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1 TEN REA8ON8 WHY ?e Ad Family shoiili! re without a otile of Ot 1 'HITTLESEY in the house. . !, - Itwill relieve tbc worst case of B iliOUI ty Cholic nr Cholera Morb us in 15 minutes .„ _ 2a - It will cure the most obstinate case d 111 Dispepsia anJ indi eest ion in a fe weeks. 1 e ? - 's t'1e esL rcmedy in the -world fr! )7 Sick Heacluche, as thousands can tcstify, 4 m taken when the fiist ymptoms appear. 4th. - It is the best dinretic ever put beíbrl rw the public; curing those distressing complaints ta I Diabetes and Gravel anduther Urinarj j difrloultles. '- Sth.- It is a most excellent Emmena8 gOgue, and to the YoutlR Cl ris middli aged Wonen, and at the Turn Of Life, this 1 remedy is of incalculable valué. 6th. - It will remove wind from the bon-els r and henee a few drops in somc sweetened watei civen to a babe is betier than adoben cordials te M Relieve and make it Sleep. Contain ing no ano dyne. ia 7 th. - ItU asure relief foradults and riiildren affected with Worms and Pin Worms. la It wilt bnng away the worms. Bth - It will cure the pi le a aml He morir rhodial chiTicultics. , 9th.- Itwill cure Conotlpatlon and keep the bowela regular. It will also cure ihc worst case ofSummerComplalnt and CysenterylOth. - !t will cure Sour Stomach, Stlmulate the Llver tn 1 ealthy action. Relieve Hoart-Bum and acl aa a general Regulator of the System. When taken dunte the dosc with P u g a r and Water to a Wlno-Clasafull and 5 uu have a ploaaant tpflIO. Whittlesey (Dysycpsia Cure) $1.00 per bot lie. Whmlesey A;iie Cure 5or. per botile. Whlttlcsev Cough Granules 2=;c. per bnttlc. EolJ by all druggists and WaVranted. Wlüttlesey Pruu. lied. Co., Toledo, O, ÍI JBIISÖI HATTER ! has RECEivKD nía . PAU k ïïl.ïïl STÖCÜ OF1 Hats and Caps, IX LATESÏ STYLES, LADIES' FURS, CE5TS' FlUSJSHnG SOODS, ETC, WHICn BE TROrOSES TO SELL AT PHICES Vncíl IiEPY i'Wíl'ETITION. 7 South fiiatn St., Ann Arboi. WISHAR'Fs JINE TREE NATURE'S ORE AT RE3IEDT FOR THE m THïtOAT AND L.UNGS. It ís gratifylng to ns to inform tïie public that Vr Q. U. Wir-liarfs Pine Tice Tar Cordial, for Throat and Luns Disensos, has íxrtiiHíd an cnviuble reputation from iho Alfantic to tlie f'acifie coagt, and frora theuce to somo oí the first ram Hee of Europo, not t roiiLh the prees alone, but by pereons throu.[;hout the States actnally benefitcd and cared at his oflicc. Wliilc bc publishes less, ao ay our reporters, he is nnable to Mtpply the demand. It gains and holds ita reputation- First. Kot hy fíoppÍBg'Ooogb, bnt by loosening an aH.sÏKlin nature to tbrow off the imhealthy matter collecte I b r í ic throat aml brouchial tubes whfch causei irrifnlion. Second. It removes the cauties of irritütion (whïch produces conhj of the mucous membrimc and bronchlaitnben, aesfsts the Iudl1 to act and ttimroff the unhealtliy RccreLioiiR, and purifios the blood. Third. It is l'rco fnm .[uil. lobella, iK:c;tc and opium, oí wliicli most throat and lüDg remedies are composed, whlcta allay eongb ofily, and dis organizo the stomach. It has a soothing eflect on the stomich, acts on the liverand kidneys, and lym p;ith;c and bcttotib reglons, thoa r aching to every part of the systcm, and in Ui iuvigonttiug and purif'yine; ofiVcts it ba gained a reputation which it must hold above all othcra in the market. KOTICE. THE PINE TREE TAR CORDIAL, CREATAMSRICAN DISPEPSIA PILL8. A IV O WOKM SUGAR DROPS iïcinii undt'r my immedi.iatc riírection, tbey hal notloope their curntive qualities by the use o t:hoap and impure artlcles, HENI1Y E. WISHART, PBOHEIEXOE, FBEE OF GHARQE. Dr. L. Q. C. Wlshurt'e Office Parlors aro open on Mondaye, Tnesdnys ann Wednesdara from 9 A. M in 5 r. M., for coninltatlon by Dr. 'm.T. Maaee. With him fti e astooiated two conaltlng phyeicians of acknowledgcd abiliiy. This oppoïtunity ia not oflered by any othcr Instltottoa in tbc city. All letters must bc addressed to L. a. WISHART, M. D., No. 232 N. Lecouï St., PHILADELPHIA. 1-;05iu6 I


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