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I IJ! WbflB firsí L. COTjBY hung hia sign 01 C. O. D.- AtNo. ■.'.', And oíTered Groeeries Obeap for oftah, Borne people aaid, " he's botmd lo go to smash." And old-time Grocera woiílá faintly smilc, Propheaying " O. O. will lust but little while. In srxty daya we'll nffl hiin off the truck, Ad cali our wandering cualomors back." Tlie croakers sai'T and tnougnt it truc, "He'll surely tiil bet'ore the y car ia New I You can't sell Groceries in this town And (jet yonv pay in ireenbacks down ; tt here dry yoodó merchante ou every tstreet Wjth silks a.!id satina, beug out aaioktmq to eat; Whëie trade ia mixed in every place, same counter you buy buttél or lace ; Where credit and losa %o hand in hand. Mr. C. O. 1). but a si iia chanco will stand." Let prophcts and eroakera liave thcir s:y, L. CÜLBYBellaGECfCERIESonlyrorREADTPAT, A ad &BÜB so eheap for daily eash He feara no daogex oí' a smash. . A iid to his patrona all, and business fríenda, ïhe greefcing ot' the season he extentis; To young and oíd, a gfjad Kew Yenr, With bosls of frienda and lot of chcer I Give him a cali, and froni hte áínv Your tablflfl sjn-ead with good thinga more.' At that place you will alwaya íind Fresh new iroceries ot best quality and kind- P'verythiim' needt'ul for good chccr at honie You cao buy at bis counter whonever you come.' The days are yo short this bitter cold wmter, To mention details wou ld wcary the primer. But ask if you for anything eatable, You get itat once, ia quality unbt-atable! For lm ntrry men who are wenry ar.clcoid, He faaa Qystera hot, Oystera toat must bGégld- ( ïysters pickled, OyatM vtew, and oystez fry, ( ! Oystacs my other way you choose to liy. He will serre iii Oynters at any hour of dny, And the best of eigara to smoke on your way. A dish of hot Oyetera will do you mueh good. And cheer yuu while seJling your grain or wood. And wlth rash in hand lay in a stofö Of Coffee, Taai Suyar, Flour and inuny more, Of all thinffs substantial for daily uae, Kor fcreat tlfee sood tbings with abuse ; Crockery and GluBswaré and Fruits to put in them, Nuttt, Kiiisins, and Cfi iien wlio win them. And ye whoare bleased with their beautiful fácéS Wül find [2!)] the best of all places, To buy a trine, to bring a emito or ringinj lauh, Your pleasure, than theirs, will be greater by half - l'hfn do not forget to cali on iTr. C. O. D., And buy of him your Fruits, Bugar, and Tea. Thongb. the big n) A fall frnm ita place, The C. O. I). ö store is still on the race, And does not intend to Üy from the course Till croakera of evil talk themselvea hoarao. Groceries can be sold for ready pay. And Oolliy bas leained the "way : Sold fíve times more thau he expected - By O. Oi D. from loss protected. And the secret he is not afraid to teil - ■ Keep the best of uil thinars- with prices low- be ifoil naturcd, give L?ood measure, And you are bound to sell I 29! 29! 29! rjESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE TOR SALE I Tlio subscriber, on account of il hoalth, offers his P3 ACRES n the corporation for sale. This pround ndjoins the Jmversitj Obaerratory. on the east, oppusite aide of he atrtet. It has a most excellent SPEING! On the northeast corner- formcrly supplied the Rail road tanks with water. ETS ADVA3TACES Are as follows : For city purposes the Iluron Kiror mcnnilers the same some 30 to JU rods, and is part of the best "Watei? Power On the Eiver in this vicinity, and the elevation on the northeast corner is sufflcientl y high and ampie to sup ply the city necessities for water and üre puipose' THE WESTERN PORTION On the road is very apríropHate and Buifable for a l'ublic City Cemetery. Xhe city bas no suoh giouzidi now bnt must have soon, and whuu yct grounda the cuy doe uot care to use, can be sold at ;tn advant(ige; so much eo,that the co it of i ttfl Water ffortat groondfl aad i emetery, would be marely nouiiuul. lf tlie citj not want the Bame, the grounds would be invaluable for FRÏÏ1TS, LARGE & SMALL, There beiug some 1P0 trees notv in bearing Vegetables and Pasturage, And also for MSLKsupply.BLOODEDSTOCKj 11 orsesj Slieepy And other animáis always in great want by mnny ir tHe city and lts vicinity. As city loti adjoining the northwet corner oí this land are now Mulisg from three hjjudred to threo hundred and flfty dollars, tlipfie l:u:i!s yvould or could be aold in n short time to n good advaatage and to much protitto the purchasers. LIBEBAL TIlViTE Will be ffiven or the Bame will bo exclmngod Tor Merrvuitabki goods or lJruge and -Medicines, at casi.' pricea. TRACY W. ROOT. Ann Arbor, Jan. 31, 1873. HU CEEDS ! SEEDS ! ! SEEDS ! ! ! 3P1 H. 3E3 St X3C , TBDI TO NAME AND RELIABLE ! I put np no old worthless Seods, but, al . ,-i fresh and ruliable. A small um judlV" . ted in Flowei Bsedi, will üa much to thQ beauty and eujoyment of Home, IT. I have also largo and wcll fillcd Green Honses -with thechoioest Green Ilouse and Hodrünsr Plants nd Slirubi, v. hirh can be safcly triinBi.orted.nni I soll at prices Tvithin n ach of all. Catalogues X''ree. Agenls wunted to sulicit orders. Address, D. C. JTctBAW, HivrBide Garden.", Binghamton. Brcomo Co., N. T140iim.1.


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