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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. NBiCOLE Heuler in Ooil. Office. w'thFn.fii . & (tjisT, nvir -laws n & Sons' Store, Or . Fourth and liaron St. Es ASTÏTS TIHTCHKÜ, -Attornev nnd Caantslar at Luw, No. ó Sitat Hüroh Ktrcet, Aun Albor, Mich. 1386 MF. 'ASqïIKÏ.I,E, OT. I. Offl.-e over A. .. Purry's -torn. K-fi lonce Waahlnsrton Street, four doore east of Stnte 18Wyl A RH AUBOK JIIVERAL SPBINGS, l rrU Uil-3. v[ ij., Sitpjrlatnndent. Office o MiliitaÍ! corno and iVestHuron Strcet9. WIXES d: WOR9EV, 20 -outh Main strcit, Ann Ar cir, Mich-, vhl.-siiln inrt rutail dcalknin Dry Oo'uls. Uarpcta and Oroccries. ia5ltf MACK Sc SCIiniD, Dealers in Dry Goods. lïrocerius, Cruükery, Ac. No. 54 outh Main ítret. Wil. JACKSUJf, Dentlst.sncCessortoC. B. P.irter. o:lici! corner Main and tfnronstreeU, jver the store of K. VV. Kllia & ''o, Aun Arbor, ith. nestbeticsadmiiiistercil if reqaiied. EJ. JeHKfSOÏT, Doler In lints and Caps, furs, Straw Goocta Gents' Kiirnishing Goods, $c. No "SüutüMaiu trect. Aun Arbor. Mich. JtTTHEKIiAJi Sc WHEDOJf, Life and O Pin' Insurarn: f.renta.aild dealer. n Real Estáte JTiceou Ilurou Street. ACH & ABEL, Dosiers in rry Gooda, Grocerics. Ac.No 6 otuh Main -trect, .inn irbor. Sl,AWSOf 4: SO?f, Qp'icori", Provisión and (ommissioii Merchants, and dfatcrs in Water ,ime, l.iiu.l Piaster, and Piaster Paris. No. 16 East iluron street o M:i:VO3IEITI, tt'holesalc and Retail Dealer 5 in Ueüdy U'ie ' lothing, l'lotlia, Cassimeres, ■itinu'f.iu.tSent's ?araUhlng Gouds. a South Main Street. Wíl, WAJJ.XE3Ï, Dealer in R 'adv Made Cloth in', lotbs, C.isslmere. Veatlngs, Rats. Cape, rrunk., 'ar[;ot Hiiga, &c 21 South Main street. plUIOltti et flS-iK, Bookeellera and RtaXX tlon rs dic:il L iw and Ooilege Toxt I!o..ks. School vd Miiceltaneons Booke. No. 3 N'ortli .laln Itreet. GrcgorJ Block, Ann Arbor. TSJÖA li V . CH EB VE K, ATTORNET AT LW ! Tiie withE.W. Morgau, i:ast ïrl oj Conit House yqa iré. 13ái SCHAEBERLB, Teacher "f VI öslc. G:"efi instruction op the P1AM9, VU)L!N AND GÜITAB5 atiiis oltico, No. 57 Srïuth Muin strcet, (Moore's lilJing}, ot at the residcane of the papil. PIANO ÏÜNIwG, nade í speciality and satlsfuction gnarantcedi iS:4yl jiBOC KBÜ Y GLA.8SWARE & GROGERIES, J. & f Donnelly lUvüinUori s'.argcatock'.farockerv. GlaeBware, ■Cad Wr, Oatlery Orooenos, &c, 4c. all tobe cid at unusnally low prlces. No !'.! Bast Hurón Sireet. Ann Arbor. Ilïgtf J. & P. DOXMTELLY. TOON G. GALL, DEALEB IIT FRESH AND SALT MEATS, I.ARO, BATT9AGKS, Etc, Orders snlicited and promptly filled with thehest neats iu the market. 31 Ëast Washington stroet Ann Arbor, Sept. leth, 1869. 1285tf NARKíSEY, q$!M' ManuíaCtürer of Carriages, Buggiss, Wagons, ANDSLBltjns, of evey style, made of Ibe best m-itírial, and vvarranted. Repairiu;": done prompt j and pnces reasunable. Detroit ;treet, uear K, tí, Ann Ariiur, lich. t34íl. IR. C. A. LEITEU CONTINÚES TO PÜT DP AND PILL Physiciatis 'Prcscriptions, At all houra, at No. 1 Qregory lílock. C A.LEITER & CO Ann Arbor.Dec. 22d 1871. 1354 rR.C.B. POLiTER, DEN"TIST. sein theSAVIHGS B&NK3L0CK, Ann Arbor. 111 Operañons on the Natural Teeth PEItFORMED IVITH CARE. '1 W3TTRPASSBD FACILITIES AND GXPBRIENCE SITTI AKÏÏriciu TEETfl, TO (JIVE EACH INDIVIIIUAL, t)frf of tke proper it, hape,:olor.JiriHntstionn nit al expréselo 1344 HURY UP ! PAKTIHS wUhlng Wall Piper, íhadcs Holl.inde, WindoW Pixtnre, Co'ds, T-iiícls, &c , nll New Style, at Satisfartorj Priccs. by J. K. Webster & Oo., Oook Stor-,ucar the 2::piese Office. lovejoyT TOBACCONIST ! Doals in both JPINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Smaflf, Pipes, &c, AT O. 7 E.VST HURÓN STREET, Next to the Express Office, ANJÍ ARBOK, HICH. 1345tr TTOUSE f 0E SALET" Th? rsíidencí of the subscriber on TCorth stri-ct rcmeruioa fuiven immdiivtely. Alse, the beautlfá ouiH'mï site oa the hill just cast ol (Jo!. Grant'i teüidencp, Tcrtm very easy. A good bargain can bo mnde Intuiré of Zina P. Kino. M. C. TTLF.Il. Ami Arbor, Jan. Í3, I87D. 1410


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