler Paris. No. 10 Kast {luron etreet. Sïa'SHEIW, Wliolesale and Reuil Dealer in Ready Mide lothinpr. Uoths, Casimr'B, r' ■itins,aud(ients Famisliini Go ds. No. S.n;!i Slilu Street T n. FAÍiSÍEIt, U -alcr iii R ndy 'laflB loth W ing. lotlm Csimw. Vwtings, Hutu, Caps, rrunks,''arpet Baga, fee il -outh Main atreet. pimORE Sc riSKC, Bookaellen and StaVXtionrs M-dical Law aud Oollejie Text Books, School and Miecellaueone Books. No. 3 North Main itreet.Gregory Block, Ann Arbor. XTOAH W.CHEEVEK, ATTORNEY AT LA.W ! 3Koe withK. W. Morgan, Eü8t side ofConrtHouat J. F. SGHA-EBEHIE, Teacher of Mnsic. G''e nstruction on the PIANO, ViÖLIH hUd GüiTAB, ths office. No. 57 Socth Main street, (Moore'8 iilding},or at the reeideace of the pupil. PIANO TÜNIWG, oie peciaiity and satisfactlon guaranteed; 13-24yl Í1E0CKEBY GLA.SSWARE & GROCERIES, J. & P Donnelly HavelnatoMaUr'CíaocJcofCrockery.Qlíssware, ated WarC'stlcrj Oruccnea, Ac, c, all tobe oldal unnüiany low pHcee. No 12 Bastfluron Street, Ann Arnor. H28tf J. & I. gOKfStELIY. TOHN "g". GALL, DBALEE ITT FRESÏÏ AND SALT MEATS, LAR, SAÜSA.QBS, Ktc, Or(ler6olicitcd ndpromptiy fllled with thebest aet in the market. 31 Eaet Washington Btreet. Ann Arbor, Spt. ïeth, 189. 1885tf Mannfactnrer of Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, ANDSLBiaaS, of every style, made of the best taiterial, aud warranted. Repatriiijr done protnptIj and pnces reasonablc. Detroit itreeí, uer H, K DejW, Anu Arbor, jlich. I384yl. TAR.C. A. LEtTEK CONTINÚES TO PÜT UP AND FILL Physicians Prescriptions, At all houre, at No. 1 Gregory Block. C. A.LEITBR & CO. Ann Arbor.Dec. 21dl871. 18SÍ rR.C.B. PORTEE, XE3STTIST_ iïoeia taeSAVINGS BAKKBLOCK, Aan Arbor. .ll Operaiions on the Natural Teeth PERFORMED WITH CARE. JNSÜRPASSED FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE SETTIb ARTÍF1CIAL TEETH, TO Q[VE EACH INDIVIDUAL; Dtiuurttoftkt proper itxe, ikapefiolor.firmneëêand %a tl eipretsion, 1344 HURRY UP ! P RTI KS wishing Wall Paper, Shades Hollands, Window Pixtures, Cord, Tassets, Ac , all New Styles, nt Satififactory Price, bv J. K. Webster & Co., UookStr-, near the Kïpiess Office. X X LOVEJOY, TOBA00ONIST f Deals in Uoth FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, StmfF, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EAST HURÓN STREET, Next to the Express Office, ASN AHRDIi, 111(11. TTOUSE FOR SALE! The reiidenco of the utjwriber on North ntrec FoMson given immediately. Alae, the beutlfl!! site on the lúll just cast ot Col. Orant leünenre. Ternu very cnsy. A good bargain can be mad .... M. C. TYT.EK. Aan Arbo,Jn.SS, lSrií 1410


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