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Tur Gitöss receipts for thirty-íivo leottiresgiyea by Prof. Tyndall in thi country wero #23,100. Th net pvoceeds - a little OTor $13,000- Prof. Tyndall placed in tbo hands of trustees named by him, the interest to bo expended in aid of students who devoto themsolves to original rescarchus. IlcnryWard Beeohernetted $12,000 or thereabouts by the seventoen lecturea doliverod by him in his recent locturo tour in the West, turnod the grogs amount into his own pocket, and then went iuto Plyiuouth pulpit and discussed tha text, " Thou shalt lovo thy neighbor us thysolf"-- evidently thinking the comrnand to includo " lovo thy noighbor's money and get all of it you eau." And Tyndall is a heretical scientist - or hisconteiunors aro mistaken- and Beecher a Christian. " By theiï fruits shall ya know theru." - In tho U. S. Sonato on Tuosdny Mr. Carpenter mado an argument in dofenao of Caldwcll, and announcod that ho would not voto to oxpol hiin. Waxing indignant he demaaded that tho court " discll.lrirfl ifrq rIntT7 nn Tnn++nt. ,,.l,i,l might be Said by tho niobs outsido." The " mobs " aro tho peoplo and the press, down upon which this Senator Carpentor looks as would a shoddy king upon his old associates in poverty. " Mobs ! " "Upon what meat hath this our Ciosar fod that lio Las grown so great." - Sonator Caldwell put in his dofcnse on Monday. It was strictly a toohnical one, that is if tho word technical doos it justice. It does not traverse the charges made against him, but claims that " tho election of a Sonator is an act of a State in a sovereign capaeity, which tho Senate can not interfere." It can not go behind the election, and in judging offthe qualifications and returns must bo governed by the law. And that will probably save his bacon. - The majority of tbo Senato tco appoiutod to revise the standing oomruittees of that body decided to give the Domocrats but one luember on each committee. The niinority - Messrs. Scott and Stewart - favored couceding two members, but the caucus sustained tho majority. The Domoorats refuscd to accept, claiming that their numbersontitled them to two members of each committee, and a new caucus yioldcd to the demand. - This is what a Monday's Washington dispatch eays : " The caucus (liepublican Senatorial) reconsidored Saturday's vote regarding tho case of Patterson, and decided not to take it up for considoration in the Senate, _no action being possible for the reason that Patterson is no longe a member of that body." And Patterson will " feci awful bad." - Grant has writteu a letter to Ooifax,. expressmg a ñrm belief m his innooence and integrity, and a desire to perpetúate his aoquaintance. That was all Nesbitt wantod when he made that $1,000 remittance, and proposed to duplícate quarterly. Does Grant pay as liborally to gct into thé graccs of Colfax ? Guess not. - In his addrcss at Lansing on the 7tü inst., Mr. Joy said tho project for constructing a railroad tunnel under the river at Detroit has nccessarily boen given i:p. It is found expensive and dangerous if not impossible to work through tho quicksands which aro found under tho Canada side. - In the Ohio Legislatura, oiÍMonday, the House adoptod a resolution oensuring the Ohio meinbors of Congresss who voted for the incroase of salary bill, and by a voto of 21 to 5'2 refusod to censuro tho President for signing tho sami bill. - That's what we should cail making iish of ono and iiesli of another. - The South Benders gavo Colfax a big reception on Saturday last ; the Vico President iuado a speech protesting his innocence and virtue, and the meeting passed a rosolution of confidence. ïhat's the last " Confidence game." - The Governor of Minnesota officially statos to tho Legislatura that 70 people lost their lives and 31 wero severely injured by tho severo etorms of January 7, 8 and 9. The loss of stock he puts at 375 cattle, 40 horsos, and 15 shoep and hogs. - The San Antonio (Texas) IleraU commences an artielo expressive of its " phcelinx " concerning Gov. Davis, thusly : "If there is a man in the wholo Stato of Texas moro dotestably odious than E. J. Davis wo havo nover heard of him." - A cabl,egram reports that tho Marquis of Lorne and the Princess LDuise have had a falliug out, and that the Princess bas taken quartors in a religious retreat near "VVindsor. " ty " is at the bottom of it. - H. B. Rowlson, of the Hillgdale Standard, has been appointed Collector for tha Third Colleetion district. Not quite 80 proíitable a berth as his former ono- Collector of the old First district. Should havo changed your residence Harvey. - The Chicago Journal don't think that Beecher increased his famo ia the least by his recent lecture tour, but rather intimates that his lecture was a 'wishywashy affair, disclosing anything but its author.'s ancinnt vigor. ' - The Boston Transcript propounds this conundrum : " If C. M. stands for something disieputable, wfiat does M. C. stand for P " Why, for more eusètd, of course. Give us something harder, Mr. Transcript. - Senator Emerson of Calhoun countv, has been appointed Associate Justico of Utah. The previous nomination of Mitchol], of' Iowa, was not acted upon by tlip Senato at the last session. - In the U. S. Senate on Monday last Mr. Chandler (" our Zack ") presented petitions in favor of prohibitory liquor legislation. There's a self-saorificing spirit for you. - Georgo Jerome has taken a ncw loaso of the Custora House at Detroit, and J. E. Bennett squats for another term in tho Marshal's office for the Eastern district. - Even the N. Y. Times comes down on the increasQ of Congressional salaries, and has something to say about tho father of the steal " stealing spoons." - The corncr-stone of the new Stato Capítol is to be laid on the coming Fourth of July, and Lansing hopes to monopolizo the day for this ycar. - A. B. Maynard, Attorney for tho Eastern District of Michigan, and John II. Standish, Attornoy for the Western district, have boon ro-appointod. - Tho Alpena Arrjvs claims thatThundor Btty " is tho most boautiful in tho world, exoept that of Naples." - Thoy aro not nolined to enccratng undertakers down tl San Antonio, Texa and so cach hearso is subjected 10 tra au nual tax of $12. - Serrotary BotfTfrKT.T, has boon olect cd Senator froiB Massachusetts, to fil Wilson's vacuncy, l)awcs was Lis chii oompeötor. - President Grant has indeflnitol postpoaed bis contomplatod souther touv. Causo: lireasure of public du ties. - Ex-King Amadeos, of iSpiin, ha been commissioned as Lioutenaut-Gon erftl in tho Italian arruy. By the mail from the west at abou 5 o'clock r. H., of Wedncsday, we recoivthree numbers of the N. Y. daily World - thoso for Sunday, Monday, and Tuosday- and the N. Y. Evening Pont for Monday. And our New York mail has oom,o with about tho samo regularity nnd promptno88 for tho last threo or four inonths. If this is tho best PostmasterOoncral Creswell and his contractors can do it is avery fortúnate thing for tho country that tho tolegraph linos baro not yot been placed under his charge. Now that Congress has adjourned and lobby ing is not necessarliy one of tho dai lyexorcisos of the P. M. G., couldn'the devoto a littlo time to the discharge of his legitímate duties and hurry up his mails ? -itUBKfctti The New Hampshire election was held on Tuesday last. The returns are not all in, but tho elcotion of Straw, Kepublican candidate for Govempr, is claimed'oy a small laajority. Tho Legislatura is Kepublican, securing his election if he shall only provo to havo a plurality. The three Democratie candidates for Congress are elected. They were members of the last Congresa and voted agaiust the increase of salaries steal.


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