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Water-works Ordinance

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At á meeting pf the Cominon Councl! held on Tuesday evening, íhe Ordinance relativo to the construction of Works and granting certain privileges to a company, published by us last weck, was atnottded :;s follows, aiid the consideration of the same further postponed : The names of the persons authorized to njccsvo subscriptions for stock and organizo a ccr.ij.iany, erad al! reference to them were struck out, and the Mayor in behalf of the Council authorized to advertise ánd receive sealed proposals froia responsible parties, accompifnied by two or more acceptable sureties in th" urn of ?5,000, for the organization of a compauy to Búppl.y früter on the most favorable tenns. The persnns m the lowest bid for a supply of water to the city and inhabitants,under a pressure equal to a head of not Icí-s than. 150 feet above the center of ths Court House Square, to have the, right to i ize such a company under the ordinance an.l t!,o laws of this State. The hydrants to be furnished and set by the company Where the Oovmcil shall direct, and krpt in repair by the city. Additional street main pipe to be laiïlwhenoveraiid wherover th-o waler ratos wíU nlilMiftÜy payas mucli as fiftecn pit cent apOft the cost of sucli additionol street niáin. A Committee appointed by tlie Common Couticil to have the right tö oxamine the books nnd papers of the G8ptty td. rca,soial)!e tilrtps, lo asoortain whelher the net profit.s oi tlm company exceed such fiffeeii per cort: and the city to have the riglit to and l:kc such waterworks at any time after their coniñiouceineiit at their actual cost and fifteen pèr cent annual interrest on all expenditures frora their data


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