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jL B. GIDLEY, Sncccsaor to C0LG1Í0VE 4 SON Ha A I ■ DRCCGIST AND ÜIl f IN COOK'S KEW HOTEL, 1 Na 12 E. HURÓN STREET DEALER IN llll(iS, BCBMÍSB8, siRGicir, nsTRiüjEim, PIRE WBIE8 ÍSD MOIORS CFOE MUDICAL PURPOSES OXLT.) Fancy Goods, Pcrinmery PAINTS, O1B.S, VAKNISHKS, UtASS AJÍD PUTXï PUYSICLWS' PBESCRIPTIOSS Careiully componnded at all hoars. I PROPO E NOT TOBE UNDERSOI] BY AWY FIRM IN THE CITY WHOFURNI AS GOOD AN ARTICLE. wam ' "=. gLEOTION NOTIOE! jio To the Elector of the County of Waalitenato 11T"'5R?,AS',?ntheflneenth asy of November, A D. lb.i, tlie Board of Supervisors of the Cuunty o Washtenaw adppted and passed tlic following pre amble and ïesulutions, to wit ■ Whbukas, Our County oí Washtenaw in wealt and populution has outgrown rar Coart im county nthees; and, Wbsiwas, Our Court House and county offices d not nttord anything like good or sufflcient room or ac oommodation for the Court, .jurors, and parnés liti gaat doing business thcreio and, Wiieheas, The health, comfort and wel! beiníf o the Court jurors, alid parties at law ind members o the bar and county officr absolutoly require bettei aceommodatious; and,, The dilapidated condition of the Cour Hou i,u and county offices ia an inducement to ineen diarism and crime ; and, VViiuíeís Jiy a are in said offices the county woulc sulfer not only a luider airount of loss in dollars anc cents tüun ït would oost tfl build a srood tiie-proo building, but would also suffer an irreparable loss il books, papers and records that never could be re turned ; and, Whebeas, Our county is aoucdautly able tobnili the necessary ure-prooi building, beiug wnolly anc cntirely out of uebl ; therelore, {esohvxt, That we, the Board of Supervisors of sai countv, will fake the neeessary steps to piovide meani to erect n building, to be built in the center of tin Court House Square, suliiciem tor all necessuiy por. poses, at a cost to the whole county not lo execec til I.CuH, provided the city of Ann Arbor, besides pny mg her shaieof the general expenses, shall also ap propnate and raiso the sum of $33,000, bciligone-thiic of the abore amount, lor that pui-pose, thcieby leav ing iw the whole county, incluuing the citv of Anr S, A,í:bo'' íWW, "Dd tor the city of Anh Arbor, Jlesolre.d, That it is tho opinión of this Board oi Supervisors tliat the eounty and city should issut bonds tor those two several umounts, viz. : Countj bonds tol (66,000, umi city bond ior $33,000 bearins mterebtat seven per cent. Resolved, That the Board appoint a Building Committee ot threo citizens of the county whose unmediate duty it símil be to procure plans and estil the cost of the necessary buildings: Piovidêd the eity accepc and agree lu the foregoing ; and, Whereas, On tne fourtli" day of December, A. D 18-72, said Board of Supervisors paswd a funher resohition in the worda following, to wit: Baalved, ïhal the quesiion of building a newConit House shail be submitted to iheelectorsof the County oí w asntenaw at' the next Spring election. ior their approval or disapproval (provided the city of Anu Albor accept of the proposition heretofore made by thia Board to iurni: li one-tliiid of the means ior building such Court House, exclusive ot her proportion of the taxes tor the olber two-thirds), and tlie same shnll be submitted in the following mannpror form: " Shall the County make a loan ior thepnrpose of erecting a flie-piooí building ior the protection of the eounty records, bopks, and papers, and fora Court House and county oilices Ji'ortlie Loan," ' Shall the County make a loan tor the purpose of erectiug a flre-proof building tor the proteetion of the county records, books and papers, and ior a Court House and county ollices ! Against the Loan." The County Clerk Bhall procure a sutneient number of such tickets and furmsh tlieui to each and ev i y 8uparviawtBduaaeasonto be voted at sucli . li a majoi ity of sucli votes wbea counted, are " l'or the Loan," as above stttted, the question shall be deemcd calTied ; if "Against the Loan," the question shall be deemed lost. The votes shall be canynssed and counted in the different towns and waTds in ttie oounty in the same manner as votes ior Circuit Judges and Begents of the Universtiy, and reported to the County cleik. The Sherifl abatí gire notiee of the subniMion ui tlii question to the efecto of the county in the usual form of giving notices of General ElectlOBS ; and. Whereas, The Common Cotincil of tha city of Ann Arbor, on the Uyeuty-second dny of February A. D. 1873, by resohition accepted sucli proposition of the Board oí Supervisors, and dirteted that it bi submitted to thi property tax-payers of said rity,who are eieetors, to decide whether eity of Ann Arbor should issue the bonds of said city, bearing annual interest at seven per cent, to the amount of one-third of the cost of such Court House, not exceeding the sum of thirty-three tliousand dollars, pi.yable in eleven years lïom the first day of l'ebruary next for the purpose of erecting such Court House in the city of Aun Arbor, as by snid resolutkm more