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Two centuries ago it was thought an insult in the Highlands of Scotland to ask a man for a note. It was considered the samo as sayiug, " I doubt your honor." Ifpartieshad siuall business niatters to transact together they stepped out to?ether in the open air, fixed their eyes on the hoavens, and each repeatud the obli?ation with no mortal witness. A mark (vas then carved on somo tree near by t be a remombrance of the compact. Such a thmg as a breach of contract, wo are told, was then very rarely me, -.vith, so highly did the people regard their honor, and so truly did thoy fear Him beneath whose oyes they performed such aots. When the march of ioiiproveraent brought in the new mode of doing business, they were üften paiued by these innovations. An anécdota is handed down ota farmer who had been to the JjOwlands and learned worldly ■wisdom. On returning to his iiative parish he had need of a sum of money and made bold a lorm of a gentleman ofinsans, named St-jwart. ïhis was cheerfully granted, Jlr. S. counted out the gold on his library table. This dorte, the farmsr took a p en and wrote a receipt and offered it to the gentleman. " W'aat is this, man 'i " cried Mr. Stewart, seernly eyeing th-9 slip of paper. "It ia a receipt, sir, binding me to give ye back yer gold at the right time," replied Sandy. " Binding ye t " Well, my man, if ye can na trust yourself, I'm sure I'll na trust ye ! Ye canna ha' my gold ! " and gathering it up he put it back in hh desi ana turnea tne iiey on it. "But, sir, I might die," replied the canny Bcotchman, brÍTiging up an argument in favor of' his new wisdom, " au'1. my sons might refuse it to ye. .Rut this bit of paper wad oompel them." " Compel them to sustain a father'a honor," cried the bizh-minded Scot. "Thoy'll need compelling to do do right if this is the ro?d you ae leading them ! 111 neither trust you nor them. Ye gang elsewüere for money. But ye'll find nane in tlüs parish that'Jl put mora íaith in a bit o' paper tlian in a neighbor's word of honor and his fear of God."


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