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The General Corruption Of Public Men

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From the New York Obecrver. Thcrc stands tho fact, a black, dreadful faot, that no 3-Joland coinmittee can extenúate and jio Senatorial investigation aun wash avvay, that our United Status Senators havo purchased their seats, and our Represent Uives have taken wedges of gold iLUfl liidden them out ot' sight. Not loss deplorable is the condition of things in many of our State Legislaturas and city govornments. The history of the Southern States since the war is simply a repititioii of the story of the "Forty ïhievus." Millions of rncney have been raised by i'raud, squandered by robbers, or oarried off, anti debts fastoned upon an impoverished peoplo that no industry, self-denial or íinancial ability can redeem, Our own city is now groaning under a dobt of ahundred millions, and after an opprnssed and outragcd poople rose in their might and drovothe plunderers froni powor, auother set is preparing new ehains to fasten upon ns, and to this moment they are threatening to iinpose a systein upon the city that will in time restore the reign of thieves. The power is not yet in tho hands of bad men. Tbc powor ïesides in the people, and the poople aro not yet wholly lost. Wé kiiow, for wo hava Been, that when tho poople rUs in their might they can drive the robbers out of do wei into thoir densi Thoy did it last fall in this city. Uut such spasms of virtuo are not cures ; they are the struggles of tho patiënt in the agony of distress. Even public journals that were then champions of reform are oating their own words and secking to restore tho samo dangers from whieh the city was delivered. We aave lost all faith in party politicians - The time has long since come when the men of business and thought shouldgive attention to their country. Becauso politics have become loatliKome, good men must tiiko hold and reform the abuses that make thein loa'hgomo. Tliey must throw theniselves into the fight, is they did in the war, and as tbey woüld again f a foreign cuemy should threaten our land with invasión. It is in the. power of no one man to redeem the country. But the responsibility is upon eaeh man as ir' he only and ilone could do it. Thonsands of men havo retired in disgust f rom the field of politics, and many more have been orowded out by the machinations of erafty and thicving politioians who do not want jood men in thcir wny. But they are jund toassort themselves, and the people ed by them must take hold of the best men, draw them out from their retiro - ment, thrust power and responsibility ïpon them, and oompel them to bear tho iouor and the toil of saving the State.


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