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Uilull (a nUDJu 2G MAIN STREET, Buy largcly of Manufacturen? íind ímporters, and exclusively for cash, and invite the inspection of the clos est cash tade. otth STor of IMS' iiaB88 iiOODS Will be fonnd largó and attractive, embracing man y new styles - Black Sillcs and Lyons Poplins at very Low Prices. BACH & ABEL. FIFTY PIECES BLACK ALPACAS Just received. We sha] I make a SPECIALTY of these goods, and will make pr'ces lower than ever offered before in this city. BACH & ABEL. 50 PiecesWamsutta Bleach. Cottons 50 " Lonsdaie " " öO "Hill'sSem.Idem" " At prlces than thty liave l)een sold for in the city in ten years. BACH & ABEL, Our Cloth Department Ie very complete, consisting of Englisli, Fi'ciich, and Germán Coatings and Snitings, with many of tho best American brands. We gitfe especial attention to tliïs branch of our business and invite an inspection of the goods. BACH & ABEL. Feit and Embossed Sltirts. We have the Celebrated " Ponson " Cloaks, and Cloth (the Best Impar ted.) BACH & ABEL. Wc are agents in this city for the celebiated HARKiS' SEAMLESS KID GLOVES, and liave in ntoi'é a Full Assortment. BAOH & ABEL. Q PlECES OF- = ', BLACK ALPACAS! Jtrsï receiVed s i rrt r i MiGK I SCHID'S 1416 TLOUIi AND FEEB STOKE. HENEY WASCH„ (Successor to Ged. Lïubehgltyer;) At 14 West I,ilcrty Strcut, will keep constantly on hnnd a 1'uH stook of Flpur, Maal, U:vts, Coru, Mili Feed , &c. All orders promptly Ulied dt the lowest cntih pricen. Cash p:iit lor ( 'orn and OhIb. Ul.'iyl S5 ÍO $20 pir clny ' Agenta antedi -Aa V't IV $,t ,.assi,3 workinK ,„.„,,1 of eitner sex, younp; or old, make more ïnoney at Workforuiln tnelr apure moments or all the time, than at anythin clse. l'arliculurs f'ree. Addresa O. ütinson & Co., rurtlaad, Muine.' 1 [TjWASHTEJjAWCOüNtY lffNiRAiCY w.rootIIuÍ mu tas I A V laW a fuá I noxarypublTc ' SUJ? IJ-i H GENERAL-' iFj I .fcgUfciCONVEYANCER Uk_JJ HÉlDD h Mtf ÏjftCb ' v - - - 3 Mrf OÜR OST-IUCT BOOKS! As píirtiíillv inrlipatrd abovc, are now poeted to date. r1li'y ::t (!!'(', ík ;1 condensed or posted form, show tho orlndl chain and hüiicy oháinsOÍ titlei Inatuuo, siïeh ds AUDITOE GENEEAL'S DEEDS, Known as Tax-Titlop, which nre very numerous in this County, Decrees, Gontraci?, Deeds ! Als-i, now as wcll as all of tho old undiflchnrod ?t)i f g&géñ aS l'ir bj'.ok fis 1.S-J4- which ure legions. l'ersnu tiikin;? titlp or mortiraiics and Hens. wlil remcinhiT tliat 'ruy-TitU'ri aüd Other cöUatcral matters are not fotind in tiic us-ial mode of tioarch y Indexea at the Iteg-istcr's oince. The books or libersinthe Kcisf or's oiiice have becomcso numerous and voluminou;; tliat long time is. neeessarily requiied evento make a hasly and unreïiable search. With ourfaeilitiea we shv to the piiblic that we can show them title and Title History, make Deedp, Morfgiia-fca, Assig-nments, Discharges, &c, as correetly, iuicker and in letter style than any other uflice iu the County W: e have MONSY TO LOAN! On Rond and Mortgage en long time. REAU, ESTÁTE Sokl orexchanged. TIOUSES TO IÏEXT. 3S acres üpposite the Observatory for salo in lois to euit purehasers, ROOT & LEITER, ti al Estáte Agenta, No. 1. GregoryBlocfc, Tiíacy W. Rott, and opposite tlie Tostoöico. Ohaiílfs A. Leiteiï. 141CÍÍ COCO-OLEINE, A perfect lia Ir dressing- not a dye ■ nor a reBtoratirc, but a dressing, elegant ■r- and economical. "H STEARNS' COGO-OLEINE is cooling to íhe scalp, imparts a delightful eense of vítality ' and soltness to __ tho Ixair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, STveetly perfumed and liinpid, renders tho hair suppleand y dresses it m any - - 4 deaired lorm. mmÊÊ STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE, entirely vegetable oil, prevenís tbat dryness of scajp w n i e h causea dandruíf p__- to accumulate. s ' p-H STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE fcontains in one large bottlo moro oil and more perfume mm m than any other - luir dressing1 mÊmin marl: et, and l"""""1 besides ia sold twenty-five per cent. less than most others. