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H['AKE NOTICE! ■ i ii Aibor to Chicago will 1 on me lor the loan of any money, as I ui the tmsii ivillthevebi no little inconveniencc, iiiul pethiips tl UUw3 2 i' .,,, 111. J EGISTKATION NOTICE. parda of Regi trafcion oí t! ('i!y of Ann e nn Sntunlajr, April 5th, 1873, ut the erul warda: ! ' ''■ ors's Paiut Shop. Law OHice. Sd Wiird -Al Í b ml Ofllce, i oiirt House. li p. naw House, ütli Wurd- AtT. F. McDonaid's Sture. uring a( So'el iijnt Ro'olock 1'. M ,1. 8ev' i: ' ■ - LU persons w : boon U be held on résister Iheir names. By order ut the Board of tioKutration. C. Ü. Ï0RT1SK, Cliairmnn. John ö. Gott, Bceretnry, Ann Albor, Staren ■:!, is;;!, ].a ZAPERA HOUHE! ADELAIDE PIIïLLlPPS' CONCERÏCOMPANY. MISS ADELAtDE PHILLIPPS rcspectfully anONS GRMÍ'ÍCONCERT. on - - Siitunlay Erenlng, April 5, 1873. The Compmiy bñog soraposed of the iullowintj at Artista : MISS ADELAIDE PHILLIPPS, ïffl'e camilla uííso, The Greaf Claasicnl ViolinUta. Mllo MAEIH DK MAINVILLE, The OelebratecS l'rciich Pianiste. Mr. F. D. SPIiAGÜE, BfttMK), and Mr. HOWAED M. DOW, Accompiiiiiat and Conductor. Adinission, 70 ets. Reserved Seats, 1.00. Tickets to ; Gfilmore & l-'iske'a. Coucert tu comruenee at 8 o'cloek 1119 U HIT E IPURE LEAD. LEAD. . WABBAOÍTED V I PURE WHITE s ] VÍEILLE MONTAGNE FRENCH WHITE ZINC Parlor Sncw White ZincCRY8TAL PALACE WHITE LEAD. Permanent Green For Dlinds, &e. WHITE LEAD ! In Color tor Outside umi Inside Fainting, Varnishes, Oils, Colors, Bmshes M - CL4D ïliifiAt PAIT ! ïlnnnfActaired from pura Iron Ore, fnr superior to thos made oi Clay, Rotten Bione, Dírt, &C. O-,ir Pur Brand of WH1 P!' LEAD wa offer to the p;i!)!ic , i arunce of gbsoiiitt purity. ch of the White I.fad .-old as pure is adulteraima's will cuusult tbeix interest !■■ uivmg us aoa'l. It. XV. KLLIS & CÍJ., Jtmtssflatm, ANH Altl'.ni;, KlCH. Corner opposite Savinga Bank. I419md Estato of Luiok - minors. tJTATEOF MICHIGAN. Coniiti of O At asossionof the Probate Comt for the Countj of Washtonaw. holden at the Prolmte Olïlce, n the City of Ann Arbor, on Thttrsday, the iwentv-sevcnth diy ol ï!irch. in the yuar one thousand eight hundredaml seventy thiee. Prefent Noah W. Cheevej, Jfldgeof Probate In the matter of the estáte of Mnry Lnlck, Emannel Luick, Amella Lnlck and Lydia Lnick, minors, Aasast Hu zei, guardián of said miuore, comeR Into Conrt an:l represent) that h.e is now pre i render Tiis ñrat ac Guardia. Thereuponit is Ordared, i ttat Thnrseday, the twenty-fourth ilav of April faxt, ut tes o'cluck lu the forenoon ü rorexamining and allowiug sr.c'i nocotint, and that the nert of kin ofsaid minors and al 1 othr persona iaterested iüsald estáte, ar t lo appear at a sesslon of said Conrt, then to betiolrten at tne Probate Office, In the City oí Aun Arbor, In naid atui sliow cause, if any there the sald aiconut shonld nor beallowed And ft Is furtlier ordered that said Gaaidian (ftve ootice tothe persnns rnterested in siií! estáte, of the peodeacy ofsitld accoant, and the hearing thereof. by oaoslng a copy of t.liis order to be pub,i the Uickigan Argus, a newpaper print d ri,l ■., . three successive weeks ureYioueto eaiddny of hearing. f.v truecopy.) K0AI1 