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How A Burglary Was Prevented

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The last issae ot tbe Vcedonïa (N. Y. ■ tfclls the foliüwing story of aii in cident whicli occurred in tfaac villago a few nigl Many ut our re kdera fcnow whero Ilon O. Stiles lives un Central avenue, and tht burgiarious fruteruity know pretty wel too, for they go for that house periodical ly. Last Friduy night Mr. titiles anc daugbter were out of town, and only Mts . hi r sou Frank, aged thirtuen, anc a servant :irl woro ut home, but the win) bad presumed on the weakness or the garrison that night probably wishes ha bad kept away from tlnu-e. Abon Mrs. Stilt:; lu'urd a noise in tho barn and oaraa down to in gate, bat d : no distmbanoo ant retired again to her room up stairs. Shc ned next timo by a noiso bolow in the house. VVith a loadud revolver in baad shu again want dowu to investígate, and as sho entered the sitting-room the light frora the coal fire in the enabled her to see a man in the adjoining loin werking on his knees at the door üi' tlio safo, a big Club on tlio floor betide hjfu A int Mr Bui discovered Mrs. Btiles, club and epraug to his teet, bul oould ad vanee she rii I, ippei and the i ■ feil l'rora hi.s hand. Hl theu bejsran Leelinij in his ootit with hi; li'i't hand, as if for ü weapoo, but Mrs. S again cocked her revolver and 1ho ominous click st.irtod the seainp out oí tht. other door. As he emerged into the kitchen and stuviud tor the back ontrance sho sent auother bollet at'ter him and followed on out uoors. ïhen Mr. Burglai waa K'ji'ig 1U:O the barn and his pluok3 ant iired ftgain, which seenis to have eonvinced him that he was nut wantec arouud thore, and away he went dowi the avenue as tast as his legs would ■ him. By this time Frank had been arouBcd and came down, the gas wa. l and they surveyed the premisos 'o mark ot' a bullot was found in tht bod-room and Mrs. S. is confident she hit him by tlie way hia arm dropped, and because she took good i'.im at his shouldei at only about i'our feofc distauce. On oing to the li.irn they found their fino mare all saddlcd and bridlcd. The burglar bad evidently dons this first, putting a fresh girth on the saddl'e, and spreading siraw ou tho barn Hoor to uiuflle tht, sound i.t' the animal's i'eet so Ihj couIl. make his escapo with the maro ai'tor completing his Jittle job in the house. So eudedtho fracas, and Mrs. Stiles didn'1 faint away eitlrer, after the manner of tbé heroïne of the period, but retired a but she saw that the back door was iockt d this time, as it probably was not before, for the intruder carne in that way without ony apparent tliliieulty.


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