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Rwkkt: ICr.ple Bugar. Sloppy: tiis streeta and vnl!;s. Improvöil: the wearher'; butdxMitbr gléighiiig vtas good Wednesday andThursclivy. "_ xiie Spring terhi of the city schools operis on Monday A " su s;:ow " feil on Monday night, lmt it was iu.( EolloWèd by a Bugar day. The liirls caught Dold on Monday, and h.ivo ducoutinnod tbeir rausic since. - Min Ann-í B. D1CKISSON sp ■ut last Smulay in our city, the gu;st of C!'.a. Mini'.y. - The storm of Taesday night an-l Wednes. l,iv nionüii';' was Bevere enough fot mid-i X'. II. Ar.Ki. is rtoing Xey York aViynt thise days, aud Bach & Abel will sooii liavo au inYoice from him. And now, as if we liad not lieen sxiHiciently puuisheil by a severo winter, Andbs prematurelv idvertises Ie v. - Mr. OoïTlcr.T.O, Assignoo of tilo suspended banking house of üroBOii E. Soutewick & Co., D.t"". alvertisei a divi lend of 30 per i _ C. S. Millkx has gono to Kow Torï and (Hueste I on a stock of choice Sering goods wohthsr Winter relaxes hisgíaSp 6f not. - liev. Mr. DuFFiKLi) of tli" Pr83l)y( church exenanged pulpits with líov. Mr. Síiiku, jjastor of the M. E. cluirch, on Sumlay forenoon last. -- Thero wu a littlo relaratio of Wmter'a grip yesterday, Itisa Spring still suffera in her reputatiou froni too clo; a contact with the UI follow. - John B. OoiTtII is tolecture in tlie S. L. A. course on Wednesday evenmg next, Apfil 2d. Subject : " Peculiar People," the treatmeut of ■srhich will be peculiar to Gougk. Goüoh always draws. - Eev. Hr.xBT "F. Bond, of Toledo, Ohio, vill prearh in the Unitarian church next Sun1ïv. Subject in the mornmg, " Infidelity and :n ;" in tho evening, " Fidelity to the h'g'.ieit Ideal." I roo J daal 9Í ecret pipe-laying is baing done preparatory to the charter election, set doim for April 7th, the result of wlnch will v.'Itj when the scvéral ward caucuses of the dificrout partios shall be held. - Mr. J. Ar.ST[Nr Scott brouht into our office on Wedoesday ;i limb plucked from a chcrry treo in his grouml-.'lraving blossoms open and looÊing fresh and green, despite tlie preTailmg storm. A"cheeky" tree, that. - One of the Senatorial " ïnvestigating committee " was heard to remurk after goinp; through the motions, that they found b pa-tliic religión and allopathic medicine in the UnirersHy. That ooit to JMaiize the tbing. - Dr. Gi:o. A. MacDoaltj, of Scotland, is ïct down tor the closing lecture in the S. L. A. coarte. Subject : " John Miltos." lr. MaoDon'ai.b is widely known ag a writer of pure Eulish, and his populanty is as extended as the knowledgfe of his writings. -At tin1 laie meetiiif!; of the Regente of tho tiiWersity Doxald Maclfan waa appointed Profeseot of ; a salary of $1,800. He ": m 1 'i !i the lecturer on surgery during I vew, giving the best oí satisíacíion: and has alsDjiiov a skiUful operator. - Tluvc ',f the Ben ifttes mul down het to spy out the religión of the Univtrf:'ív prepareil thomselvcs for cotnmencing thcir ioreatigattona by attending the service at the II. E. Churoh on Sunday forenoon, where tliey fouud the artide ' mixo.l " aud a Presbyteriau officiating. , - Bro. Iiowi.sox, of th Iïilisdale Standard - icrwhom we "stuck type" twenty-five yeara ugo thi sjiviv. i i a cali yesterday- lOoKirí-,' murii hhnself. Habvey ia the appointeil Revenue Collector for this district, eomprisin? the oll third district ana the first exccpt Wam Couuty. - Prof. Oi.ney neing asked a day or two ago if he taught immersion aloug with his mathelivitici, oiwnly confessed that he did. "He i ried to immerse all the students (m íign and e i-signs and problems), but ícared that soine of ttiem didn't even get sprinkled : " all of which i commended to that Seuate seetarian smelling committee. - If the CourSer man had read the official íi'lvsrtisement in the Ar.GTTS advertising columns that journal wouldn't have asserted last week tlwt "the Coutt House queatiort has gone ovcr for the present,'1 and that " there will not le any vote upon the subject at the spring election u rnany supposed there would be." The voto KÜl be taken. - Rumor says fhat the "saloon ring" is actively arranging to control the nominations of the two parties, that the candidate for Mayor, Recorder, Alderman, etc, have boen agreed apon, and that the ward caurusos are to be manipulated accordingly. Supervisor KeapP is said to be slated as one of the Mayor candidatos ; the name of his opponent is not !yui out. - On Sunday last Edson Benham, son of Sidney Benham, living on the north side river road, near city limits, attempted to jump on to the forward end of the caboose of a "weptvvard bnund