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"no Time To Waste In Making Money."

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Thero is a legend well known to most of us, and whieh has an advantage over most legenda in that it is substantrally true, that n very distinguished man of Bcitnce in this country was once approached by an eminent practical man and urged to turn his great powers in scientiiio investigatiou and cxposition to effect in making a fortune. And, to the great surprise of that man of business, the man of science responded, "But, my dear sir, I have no time to wiiste in naaking nioney." Of all the recent grea resülts of science, I think, sir, that these words have struck deepeet and spread farthest in the average carnal miad on our sido of the Atlantic. " No time to waste in making inoney !" I havo stood, sir, in the presenco of a very eminent man of affaira - one whoso word is a power in the great murts of the wcrld, and watchod hiir. as hc heard for the first time this astonishing dietum. He stood silent - apparently in ave. The words seemed to reverborato affiong the convolutions of his brain and to bo reechoed far away, back, from depth to depth, amo7ig the deepest recesaes of his consoiousness - "No timo to waste in making inoney "'-President 'White, of Cornett Ci'icirxity. O:xe of the most curioua argumente ever ui vaneed in u, court of law was 1 nat by whicfa council for the pluintiff, in the iliiinel cuse, triad to fortify lus olieitts' claim. Madame Jutnel was reinarkable long ears, and a oertain " sweet Braell of the person," und, as Mtj Bowen has both of these peculiarities, ba must be her sou. This is literally "smelling out" ü relütionship. But it was not strong cnough, tor the plointiff lust bis cuse.


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