Yr. CHEETEK, 1419 Judge of Probate. Commissioners' Notice. of s CCHTGAN, eoonty of Waabteratv, fs. o The andei - i appoiuted by the Probate Court for said ouunty, Ci to re;ill claims and Seaaanch of „jl "pt,, o ■ tate of Vtit Zeeb, late of said eoiiiily, depeased, hereby give notice thatsix nnntliHfrom date are ttllowd, by oi'der of said Probate Court, forcreditorstoprcaenttheirelairüs against the estáte of said dl ased, and that they wil] : 1, fn tiïe toii' ship oí Scio, in said eouTiiy,oii Wedneeday, the thirtieth day uf Aprfl, an.l on Wednesdsy, the twentyfuurth clayof Scptcnilj r n-x'.al ivn o'clock A. K. (f ear.!i of saiddays, to receive, examine, and tdjust said Cld;MarCh24th,A.U;rf.i!jT5DT;LE) JOHN" ANDEE88, I4l8w4 CommiasionerF. Mortgage Sale. HEF VT7LT having been made in theeonditions of a ..ti,,! the second day of.Iuly, A. ... outed by ; reel md, bia v.-iiV. of tl:.: township ounly, and State of to John place, and recorded in the ofliceoi of Deeásfortbe i 'ounly of Washtenaw, uiitliiisccond day of July, A. D. ls.'.ti, anü recordea in líber -1 of mortgag fa page 667, wbioh ' s on the M dny of January, A. l. 187a, duly assigneá by Charles F. Crane, AdmiaUti ate of Jold Oddis, to Hannah l whioh assignntent waa recorded in the the Countj 'iaw. in otsof mortgnseson page I which síii-1 mol i n the sist day ot January, ■V D 1873, asswnerl by Hannah Vreeland, of tlio uaw County, Michigan, to ttenry Vreeland, of tlio same place, and wnn u Bsajgnter'a Oftee of Uu; County of Waahtenaw, iü libei 3 of mortgaj dsaid mortgage was on ths ISth tfarch, A. 1). ■ ■ l by Henry Tree. oChristian Made uiid Frederiok Sohmid, Jr., iment was recorded in the Registers Office in the County of Washenaw, in Hher Êi of mortir'n ■ 88; nd whei I ■ duo md unpiud on Baid mortgage at the date ot' thia nol snm of two tlionsand one hundred and scvci: 50-tOO dollars (Í2.178 ■ m fmt or proceeuinKatlawhasb eninstitttted to ceeover thcsaineor mv pari thereof; notioeis i o thii on Satirdii'v the 1 wenl ? gW h dny "f .1 une, A . . eishteen mníredand seventy three, at twelve o'dock nooo, ol iy,.at the front door soutli side] ol iheCourt Elonse in tlio City of Ann Arbor, washtenaw Couuty, . 'lino of the power of sale rontüined in 11 at public nuotion. to the r, thepromiaes deeeribea m sind mortto salisdoe .m sni'l mortgage at the duteof this Volioo with interest and the cost and expenses alowed by law, and also an attorney fee ot twenty-flve asprovldedinsaid mortgage. Ihe tollowing s o description of the land and niemwM as give m ortBace. and to be sold in punuance of the ,otice,to-wit: TheT of thesouthlarter d! of seetion one (1), town tliree (o) outh range flvaenet, with the appurtenanoaa thsrerinnirhor.March - FEEDEEICK 8CH UI n, Jr., FraraiucK Ptstobtos, ■ Attorney for Assig - lilJ pAEM FOR SALE ! Chrap if sold soon. Bituatêd in the Town of MrWO HUN DU KI) ACRES. Knownasthe Lillil I stPoriagel ,! f 0 111 ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, .,, lynior northwwteTlyol .nthcl-'lftliwaid. (all on me K. 8. SJWITH. Aan Arbor, March 13,1873. 1?" ■ BACH & ABEL, Are now 1 íhe Sara Mato AND WILL OPEN ABOUT THK FIRST OF APRIL, COMPUTE ASiRTME'T OF Estáte oí' John HofFman. