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IScyoHil liso ITIÍHÍftlppK-TboiiBaiidshave already g'one, and thousands man uro turning Ihcir eyes towurúa nfw hornea in t&6 fVitilo West. To thoso gomt to Missouri, Kansas, Nebrawka, Colorado, Utnh, "Wyoming, Xcviuli, ÓíegDt) or California, W recom&eiiu a cbeap, safe, qvftok and direct rcfxfi tria Bt. T.ouis, ovar the Mtsaouri Poolöc Hailroad which runs its fine L)ity Codchcs ímd Pullman Rleepen íioia St. Louíh to prinripal ponits in the W'ost vjithmit change. "We believe th:it tlio Missouri Paciñc líailioad lias tho beat track und the íinest ,'intl safeiït cquipraent of any line wcstof the 3IÍ3sis.-iippi, and ite connoctions with roads fnrther Wett aro pruinpt nnd rcliablc. The Tesas counection oí' this rond is now oompleted, and pmuengera are cíTcred a flrst-elass, allr:úl route fiom St. Louíh to Texas, either over tho Minriuuri, EojUtna & Tuxas R. R., via Atuaú1, or over (he Atlantic l' Patullo lí. ld via Vinila. For mnps, timo tables-, infuriuatiun as to rates, routes, &c,we teten our readers to I. tí. Wheclcr, Northern l'asseng-er Atjent, 72 Lloyd street, Buffalo, N. Y., or E. A. Ford, General ÍttBsbÍÍfttr AgénU St. Louis, Ho. (ucsíions ivill be dieerfitlly and prowj'tli ansivered! Kiiiifrríitson 'furning! Clieap Farms in Soutli-ivc'st Missouri I- The Atlantic Jsc 1 'aniñe Keilroad Compnny offers 1.2Ü0,00'J aerea of land Ín Central íind Southwest Missouri, at f rom $3 to $1 2 per acre, on aevon yenrs' time, with freo transporta Uon from St. Lüuia to all purohasers. Cíñante, 8OÏI, tiinbcr, mineral wenlth, Hehools, ehurches and law ab diner society inviio emigrauts from all points to this land uf truits und ílowers. Por partiMiíars, nddresd A. Tuek, Land Comnuwf-ioner, St. Louis, Missouri. 1417 ■ m + - ■. - +-tm Rlkoiinintisill, - Iíheurrwlism is a disenso oftbo bloíi. Tlie blood, in tbifl diseaso, is fouud to coiitain un excoas of fibrin. Vegetine acts by converting tho blood Cromita dkiedsÊd condition to ahoalthy ciroulation. Vüoetine regulntes the bowtls, Wtt i very important ri h',Q Somplalnt. Uno bottlo of Veqetine wiíl give relief; but, to effect a permanent cur, it must bo taken re&ularly, and muy take sovoral botílcs, ospccially in cases of long standing. Veoetine is sold hy all diuggistt Try it, and your verdict will be tbe samo as that of thousands before yon, wbo say, " I nercr found ro much relief aa from tlie use of Vp.nETiNE," ivbich is eiinypcmoded exclusively oí bar7cst rootsy and herbs. 1417 ÍTIy Kiia-iloi for a JHorsc- What the pnrsc of King Richard could not then procure, all can now purchase for a son:. ÏJie Centaur Liuiment will not rtisc the doad horse of a king1, but it will cure a lame one, and- more tlian that- it is the most remarkable "hiug for Bwellings, stifT joints, caked breaste, stings and brnises, tSe world lias everseen. A man otight to suñ'er with the lílieumatism who has not tried tbifl linimeni. Cltilclvcii cry- for Pitctaora Cfiptoria. It roprnlates the Btomacb, cures windcoHc, and causes natural sleep. It Ís a suho'titutc for castor oili 1410w ítICHiUAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Wifrñft timis table; PíissengertruinslioSV leave the scver;il Bt;itions,ns toltowt: CtOING WFS1 . i m! m 6 m - I : w ' BTATIONB. W L H ! 60 o rt 3 c a o i(5 i i w w ■ f-, A. m.Ía. m. i-, m. r. m. p. ir. r. 5r. Detroit i leave, 7 15 'J 40 4 ou 5 45 1 46 il bï l'psitanti, 8 10 47!.6 B8 7 12! 2 Sil 11 07 Aun Arbur, !l 10 11 Oi 0 ('2 7 i." 3 15 11 25 Uexter, 9 40 (i 90 S lu í -lo Chelseit, a .'8 8 30 3 66 GrussLnke, 10 25 i) 00 4 23 a. m. Jackson, 11 08 ÍS 20 Ö 3i 5 00 12 4o P. M. r. M. A. M. ífaiamiizon, 2 20 2 68 12 25 8 00 Chicago arriVBi B tí 8 00 ü 30j i 8 00 GO1NG KAST. fl lliiif i . Ï 3=1 .1 i I i I 4 & J !__ '_:O_w :_H L_ r. M. ]'. H. A. M. A. 3t. rliicngo, leave, S ió í) 001 5 30 9 00 IA. Til. A. M. P, M. Kalamazoa, ! 2 M 5 00:11 30 2 05 A. ".'. P, M. Jaclcson. 12 40 4 451 8 OS 2 55; 4 20 GriissLftke, ! - " 1 8 32! 3 55 - Chelwa, 1 ! a. ir. 8 07. 3 ÍS Ücxtcv, , ' ti 25: g 15 4 10 Ann Arlior, 1 ;Vs 6 00 fi M !) 45 4 40 5 24 Ypsilanti, i 2 22' 6 20 7 20 10 (I 5 05 5 43 Detroit, arrive, i 3 35: 7 25 8 45 11 30 ü 25 0 45 The Atlanttó há l'aoiiic Express run between Jackson and Niles un the Air Line. DatefljJaB. 13.1873. DETROIT, IITLLSDALE & INDIANA, AND DETROIT, ERu IÏ.1VKR AND ILLINOIS Kailroadr. GÖIKG WEST. _1((73_0OI})(! ë.UtN STATIONS. Mail. Ace. STATIONS. Muil. ACC. A. M. P. M. A. M. Detroit, tep... 7:15 4:00 Loransport 7:1." Ypsilanti b:00 (:co Denver.. . 0:00 Manchester.. ..107 7:15 (JolmnüiaCity 10:40 .. . nillsilale 11:4.1 li:31 Bunkers.. 12:00 10:50 P.M. a. ir. p Bnnkera 2:27 4:50 ! Hillsd&Je 2:S9 5:10 folumbia City, 3:4" i Jtanishoater.... 4:2.'i 8:26 Denver 6:81 I Ypsilfmtl 8:43 io:io EiOganapflrt r,:.;:i Dattott (!:45 11:80 Trniiis run by Cliieugo tirrlc. All tmin.s run Uaily (Sumlays exeepted). M W i ':vlane Wlcctiing (loaches aro run on niht express trü'ii". TI. C (rOOÜELL, Sup't. RniiKut EiLtiË, Gen'l Ticket Agent.


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