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T3LX.TSXGT ol "ílao BIiOOX THE M09T TíroiíOUrtH TURIPIRIl OF THH BLOOD YET DISCOVtllü:]). CURES ALT, ITT'MOTIS, PB01I A COMMON ERUP TION TO THE WORiT 8CR0PDLA. By Its uso Cnneers aro cnrcd, and Can corona tumorw are díspersed without tlie purgeon' knife- Scroftila conquered, and Conaumption prt vcntod and cured. Venorcal DincRnen, Morcnrial nnd Minera Polsona, :intl their effect eradicated, and vigoruu health and a pound constltation eetabllshed. Femalo W(iakneand Dropsy penernl or partlal; Sweüings. externa] or Interna) aiid Tumortt aro reduecd aud diaperaed iu a ver; short timo. Rr}p5ns, Snit TZhnuni, Rcnld Ilcad.and Feve Sores are soon removed by v powerful detergen medicine. Scorbntlc OIwoases, DamlrnflT, Rcalyo Iioui;h 8kin,and Pimples quickly give way, leariu the skin smoutli and fair. Utironlc Üíseac8 Fevor and Ane, Diflor dered Liver, Dyspepeia Kheumatism, Nervoua Ai feotions, General Debility, in short, all thenumeroui diseasea caused by bad b'lood are conquered, and glv way hcforo this most poweríul corrector, ttiu Kins o: thu Blood. Kacli bottlo oontfiins betvreen forty and flft] ordinary doses, costina only one dollar. from ano to tour or tivo bottle wil curo Balt Rheum, Scrild Hend, Ring Worm, Pimpla on tlie Face, Biles, ordinary Eruptions, ete. Froiu tvo te!:;lit boltles willcure Scalj Emptions of the Skin. Ulcera, Sores, aud Cauker ii the Month and Stomach. Erysipelas, etc. From two to ten bottíea will reston healthy action to the Liver and tipleen, will regulatf the Bowels and Kldneys. From two to lx bottlcn will bo found ef fectual in cnrlne Neuralgia, Sick-IIeadache, St. Vitus Dance, and Epilepsy. From Uve to twelTe bottles wil! cure th worst cases of ScTofnla. From tli reo to tvelvo bottles will curi severo and obstinate casos of Cfttarrh. From two to four bottles will enre thi worst cases of Piles, and regúlate Oostive Bowels. From tiro to ton bottle will cure bat cases of Dropsy. Prlco $1 per bottle, or 0 bottlos for $5. Sol by all Dniggirtts. D. EANSOM, SON k CO., Propr's, BnffiÜO, ï. T Eee testimoniáis in local columa. yym. WAcmuT IS HOW BEADY FOR TÜE, FUL IHADE Ilaving Ueceivoda Large Stock f QOODS, 1NCLUDING OLOTHS, 0ASSIMEKE8, VE8TING8, &C of the BEST STYLES and QUALITIES WIIICH HE WILI, on terms to suit. Also a ful I line of EEADY-MADE OLOTHÏNG ANS Gents' FÜRNISHHÏG Goods 33ESSO1!? ÍS ? Xa 3S ► ALSO LADIES' AND GENTS' MOROCCO SATCHELS No. 21 Soulh Muía Street,- EastSidei OALL AND SEE THEM. TVri.IjüAM "WAtíNí.15. Ann r1or, Octobor Ut, 1ST2 OK'SWiNEOFTAR vt 10 YEABS PUBLIC TtfT '-,- fes. Erok's OF ir TáR ffl To bíive more im F'IZirjjL - tSism assy ■iV 'L jaiBíir pregara tlic pubiie. It !b ráelí in iïse Ksedicinal fHt:iïi1ieso2"Tsa.r, and mioqualed for rtisosísos oí' the 'L'iiro?i and ïung, performiug Üie luost remarkable cures. Coughs, Colsís, i'ïsronic Coiigö.# It effectnnllv cvircs them all. Astiiuia aiul ISronciiitUk Has cured so many A cases it lias been proflP Dounced a specific fol '- ; these complaints. For pains ia Breast, Side ot Back, Gravel or Kidney Disease, Diseases of the Urinary Organs, Janmlico or any Liver Complaint, It h?s no equal. It is also a superior Tonic, llestores the Appetite, Strcagthens the System, liestores the Weak and Debilitated, Causes the Food to Digest, Kenioves Dyspepsia and Indigestión, Prevenís Malarious Fevers, (íives tone to your Sysíein. npHE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE CITY OF AJÍN ARBOR! H. COHÉN DEALER IN i-j p IVTillineryj fec. Wc Sell for Cash Only. 141 3tf 3 3 SOTJTH MAIN STKEET. A Rare Chance TO LETA Ifirfre finrt modero new (irocerv ?tore In Buchoz ' Block, Detro t Street, ünduubtedly the best loca ti on in thiit part of city tot eaid basineu, Aood Iiirye cellar mul new bars attached to Lhe pn o The rent Ís $300 yt-:u-ly, tu be Laken in groceries for my famiiv ase. Also a ftue new Mcat Markct, all completo, ioining my block, wlth modem impruvements, maríjHitatle &G.large ucw smoke houso, large briok clstern and - cellar, new barn &ndall read; rof nee, with three lunnly roosDa above. Store renta Tor $L&Q ycarly ; taken i ii mfiíit for my family use. Also a sniall store in my block, houses, rooms, Ac, to let. POR SALE. - Three goort lariro carrïage or farm ■ horse.", one Öne new carrlnge, I iní tooi. Also three good cow ■ HOOtf InqulrcofL. H. BUCnoZ.


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