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The Waupaoa (Wis.) BepuUican says that "Mr. Colfax has retired to private " life, and has lei't as pure iiud spotlesa a " record as any man who has ever been in " public lifo in this country ;" which ocrtainly ia eayiHg very litüo i'or the spotless robes of our Ioul; lino of public men. Jlis denlings in Credit Mobilier and rotainers iïom Nesbitt are scarcely evidenoe of purit}-, and his special frionds will do him a favor by permittirig him to drop out of tho public view. But iiold, the same Waupaea Bepublican i'urther saya: " If tho Democratie press don't want " Colfax i'or President thoy must let him "alono. If thoy do want him let them "keep up their howling and they will "have him." Bolemu warning 1 terrible threat ! wo tako the hint and bito this item short off. We do. - Gen. Hawley, of Connecticut, and Mr. Merrick, of Maryland, tho former a Demoorat and the latter a Eepublican, are eredited with refusiug to recoivo that f5,000 buck pay steal. Ilon. W. D. Foater, of this State, writing to the Grand Ilapids Democrat, dofending himself against some charges of dodging made by :■ Republicau in the columns of that journal, says that he has not drawu his 5,000, and also expresses a belief that nofc onethird of tho members who voted no have done so. - In the U. 8. Sonate, on Tuesday, Mr. Morton, from tho conunittee on privand electious, reported that tho evidence presented in tho case of Senator Bogy, of Ho., charged with the improper use of money in obtaining bis election, " was not of the charaoter to requiro of tho Sonate au investigation." "Wheroupou tho committeo was unanimously discharged from the further considevation of the subject, and another Senator acquitled. - Senator Ulayton, of Arkausas, was white-washed on Tuesday, by a voto of o.'J to C ; 34 Senators were absent or did not vote, many of them alleging want of time to investígate tho charges. The sil votos against the white-washing rosolutions were given by Southern Senators. - Liout. Fred. Grant has been assigued to duty on tho staif of' Gen. Sheridan at Chicago, victi a disabled and heroic oflicer displaced and put on more active and arduous duty to make way for him. This unjust iVivoritism is not complimented very highly by the Chicago journals. - Mr. Cornelius A. Logan, of Kansas, recently appointed minister to Chili, is a cousin of Senator Logan, of Illinois. And Senator Logan voted to increase the tho President's salary from $25,000 to $.30,000 a yonr. Put that and that together. - The Missouri Sonate has passed a bilí allowing the jury to fix the penalty in convicting a prisoner on trial for murder at either death or imprisonment for lifo. If that bilí becomes a law its workings will bo walched with interest, - Gen. Grant has commuted the sentonco of O'Brien, convicted of murdering his wife in a most delibérate and brutal manner. If ever a couvict. deserved hanging O'Bi'ien did, and tho commutation is severely critieiscd. - Curtis and Nast are both making desperate eifort3 in llarper's WseUy to white-wash the Credit Mobilier Congressmen. Nast niakes Oakes Ames and Jamos Brooks the scape-goats. - Despito tho opposition of Senator West brother-iu-law Cascy has boen conflrmed, and will bo the Radical leader and great political uiogul at New Orleans for another four years. ■ - Bro. O'Donnell, of tho Jaokson Citizen, is reputod as having a dosire to run for mayor of the " Central City." Does he remember the advice to the shoomaker to "stick to his lastV" - President Grant has notified the Mayor of Nashvillo, Tenn., that he has been compelled to indefinitely postpone his contemplated excursión through tho Southern Statos. .


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