fullr nppears ■ and, Wheheas, On the first day of Jlarch, A. D. 1873, in pursuance of the resolution of the Common Council of said city, and under the authority of an Act of the Legislatura, at a meeting of tlie tax-payins electora f the city of Aun Arbor, held at the Court House in said city, in aocordanee with previous public notice, the proposition to issue such bonds of said eity for the amount aforesuid, and for the purpose aforesaid, was submitted to the vote of the tax-paying eieetors of said city by ballot, and, as appears by 1 he certifícate oi the Recorder of said city, was adopted. Now, Thehefoiíe, Notico is hereby giren that on the first Monday of April next, at the annual meeting of each township and at the annual eleetion on that day in eaeh ward or election district in each city of said County of Washtenaw, in pursuanee of ihe resolutions of said Board of Supervisor i above set forth. andof thestatutein siich case made and provided there wül be submitted to the vote of the e'eetors of the said County of Washtenaw the question whether said county will raise by loan tho sum of sixty-six thousand dollars by the issue of the bonds oi1 the county for that snm, bearing interest at the rate of - sereu per eent pep annum for the purpose of aiding in the erection of a Court House for said county, in aceordanee with the resolutions above referred to, and that those persons votmg for snch loan shall have written orprintedon their hallnts the wonN: "Shall the county make a loan for the purpoae "t ercd iil; ;'. flre-prooi' building for the proteetion of the OOUnty records, books, and panen, snd for Court House anil county offices? Portie Loan." And thnse voling against such loan shall have written or printed on their ballots the word: " Shll the o-mntymake a loan tor the purpose of eriícting a fire-proof' buildins for tho proteetion of the county records, books. and papers, and for Court House and corcnty offices ' Agninst the Loan." By order of the Board of Supervisors. MICHAEL FLE3I1NC, Sheriff of Washtenaw County. Shekiff's Office, Ann Akbob, Hicb., .Maroh öth.1873. ) 1417 Chancery Order. IHE Circuit Court for the County of 'Washtenaw. In Uhancery. Ellnora Tasco, eomplanuuit, VS. lïeuben Tasco, defendáis t. On the lsthday of .1mv1i, 1S73, on proof by ailidavit on lile that tho said defeudant, Benben Tasco, reside out of tlie State of ; Michigan, and does reside in the District of Columi ia. It is on motion of R. E Frezer, solioitor ior said ' complainant, ordered that the said defendant, 1 1 Tasco, appcar in this suit and answer the bill oi'complaint herein, within three tnonths trom tliis da'.c, and also that this order be published onee in each week for . six weeks in suceession m t he MicMffOn Argut, a newspaper printed and published in said county, the first publiration to be within twentydays trom this date. Dated, March 13, 1873. J. F. LAWHEKCB, ; Circuit Court Commissioner, W'aslitenaw Lawtïence Sc Fbazi&b, County, HiobigazL I Solicitors for omplainant. lus i l Shcriffs Salo. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cesmn of W.ishtem-, p ss.-Byvirtue of a writ of exeeution issued out 1 of and under the seal of the Circuit Court for the S County of Washtenaw, and to me direeted and deliver1 ed against the goods, chattles, lamls and tenements of I Monea Marks, and for the want of goods and chattles d to satisiy said exeeution, 1 did, on the twenty-flrgt s day of January, A. D. 1873, seize and levy upon all t! tlie right, title and interest &Losea MaTks has in and s to the following (lescribed lands, tovit: Lotsnumber a two (2), four I-t), six (G), eight (S), and un (III), in block a live north, range four east in the city oí' Ann Arbor, si County and State afovesaid "Which above deBi scribed property, I shall expose for sale to the highest li bidder, at public auclion at the soutli door of the a: Court House, in the Cty of Ann Arbor, in the County d of Washtenaw, on ihe Beoond day of April, A. 1). 1873, I at onc o'elock 1 M. ot' said day. tl Dated, this ;th day of February, A. I). 1873. o' MICHABL FLEMING, shmiff. oí 1113 JJyMYBON WEBB, Under Sheriff. O p, Assignecs' t!l NOTICE is hereby given that the assigneea of Ilenry "( Goodyear will meet at [ouse, in the ,), V'illage of Manohestar, in the County of Waahtenav . ,, and State of Michigan, on Tuesday the sith day of , May next, at ten o'cloek in tho forenoon, to receive a r'., statement of all claims affainst said Henry Goodyear, ('( existing at the date of the assignment to the uiidersigned, and that all persons who desire to receive any distributiou under said a&signment, must give notlce of their claims with the vouchers or proof thereof to ij the undersigned al or before said meeting, as i! i . ntended to declare a dividend nmong oreditors at that - time or soon thereafter as may be. m Uated, .Manchester, iel'. 25, 1873. V RANSOM S. RITTrr. JOSEPH MoMAHON, M. H. CALKIN, h„ 1415 Assignees of Uenry Goodyear. r LI T IVE ÖEESE FEATHjíRS PIEST GJXJA.LITTr , tonit lyon hund and for salcby an BACH& ABEL, '"'


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