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Don't Cail A Man A Liar

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Xever teil a man that he is a liar uness you are certain that jou can liok lim, for, as a general rule whon you say :hat it means íight. I have arrived at this conclusión ;hrough sad t-xperience. I know that it s not safe to give the lie to a muscular 3hristian. I did it once. I am sorry for it now, as I llevar grieved for anything else in the whole course of my lile. We were standing on the sidewalk, in front of the club, wtíen I made the tatement. We were talking politics, and men who talk politics and get hot over it, are - to put it inildly - luuatics, or el&e want an office. This man made an assertion tuuching the fair lame of my candidate. It is probable that il' it had been as true as it was false, I should have taken the same course, beöause, you understand, a man who talks politics has no sense auyhuw. I think I said this before, but it is all the same. I want to make it strong and get you to understand how I got my ornamental eye. I mildly suggostcd that a man who would make such a statement as thi t was lost to all sense of thanie and guilty of any base crime. He disagreed with me npon that point. As lor himself he never made a statement excejjt apon the most ampie proof. ily kandidate was the nieanest viUain living. 1 told him he lied. I have been kicked by a mulé ; have fallen out of a second story window on a pavement; eaten green persimmons; heard Miss Blow read poetry for two hours and a half ; rode a sharp backed horse of mustang parentage, an adopt in the art of "buckmg;" suffered grief of various kinds, and still clung to life - but all of these are fpathers in the Imlance, as coaipared with the result of that little word, liar! Immediately aftersaying it I sat down -not in the way people usually sit down. 1 sat down on the rim of my éar, about ten foet from the spot where I had been standing when I made use of tlie expression quoted above. I am not used to sittnig in that position and do not thiuk it agrees with me. I have heard of people who " got up on their ear " and walked oiï. I wish I knew how to do it, and would have propellcd myself away from tlio spot immediately if 1 had posáe-sed tliis happy taculty. 1 ptoceeded to gct myself perpendiottlar, intending to use the locoinotion which nature had given me; but when I came right side up, something heavy ran against ray nosc, and I feit very tired. 1 sat down on my other ear. I like a changa it is so nionotonuus. Somebody took my largo friend away, and I was quite ploased when he was gone. I have concluded to look twioe at a man bcfore I give kim the lie again. My eye is in mouming, my nose swelled to the size of a citrón with the color of a blush rose, aud my rlolhes look as it tliey had been run through n patent sausage machine. I would not havo that man's temper for anything in the world. A poetic Ililieruian explains that love is coiumonly spoken of as a " flatne," because it is a tinder sentiment.


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