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" March. lts tree, Juniper. lts stone, BloodBtone. lts motto, ' Courage and streugth in times of (langer. '" - Old Saying. In the gray dawning across the white lake, Where the ice-huminocks in frozen waves break, tfid the glittering spears of the far Xorthern Lights, jike a cavalry escort of steel-coateu knights, Spanning the wintor's cold gulf with au areh, Over it, rampant, rides in the wild Mavch. Gtelloplng, galloping, galloping in Into the world with a stir and a din, The nortli wind, the east wind, and west wind together, Inbringing, inbringing the March's wild weather. enr his roiigh clisnt as he dashes along; Ho, ye March children, come list to my song ! bold outlaw am I botli to do and to iLliv, nd I fear not old Earth nor the Powers of the Air; Vinter's a dotard, and Summer's a prude, ut Spring loves me woll, although I am rude. Faltering, lingcring, listening Spring- Blushiiïir she waits for the clans and the ring a JlrMII Ui. ölHi VI Ulfl ÍKfí Illb 1 I I 1 J , llll-t niv .■-) Of my swift horse's hoofs ; tlien forward she presses, Repelling, returning my boist'rous careases. The winds are unbound and looso in the sky, ioting, frolicking, madly on high ; re ye able to cope with the North Wind's strong arra 'i relcome boldly bis fierco grasp ; 'twill do ye no harin. .e knowa the chüdren of March are my own, 3ealed with my signet of magie blood-stone. Blood-stone, red blood-stoue, groen, dark and red light- Blood is for ardor and stone is for might ; nd the watch-word borne on by West Wind, the ranger, Is ' Courage and strength in the moment of danger.' Children of March, aro ye strong, are ye strong ? lame not the flag the West Wind bears along ; ) ye mon of the March ! be ye firm as the steel ; ) ye women of March ! be ye loyal and leal - ;rong in your loving and strong in your hate, Constant, like juniper, early and late. Juniper, juniper, juniper green, Berries of blue set in glittering sheen, In the winter's cold snow, in summer's hot splendor, TJnchanging, unchanging, thou hcart true and tender ! " inging of juniper, forward he whirled, alloping, galloping on tlirough tho world ; nd when, shivering, walking, the dull Day gazed out ■"rom lier tower in the gray cloud?, she heard but the shout )f the riotous winds as they followed in glee, n, on to the wooing in mad revelry. Wooing, tho Wooing, the wooing of Spring - Here's a bold wooing that makes the woods rinir, And tlirtlls the leaf buds, though with snow over-laden, As March, the wild outlaw, bears off the Öpriug maiden. - Ilarpcr's Magazine for March.


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