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Bank Robbery

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JLOuisville, Ky„ March 10. Tuis niorning (Jlark's Fall City Tobacco Bank, corner of Seventh and Maiu stiaets, found it impossiblo to nulook thtir safe. Supposing tho lock to bo out of order, a man was sont for to opon it. Tho üours wcre lurcod about 4 o'clock tlns afternooD, whe it was discoverod that burglars had entered tho top of tho Vault trom u room in the secoud story eutüng a holo in tho floor and througti ovor the vault, and with drills and powder burated open the door of tho salo. Tho safe was the cashier's, and had ouly special deposita and oollaterals in it. Tho oollatorals and deposits rnainly consistod of local bonds, wliich woro laf't bohiud, but tho followiug spocial deposits aro known to bo missing : One bug of %2 - 000 in gold ; ton 10-10 government bonds ot $1,000 oach ; two 5-20 government bonds of i?D00 each. Tho tellers safo, by tho sido of the cushier's and containing tho bank funds, was undisturbed. Tho bank loses nothing. It is supposed that tho burglars acoomplished tüoir work yesterday and last night, aa tho room over tho vault has been occunied for BOVoral ycara as tho ofSco of tho Mutual Bonefieial Lii'o Insurance Company, of Newark, New Jersey. The burglars had üi'ted the matting in the room, cut through the iloor und af ter the accomplishoient of their work rcplaoed the planks and matting so that tho iioor iooked as if undisturbed. A .full set of. burghirs tools were left by the daring operators, including iron and copper ledge-haminers, drilis, fuse, etc. lt is ropossible yet to asoertain how much vas lost by the burglary, but it is uot Jelieved mach moto than the aboveuentioned bonds and gold. No clue to ho perpetrators of tiie robbery. üne iiousand dollars roward is ofi'ered for heil capture, and inforuiation of the aflir was telographed to the principal ities reached iroia here by rail. A special dispatch from Berlín saya the termas papers ridiculo and sharply critcise the inaugural address of President üi-ant. The papers ask whether momirchiul States ought to keep up diplomatic relations with a power whose Executive thus insults them.


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