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"look At Her."

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i he Jlarttord Courant has tho following touching comment npon tho State which falls at tho feet of Butler at tho K.iino tima that it calis Charles Suiunor tniitor : "The groat Stato of Massachusotts, with its culture, its history, its greatmon or set oiio side, chooses to senrt to Washington Alloy and Ames and Twitch. ell and -Banks and Butler. " 'Ibero slio stands," says Webster ; "look at her! The punt at least is secure." So it is, and lier present Repraaentativea are securing what littlo there is of tha present. We do not proposo to defcnd theso men. Massachusetts does thut nobly. Sho flios to their dofense when thoy are assailed. Sho keeps thoni yoar ai'ter yoar in Congress ; she heals their wounds, incurred in her service with public dinners. There is something horoio in tho Way she stands by theso represen tati ves of hor commercial morality. Sha oven pays them a higher compliment than this. For their sake she sets asido such rnen as Charles Francia Adams and Eichard H. Dana, Jr. Mr. Adams is not so much as named for tha position of Uuited States Senator. Ono of tho ilrst of living statosmen, of incorruptible intogrity, ronowned for the most important services to his country during tho past twelvo years, towering above his contemporaries with a European reputation - Massachusetts has no use for him ! " The doícat of tho Irish University bill oausod a Ministerial crisiá and tho rosiguatiou of Qladstone, Disraeli uuxt. !


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