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE "briglitens blonde hair,darkensaub urn hair renderalustrousbrown and black VivJ hair, leseens tb e harshness of coarse hair. STEARNS' COCO-OLEINE 13 MADE ONLT Bï PEEDEEIOK STEAENS, - GHEMIST, ■f DETROIT, MICH. Sold evciywherp. Bo sure ana fjet tho Genuine Coco-Oleine. Let no ono palm off on you a bottle of some cheap and worthkss imitation of CpcoOlcine. . Tliero aro more than twenty countert'eita of i t now sold, put up as near like the geniiiue as tho maker daré ana evade the law. The Clieupest and Best lire Deimnmeñt in the Woi-Id. Over Öne TJtotsdnd Actnal Fires Put Out WITH IT, AND MOEE THAN 10,000,000.00 Worth of Property Savort Prom the Flames. 1 THE QABCOC ExtingüisheB ALSO, THE Babcock Self-Acting Fire Engine, For Mills, City, Town and Village Use. ê It is nlwriYs ready to nse instantly, aud is more effeetive than a steam tire engine, because it is soon er broQght into action and throws a powerfnl stream of water impregnated with carbonic acid ga$ for any leDgth of time. It diipenSeB with complex mncuinery; fire'companios, reservoirs and suction hose. Cnrbonic acid gas is both the working aud extinguí shtnff agent. Ño steam to be raiaed- no flre tobe kindled- no hose to be laid, no large corapany ío be rmisfered. Thetinic thua saved is a building saved. It wlU thrOw 1 or 2 etreams at a tinie, aud one cylinder can bo re-eharged hile the other is working. It saves from destruction by water, what the fire has ipared ; it smothers, but does uot deluge. It is in dally use in Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Mobile, Phihuielphia and other Fire Departments send for tlieir record, Good agente wanted. E. T. BANinnt, en. Affcnt, 118 Woudward Ave., Detroit. Manilfactnrcr of Iron, Copper and Hrass Wire, ire iMoth, Bottlng Oloth, Burr Mili Stones, Broom Wire utid Twiiie, Copper Weather Vanes, Wire Counter Railiug, Wire Fencing and Ornamental Wire Work, 1410yrl QAW GUMMER & SHAEPENEE. A CTTRAP, simple, ank durable Machine- easily operated and runmug Wheels from 8xá inches to 12x 1 inch. Frice of Machine, $15. Whoels with bevelled, rloublo bcvellod and round fan; trom SB3..1S to S7.35, ttccording to thickucss. lleuva'i Machines iSO and $9O, running Wheels up to 24 inches in diameter. For illustrated Pumplüets or Photographs, address THE TANITE CO., 1410m6 Stroudsburg, Jlonroo Oo. , Pa: SPECIAL JOT1CJE! All of the TANITi; CO'S poods are díreetly made by the Co., at their owu l''uctory and under iheir owii Faie&ts and Pi-ocesses. It is eheaper to buy Standmrd GtoOda direetly from well known Muriufnotureríi than lo buy of Dealen or get low pricetl or poor poods. The fullc3t iiiformation on ;UI puixtta coanfiCted with Eraery WheeU and Emery-Uriuding-iluohinery will be furnished by this Oompuny. 14l3m3 rMPEÖVËD SAXON CEYSTALS, SPEOTACLES tra E1TE2 PUESERVERS. Patronizcil and recoTTímoñded hy the ir.ost eminrnt Oculists and gentlemexi of tin; medioal profossion, as being of great t pfinffparöJit refractivo qnality, so conKtracted aa to effeot the nlmost rtdief and tlie functions of the eyes. Thi Bight of the aged greatly assisted ; weakaiffhtitronthened, and perfect sight jjroserved . S0Ii03I0NS & SONS, Practical Opticiak, and Manufacturera of tho improved EYB PREsi,i; [NG : EH, CATARAüT LKNS, OONCAVK GLA.8SEa for near-sightod persons. JACOB HALLER, Agent, 1413m3 No. 22 Kast ïïurou St., Ann Arbor. yyANTEDÍ" "We will jrivo energetic men md women BUSINESS TKAT WILL PAY From $4 to $8 per day, can be puisned in yourown neighborhood . and is atrlctiy honorable. Pavtioalarg r lamplea thut will enable you to po lo work at once, will be sent on leoeipt of two three cent stamps. Arldreas J. l.ATHAIfl k CO., 113WÖ 202 Washington tít., Uoeton, Mass. 831 29! E ! O. Ö- 13WTipiï ftnt Ii. COLBY hung his flign Ut C. O. D. AtNo.'9, And öfkréd Gr'oceries cheap for oaph . 