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County oí' Washí k) At a rto.-sion di' the Probate Court for the (Jounty of Waöhtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, ín the cit y of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the twenty-íüih day of March, in the year oue thousaud eight hundred and .seveiity-three. Present, Noah "W. Cheever, JttfÏEre of Probate. In the matter of the, estáte of John IIoíTman, tlcceased, George P. Lutz, Kxecutor of the last will and U'stumeiit of Baitl.deceascd, coraes jnto court and repivwonts that he is now prepared to reader his final loeeust as sueh Executor. Thereupon it is oirdered, tliat Tuesday, the flfteontl day of April next, at ten oVlock in the foreiuxjn be iissigned for examlaing and allowinfr such account, ;md that the de visees, leñatees, and heirs at law oí ■aid deccased and all other persone inlerested n said estáte, are required to nppenr at a session of said Cooit, tlnn to be holden at the Probate Otiice, n the City of Ann Arbor, in said Ccrnnty, and show cause, if any there be, why the jaid aí'rouut should not be allowed : And it isfurther wdered thnt said Executor give notice' tu tlie personii interoted in snid estáte, of the pendency ofsaid iccoimt, and tlie beartng theicof, by causiagaoopy jf this order to be publiahed in the Michigan Argug, i newspaper printed nnd circnlatin in said County, ;hree auccesBlve weeksprevionsisnidday of hearing. [A i ro copy.) KOAU W. CpÉBVER, 1419 Judge of Probate. PRACTICAL CONFECTIONERS, Wish to inform the ritizrns of Ann Avbor and vicinity that Üiey are now manu fact uring1 daily line FRENCH CONFECTIONERY Aixl wlien persons -ttish Pure and Frcsh Candies, tliis is Uie onlj place iu the city to (jet tliem. Cali and See Onr targe Assortmcnt. 1418wl X ' X HURRYÜP! PAltVIKS wiahing Wall Paper, Cloth and Paper Shados. Hollands, Window Pixtin-08, Col da, Tassols, fcc, all New Stylea, at Satisfactorj Priccs, by JT. Iï. AVcbwter V Co., Book t tore, near the Express Office. x T CE ! ICE ! ICE ! I am now pieparcd to furnish ICE OF THE BEST QUALITY, And in any quantity desired during the scason. M. APÍDIIIÍS. Lcavc Orders at Postoffice. Ul"m2 POK SALE ! On Washtcnnw Atenúe, One nnd o qnarter miles from Postoflice. Ten acre wood lna, rest in high stut., ui cultivatio. AV iii be boM in lot of 10 aeres oc more a l.uyers may desire. o, e lot of ten nette hna on ït houw, bsrn, an.l w.-ll ot lw water! ÍM easv. Fov tVl, SH860-X I ... ■." y 18 PURE7A A V"':t:tatlt; PrTPAIÍATIOS, corai p090iLsirnpIyoív.'eU-!:novnROOTS( HERBS ana FRU1TS7 eorabiiicd vrlttx otuer propeitic3t ■which in tbeii: naivi-o aro Catlirtic, Aperient, 2s'utrii: , Altérate and Anti-Iíillious. Tha wholeis p' BiüBcieat qmutity oí' spirifr trom the sï'GAEï, CANJE& to koep tliem in aay cliiiiatu, wiiit;nu.'.,' #LAÍITATIQN Jr Bitters onc of ".■ - most rtcgtrable Tcmlfs nml Cathartlr in liie woild. 'i'huy aro atended Btrictly aa a Tempéranos Bitters only to be used as a medicine, and alwaya according tü directions. '1 hty are ib? pbpcf-anrTicr of tho fcebln nnd debilltaL i , , -I Uv p, and nlimulata to euch a dr&rec tliut e. haltLy action is at onca brougl t about. As a reiuüdy to ■wliieli Womtn are espccially exibject it 13 superseding everyother stimiil. it. s.s a Spring and Summci-Tonio Mul. ïïiey ave a mild and geutla Purgfj: i Toni;. 