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Washington An "old Fogy."

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x rom tno i-awrence, Kat., Jouraal, Feb. 20. The anniversary of Washington'sbirtha falla this year on next Saturday, and wo havo always thought so mu'ch of Oeorge that we cannot refrain from exjressing this niorning our opinión of his C.iaracfer. Washington was notas "brillianfa man as orne otbers, but be had a good head on Jiim. He never made speeches and abused the franking privilege in pending them all over the country, bnt when it ennie to business, he was always fchere. He never quoted poetry or called liunself " brainy," but he kept bis accounts straight and paid every cent ho owod, and was careful to collect everything that was owing to him. His charter was A 1 ; his reputation was warranted not to rip, toar or run down at the heel. We have no record that Washington, at any time in his career, was obligJ-rt to get a lot of proachers to certify to lus good eharacter, for the benefit of the neighbors arounck Mount Vernon. He was u. Christian and a statesmon, but he Böver ai anythiug about it himself, aud kept his religión for everyday use ond not for campaign purposes. Washington never was "investigated." It was the general opinión that he did not need it. He wus wkat in our day is called n aristocratie person- that is he was caretul of his company ; consequently he was not everlastingly falling into the ïands of some forger, who could imítate Jus handwnting so accurately that it took Washington a. whnlo ví..-+ „,1 „..i that he di.l not sign the forged document üiraself. Washington hadhis enemies,but be ncvor bought theni off, and the only " eonspiracy " against him feil through in a short time. Washington did well in everything he undertook. He was a good surveyor, a good soldier, a goed plantor and h good President. He accuwiiLated considerable property, but noaodf ever msiuuatud that he stolo it. Washington did aot have the advantftges tfcat men in our day have. He never saw a frictiün match or a chain pump or a loconsotiïe. He never saw the KanBas Legislature, and died without making the acquaintance of Josiah Kellogg and C. Picd Hutc-iiings. He knew nothing of the Credit Mobilier, and would have despiscd it if he had known it. He died befora the days of character by certifícate ana eitjcuon by purcliase. JSevortheless, the Hamo and faine of Wa&hington will survive tor a considerable period. We have mentioned tbis matter in the Lope that our city clergymen may throw Hito their discoursee, next Sunday, a few ■w-ords about Washington. They need not toll the story about the little hatchet, for the merit of Washingtou's character was not that he did not tell a lie when a boy, but that he regularly told the truth ■whcn he got to be man. Sunday is a day of reflc-ction, aud a portion of it may be tmrj proporljr spent ia thinking about ihe man who gained tiohes without subsidies, and honors without tricks.


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