5ome peopleasid, " he's boühd tri go to etnnsh. And old-tiine Grocers wou ld faintly amili', Prophesying "(J. O. D. will last bat iittle while. Fn s'xiy duys weTi run hitn off the track. And cali our wandcring customers back." The croakers Raid and thought it trtto, "He'll surely tail bei ore the year is New ! You oan't sell Groceiies in this town And get yourpay til tfroenbacks down; Where dry gpods mercbanta on every street With silks and satins, hang öut chielf-ens to éftt J Where trade is mixed ia eyery p!;;1, At the samo counter jou buy nutter. orlace ; "Where credit and loss go hand in hand. Mr. (J. O. I). hut a slim chance will stand." Let prophets nnd croakors have their sar, L. ÖOLBTeÜ3ÖRüCERIKSönlyfopEEADYrAT And slla so cheap tbr daily cash ie feari no dangor of u smash. And to his patrons all, and business friends, The greetmg of the sea'son he extends, J'o TOUBg and oíd, a g-lad New Year, With hosts of friends and lotb of chccr ! ïive him a cali, and from hia store Your tables spread with jrood things more. At that place you will always rind Fresh now (jroceries oí best qnality and kind- 'verytliinr n eed ful for good cheer at horde You can buy at his counter whenever you corae. The daya are sa Btiort this bitter cold winter, Tomention details wou ld weary the printer. But ask if you choose for anythíji? eatable You get it at once in qtiality üñbcutable ! Forhungry men who are wenry andcnld, He lias Oystera hot, Oysters that must be aoící-'Oysters pickled, Oyster stew, and oyster fry, Or Oysters any other way you choose to ti y. He will serve up Qystera at any hour of day, And the beat óf cigurs to sinoke on ybur way. A dish of hot Oysters "rt iU do you mucli good. And cheer you while selling your gram or wood. ' And with cash in hand lay in a store Of Colfee, Tea, Sugav, l'lour and many moro, Of all things substantial for daily use, Nor treat life's good things with abuso ; Crockery and Glassware and Fruits to put in thfm, NtttS) ltaiins, und Candy, for children who winthem. And ye who are blessed with their beautiful face, Will find [29] the best of all places, To buy a trifie, to bring i smüe or ringïng laugh, Your pleasure, than thoirs, will be greater by half - The." do not forget to cali on Mr. C. O. D.. And buy of him your Fruits, íáugar, and Tea. Though the big an may fall from its place; The O. O. Ö. systöreisstillón the race; And doei not intepd to fiy frbni the course TUI croakers of evil talk themselves hdai'oö: Grocerios can be öoid for ready" pay And Xj. OöXTci-y has learñed tho way : Sold five times more than ho expected - By C. O. D. from loss protected. And the secret he la not afraid to teilKeep the best of all things- with prices low- be good natured, give good measure, And you are bound to sell ! 29! 29! 29! TJESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE ■ KOE SALE! The subscriber, on account of il health, offers his 33 ACRES tn tlie corptwation for sale. This grotmil acljöins the Umversit} Observatory on the Baat, oppbsite side of ;he Street. It haf a most excellent On the northoast corner- formerly eupplied the Railroad tanks with water. ITS ADYAIMTAGES Are as follows : For city jiurposes the Huron Eivor meanders the same some 30 tó 40 rods, and is part of the best Water IPower On the Ei ver in this vicinity, and the elevation on the northeost corner is sumciently high and ampio to EÜp ply