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Planting Potatoes

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The potato the pust year was u i'ailun.' in (juality on account of the gr;at heat, 3ïany tuben vrere so scorjhed that they beoame watery and rank ; and sume, very near the surface or partly exposod, us sumed the green color and bitter tast' rf the vine, making them uníit to feed evi n 1K stock, on account of the poisoncus property engendered by the raya of the sim. The remedy is, plnnt deep, froin six to geven, inches. Tliisis lor varióos reasons : 5t will perinit very early planting - an advantage seeurmg tlius the ïseed Bgainst the frost, or, if reached by it. it will puruiit it gradually to draw out, ■whicïli will save it ; it will favor it in a droutb, H.nd prevent the setting of tubers too near the surface, bo the suu eitiinut in jure them; hillicg can abo be dispensed witli, and only the cultivator used to make mellow and keep out the gran?, ■ath uo duuger of hurting the roots ot ho tubera. By putting out early, with the first nibllow soil, the potato will sprout and grow on uninipected, in the ground instead of the cellar, and got the benefit of the winter's moisture, whicb, in an early drouth, is of importance. Particularly fihou'.d.tbe Eariy Rose be put out eariy. The experiance hi;re is, deoided and unvarying, that you canuot get it out too early in eaie you have mellow ground for it. It will grow in the worst of weather, snow and frost cxcupied, and seerus to delight in it, while at the same time other sorts are at a st.indstilJ, thus making this emphaticaüy what it is, an earlv gotato... Plant close rather than wide part,,say twelve to Uiteen inehes in the row, as tbis sort köepa ita tubera close together, a nest of them, and e&sily gatherod. ïhjy will then also be of a medium rather thau a large size, which is favorable ta quality ; and by putting but one or tvvo eyes in the hill, there will be few Small potatoes. ïhus a erop of Early Bosc can be ripened very early, and of a auperior quality and yield. But the grountLmust bodry or well-drained ; and asa g.iuird agíiinst rot, there should be more stiud than cluy in the soil. Late sorts should receive the same treatinent precisely as earJy. ïkey will then, by bting put out very early, get the whole season's growth, and will ripen in. time fos dry gathi-ring. A vjtato wants to be grown mtlier slowly, but oontinuously, and well ripened. It will tben be sound and solid, iine-grained, bu1 of beller flavor ; aisu more inellow. Eank growth will v'ivs a rank taste, and a watery coudition a less concentration of substance. Experience has demonstrated thut it is botter to m mure in the hill than to apply broadcast. Better a oor soil, with aome good fertilizer in the hill, than rich laiid.j.ajud the best fertilizers are oshes, guano,. reduced bono, piaster, etc. Ashea are special manurs-for this plant. Will om" farniera who are not in the secret of early planting, try it this year f Try it on a small scala if no other. Put out with.the very first mellow soil, if it is March ; but be sure and plant deep, never less thau sïx, and b?tter seven, iiiches. When I suy better seven I mean ft, particularly with the Early But I do it with all sorts. Do not toar the frust. witli the saad so deep in the ground. Put a good quantity of unleached wood and ashes and hen dung in the hill if the suil is not rich. The ashes and dung should be applied and eovered at once, as soon ns mixed, or olse the gtrength by the unión will escupe, and Vhat rapidly. Keep out the grass, keep the ground meilow, aut do" not hili. Aroid a stiff elay ; and in 110 case plant


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