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Tally One For Grace Greenwood

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J-üat model liadical, Gkace Gbeenwood, tbus scores tho "departed Cougress : " "Now, allow me to pay a tribute of respect and adrairatiou to the inemory of our departed Congress, for its splendid coup de main, or the startling trick of legerdmain with which it turned the tables on tho troublesome reformers and pestilent nioralists, and undor the oover of confusión and hurry of tho last liours of legislaron, clutched and confiscated as back pay huudreds of dollars earned by hard-working men and women, who littlo knew, as thoy honestly paid in their taxes, 'to what baso usos thcy would como at last.' This ia what you get by your civil service reform and your investigations ! You might havo knowu that if you cut Gongresa offfrom the privilege of peddling government offices, if you scarod from tho lobbies contractors, paténteos, and railroad managers, thcy would mako up for tho loss and tako a manly revenge somo way -and thoy havo chosen tho most objectionablo, shameless, disheartening, and demoralizing way possiblo, by passing this retroactivo xalary bill, this lawless ex post facto law. The hapless, harassed ilock of Credit ! bilier victims may rejoice and be ingly glad. Oakes Ames may cease to weep, and James brooks may getwoll, ' and Harían may sing a hymu, and 1 fax may smile again, for their littlo ] pleasant affair will bo forgotten, quite thrown into the shade, by this now crime against jus tico and docency, this insolent exhibition of rapacity, on tho part of tlio vcry ïnon who so lately sat in judgmont on them. As for tho minority, it seems to me no honest rnind can respect thom muoh moro than the majority, unlesa they utterly rofuso to receive taeir sharo of the plunder. 'Tho partaker is as bad as the thief,' and this raoney does not belong to them. It belongs to poor orphan children, vvhose cry has corno up before them in vain- to poor women, whoin thev have refused, for session after session, the pitiful advance in salary they havo so patiently petitioned for - to poor clerks, underpaid drudges of government, whom they have driven and burdeued with their work year after year."


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