ïreight train, was thrown under the wheels, had a leg cut off, and received such "other injuries as to cause his death. which octurred on Monday morning. Uft wee abont 16 years old. The large njunbet of lads in the liabit of jumping on to moving trains at and near the depot should take warnfng. - The Anous of last Fridny said : "Bleven of the candidatos for graduatiOB in the medical department are ladies ; " and the Anu Arbor "local" of the Detroit Tribune, in Tuesday'e iasue said " Eleven of the candidatos for graduation in the medical Department are ladies." It is a singular fact tliat two journals should make the same mistake and in language identical - ex'cept the diiïerenco between a cap aiïd lower-case letter - d or D. There were sixteen lady candilates for graduation, twelve of whom pa - A candiílato for graduation at tlie recent L'iw Coinmenopment was notiüed by letter of a " f&ilure to pass," which so êxcited him that his chura volttnteared an iuvestigation, in pursuit of winch he haitened to the residence of tl i dent Law PiMfesjor. Btating ilio eaasa of his visit he noticed a broad smile ipon the v the Judge, which he, the student, could'ut account for, and the more carnest hé became in etating his i'rieud's grief aul aaking wlicrein he liid failod that smile broadened. He was coniderably enlightened and relieved, however, when told to teil his friend that he had boen trifled with, and left in greator liaste tii'an Ij reporting himselt' as well as his chum " sold." On the 18th inst. Gov. Baoluy signed the bill amenciing the charter oí tliis city and it il no a part of our organio law. Tliis bül juakea il obligatory upon the Oommon Coiinci! i anti momtain an ordinance imposing a tas of from ?100 to ?2D0 upon eiu-h saloon,, t-'r., u i aso a like tas. of not 1( 120 nor mon I apon each Miliar I kept forhire. It also aboliahes üie office of ooilector and deTolvos the collection of the entire ta.c upon the treasnrer of the city- an economieal provisión and ono greatly conveniencing may These charter amsadmanis Vfere sgked forhy feeolotiotö oí t!i. Cemnai, by peütition nuoierouriy signe.}, ssvl WCre not rcmon.f;,.. , .,:iv „..,,. Tht! tutnufj Junior r.Uúliition oJ the Schoul oame irfT on Wedi f. The hall waa beautifully trimnted foi tho occasion, 'and tan eariy honr ww ve'd lilled. The following programme was otiservecl : Muéio- "Song oï tho Pioneer." Prayr, by R -■. Dr. Brigham. Music- Authem, " Cui:ie, BeliolS. TMnkers and Actoi-s, - - Geo. W. E Tiie Eye, ----- Ella M. Hicks , - - - Frank Allmend Mubío- " íay a Kind Word whenyou Can." tnd Playgrounáí, - Mellie Rogors i: Ahns iiiLiiu, - John L. AViitkins Exploded Ideas, - - - IL Addic Smitli Musie - "Tho Uird Concert." íhá Wreath of Love, - Alta L. Brotherton . Hanry Wanty jhoUl, - Roso Colby Musio- Qtii Vie, "Ci raad Galop do Concert." Hypatia, - - - Lih): M. Alexander Eesponélbility of thó Ajnericad Student, J. H. Scott. Muaic- " Rouse, Brothers, House." "A man's a Man for a' That," Lúcííb C. Wilon WhatI Kuoiv Abijiit Politioians, A. L. !..■. l Miific- "Huil, Blessa l Musio." Broediotion, by Bev. I The 633)Vj-s eal doalajnation? weie iaöerfed wifli favor, a i ' es ag a who!o were _TV Iwith the Higli gave a " public" 'l: wepk. I I !■■■ I 1 I At the 'tfátor-Wdrks meeting held on Friday ,fhe Citizen' Comí tl !iai is tho majority - w ed fco hfwo it all their .uní iv::y, and tha rrjirf rv.imme:idi!o; the Holly systeni (minus the Holly pumps;, and the uso oi b r power an-J a hole in the groun : ito.l. R. L. "WaíBEN, late oí and of the lato Bay City Ju!tnir,l, dailyaud weekly, has booght the iw Enterprise, alsó daily and weekly, whoreupon the Saginawlan remarles " out of tho fryiiiíí pan into the fire." We ih WahBEN " better luek asjiiat" - even thuugh lie is a Republicano! the stmig-litest wet. Tho Adfxaidr Phillipp5 Concert Comnany announce a ooncert in our city on tlie evcning of April 5th. Watson's Art Journal aay that M s ; PniLLiiTS, "lot)i as as actress and a niuger, 110bly maintaias Amerioa's right to stand in tho iroiit ranks of tlie lyric stftg worM." The other members of tl. o troupe aro of excellent repute ifi t'iftrld. nu i - nr - V tJH - - - At Ypsilciuti a " Citizoná' Tempeíanco Ticket" ia already in ti:e field for tho coming charter election, with "Watson Sxydee for Mayor ; Ciiakles M. Woonr.CFF for Clerk ; and Hieaji Batcheldkk aad Wjc. F. Itei.i. for Sapsrvisara. To mr frieuds, political or socirtl, I take this opj'.oi-tuiuty oL inferming you that I am a candidato for any oflicfi ironi Circuit Judge to Superrlsor ol the Towöship of Ann Arbor - ;ii candidato put f orward by lïoal of tlie