'Xhey Purifythc Blood. Thüy areaíplendid Apj-oüser. Ihey mate tho weak Btrc 1 iiiiiy and invígoraie. Ihey cura !í; ti pat fon andllfnüache. Ihey actta aspeciíic inallfpecies of disorders whicb imdermina ' M.::!yLílrcDgí.tiandbreakdowntlieanima]8piritr "ieüot. .53 .Park Place, iíew York . . ATHAIRON Only 50 Cents por Bottte. tt promotes tho GïtOWTÏI, PTÏESEHVES' ttie COÍiCIi, and iiacrcnscs tlie Vigor aud BEAITÏ of tfcc IIAIS. . Over Tïiiuty Teatïs aoo Lton'3 Ivatiuitíoít for' the Haiii wíis íirst plural in the luarket by Professor E. Tiiomas Lyon, n praduato of l'rincetoa College. Thenamo ia derived froni tlio Oréele, " KATnno," siffnifyinpr ío clranse, jntri, rejuvenaíe, or restore. Tno favor it has receivod, tiüd t he populañtv ithas obtained, is unpiededented and incredible. Ib iucreases tha Gbowth and Beatttt of iho Haih. It is a delightful dressing. Ifc eradicntea Diiudruíf. It preventa tho Ealríi-orntarniog gray. It keeps tho heod cool, nnclgirestliG iüiir ; rii y ■ 1 aianoe. Itistha same in Quastity und ■ . was over a QtjabTERof aCEKXORY Ago, an 1 UsoklbyiiltDiuggifltsand Country Stoves nt, only IPifty Ceuta itsK iiuttle KVnafl's Glorj fe Eer HéÍ LYON'S JTHfilRON "OOÜT AND SHOE HOUSE. C. A.XEWIS, ( SUCCESSOR TO PlLEY & l.r.WIR,) SOLÉ A. GENI POB - - - "BURT'S" CELEBRATED HAHD-SÜSADE WORK Is now opening some elegant lines of Ladies' Botton & Lace Boots, And very peuteel SLIPPERS 1 TSES! Victoria', Farepa's, IVilsson's, Nevport's, &c, &c. In various grrides. Also a fnshiouable Une of (arentlemen's WO3EÍ Together with all vnrictics in otteftp goods. AU bouylit for CASH and to be sold at low down? ■ Come in and Look at Tliem No. 2 EAST HURÓN STREET. 7m3 OEST THING IN THE WEST. Atchison, Topeta & Sante Fe R. E. TURRE MiLLIOJV ACRES Sitiiíited in aad n msas A'alley, the i'iuust Portion of Kansaa í. Eleven years' Cre Vii. Beren per Cent. Tníerest. 22} pef oent. raduciiOü to eettlew who improve. FRES PASS TO LAND BÜYEIÍS, TIIE FACTS about thtsrcnvnt. iré- Low l'ricea, !it, iiid a Ii" 1 ters nf m-nrly (inolimate; short and mild Winters; early plunting, and no wmteriag of Stock; plenty of íl.tinlall. and jitt at tïn1 íiyht seaBriok on tho line: ('lirap líate )n Lumber, Goal, &o. ; no landa owaed by Spcculaora : HQioesta.d and Pro-emptipns nuw abundant ; a ■ t Thx 'Ugh Llouíc ; Products wilí p:iy for Laúd and Improveiionta. , , „ U is the bost opportunity ever offered to the public, ipletion of th? Boad. for Ciriulars aad Generul Iaformai i"u, Address A. E. TOUZATjIN, Maoag ■" ' ■ 'I!(' Ofp't. 0r TorEKA, Kansas R. B. PO1VI, Ann Ar.non, Mica. 1410moS TCAED OÏ' T1IANKS. 1. I derfr to sprw my (!i;ra!;s to old friends ttni mtronn (tome of ttiem rfmi itandüfgFfoi heir patronage, and hope for ; contintianco of it wit i „enw 1;, loash systcmof cioiug bumnei . Luowins wc c;m and will make it nu object for the o (!. H. MILLEN. JTkïSSOLUTION; "" The co-oartnersMp hcretoroie existtoj betw'cn nVMKHi-N'Al.UiiON, i tl 18 day dlssolvid by dutual consent. p CEAMEKItarch 1Í, Ui [iilertl H. C. WALD1ON.


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