the city necessitiea for water and tire purposes THE WESTERN PORTIÖN Jn the rbad is very ájroroprlate and smtiibl'e for a Public City Oemetery . The city has no such grounds now but must have soon, and whfttever grounds the city does not eañ to usö, oan be tobdt at an advantage, so much so.that the cost of the Water Vorks (fTOunda ind Cemetery, would be morel y nominal. If the city loes not want the same, the grounds Wbuld be invaluable for FEÜ1TS, LARGE & SMALL, There being some 100 trees now in bearing Vegetables and Pasturage, And also for M!LKsupply,BLOODED STOCK, Horses, 8heep, And other animáis alwnys in prcat want by ïnany in the city and lts vicinity. As city lots adioffitnKthe northwcst corner of this land are now sclliug trom ;hree hnndred to three hundred and tifty dollars, hese lands would or could be sold ñi ;t dtorttime to a good udvantage and to much protit to uw purchasers. LIBERAL TI1VEE K'vcn or the same-mil be exchanged for JIrchauta'ole goods or Drugs and Aledici'nes, t caet TRACY W. ROOT. Ann Arbor, Jan.Sl,18T3. 1411 CEEDS! 8EÊDSÜ SEEDS ! ! ! TRÜE TO ME AND RELIADLE ! I put np no old Tvorthless Seeds, but all are fresh tind röliuble. A sniaU siim judiciously invested in Flower Seeds, wili add much to the beauty and enjoynient of llome. rmr5T it. I havo nlso lare:e and rell filíed Orrrn Houses with ho choicest Oreen House and Beddiiïg Planta and Shrubs, which can bn safely transportcd. anl I flell at iricea withinreach of all. Ciltaiogues Free. Ageuts vantod to nolicit orders. Addross, I. C. McORAW, Iiirerside Gnrdens, Binffhamton,il3roomo Co., N. Y. 14ÖSm3.' ]L. B. GIDLEY, Sncccssor to COLGROVE í SON.' DRUGGIST Al ÜIIST IN COOK'S NEW IÍOTEL, Noi 12 E. HUEON STREET, DEALER IN DRl'tiS, HEDICIXES, SIRGICAL !VSTRIJBESTS, PIRE WIÏES AS'D LiQlOnS; CFOR MEDICAL PURPOSES ONLY.) Fancy (Joods, Perhimer PAINTS, OII.S, VAHMÍSHES, GLASS AND PITTTYJ PHYSÍCIAS' PBESCRÍPTÍOXS Carefally componndecl r.t all honr.i. I PBOPOPE NOT TO BE UNDERSOLÖ BY ANY FIEM IN THE CITY WHO FUHÏÏISH AS 600D AN AB.TICLE. J PALSE KEPORT I THAT Á. Á. TERRY HASGONEOUTOF TEADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAg A LARGE AND COM PLETE STGCK OF HATS & CAPS I JUST THE STYLE, AND AT PRICES TO SOIT THE TIMES. ALSÖ A FÜLL LINE OF GENTS' FURNISHING GOO1)S! DON'T PÜRCHASE TOÜE Fall and Winter OCTFITS UNTIL TOÜ GÍVB HIM -k.OA.H,j2 15 South Main St., Ann Arbor BOOKS. BOOKS. J. B. WEBSTER & CO. NEW BOOK STOKE KEAR THE " EXPRESS OFFICE." LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST ÜTD CALL; BOOKS. NN AEBOE Mineral Springs House; is beantifal reeort for hcaHh-Beeker Ia bot open, with ita RON, MAGNESIA, AND SULPKUR WATERS; Commodioustmildiri; heated by stéam, and large and well-ventilated rooms WATER AND AIR BATHS, Of all tfiraperatrcr, also Shower, Vnpor, Medicated ani Electric Bathö aro employcd with arïvantage lu. he tr(eatment of all forms of chronic disfeatsei nd (useaBes of females. Special atteiiiioi. paid o diet. With pleasant snrronndinss, and situatod in ona of themost ho.'Uthy and htNUHifui cities in theconnry,lt posswsos attractions for invalide or forpleas. ïre-sockcraecldoni found. The analysl.1 of the Springs will bc lurnished on applloatlon. Persons deeiring circulnre to flend to thelc rienda can procure t'hcm at íhp oflicoof the l'roprieore on Hnron strect, or at the Hprings. Address all letters of inquiry to MORRIS HALE, M. !., Supt. Anïi Arboïi, Mich.' Sutberland nnil AVhedon, Prop'. Ann Arbor,5l!ch. .Innc, 11, 1S72. X ' X HURRY UP l pAUTIÏES wiRhing Wall Faper, Cloth A and Paper sh:ules,IIrIlnndst Window Fixttfree, Coids, Tapscls, Ac, nll New Stylt'H, at Smisfactor} Piiccs, by J. It. U'obster A. (!o,, Jïjok ■■"Luri', uear the Expre-se Office. X Xé


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