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Superintendent Kintner

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In anotber articlo wo announco the nomination of Charles J. Kixtxeb, b; the Democratie Comrnittcp, for County Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Kint KEK is a resident of this city, a gradúate of tho University, class of 1870, and ia a young mau of goed principies. Sincu his graduation be has been for a portion of the time assisting Prof. Watson in the Observatory. Eis qualifications for the offioe are of a high order, and if elected he will enter upon duty with a desire and determination so to discharge the duties incumbent upon him as to gain credit for himself and advanco the Bchools of the county. Tho comniittee made a good seledtion. Let the voters of tbo county ratify it. The Legislaturo has passed a bilí appropriating not to exceed ten seetions o: swiiinp lands por milc, to aid in tho construction of a railroad i'roni the Straits o: Maekinaw to Marquette Harbor on Lake Superior, the landa to be seleoted in tlic oountiea óf Maokinaw, Chippewa, Schoolcraft, and Marquette. Tho Stato Boarc of Control is to advertiso for proposalg for tho construction of a railroad along the proposed route, and is to assign the lands to that coinpany which will buik] tho road for the least number of acres oi I land. Tho distance is about 150 miles. The appropriation is to be comraended as making tho best possible disposición oí the lands for the interests of the State. Tho road in quostion will open tho other swamp laiuls of tho Upper Península to inarket, and besides will bring the business of the Lake Superoir mines to Detroit, whereas it is now largely tributary to Chicago. The prosecuted or persecuted Senator Caldwell, of Kansas, executed a flank moveniont on. Monday, loaviug sundry prepared speechos to sour on Senatorial stomachs and " cheating tho dovil of his dues " at tho samo time. That is, CaldWELL resigned on that day, and by letter so notified the Governor of Kansas and Yice-President WlLSOïf. His lesignatiou being aunouueed to the Sonate, Mr. MokTOX, in answer to an inquiry as to wbat ho proposed to do about it, replied, "that as it was not coiupetent to expel a man who is not a Senator, or declaro his seat vacant," he considered his duties touching the matter at an end. Exit CaldWEIX, that " novico " ia politics who didn't know that it was a sin to buy his eeat as he would stocks or bonds. Now J'omeüoy has another chance.


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