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Dry Cleansing

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-Grciit progresa has been made oí late years in the method oí cleaning soiled artioles oí' dress, by removing tar, grease, etc, from wool and other raw material, thip, as it appears, being accomplished best by the so-called dry-method rather than by the use of a wutery solution of soap or other alka.line substance. Thia originally consisted in suiijoeting the articles in a proper apparatus to immersion in benzine, gasoline, Iiisulphide of carbon, etc, with continusd rotütion of the apparatus. Moru recently, howevcr, it lias been asoertained that the vapor of these substances, caused by distillation, is more efficiënt than the liquid substances themselves, th articles thue treated being much moro thoroughly penetrated, and more rapidly, than in ihe old way ïhe articles are placed upon a gratuig over the liquid, the vapor from which permeates them coinpletuly as it is carried over into the reservoir, where it is condensad and is collected. In this form it contains grease in solution, which may be rpmoved by a seoond distillation, while the hydrocarbün is obtained in a form íor i'uither use.


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