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aLJjL Jiumim i_mji--- -pp-Estáte of Patdck MeMabon Seniel iW' MenHtthel'robuOffltte Of Ann Ai I,üi, On Mondrty, the Hnth d.v ! it,Noah W. Cheover,Judgeoí Probad raïi ■mdreprereD?,tha?i "' 5 !■'■ examintog and 8 ", ' ' , il;" Uw I""" at Uw o? J SC' censed, nud all other persons hrterestedJ? de" estáte, ave required to ,w,ur 'l H ,,,'i" "S"1 ?"'?, ' '" '■ tolden ut the Probate oif in the City of Ann A,).„r, in saideowu? and ,kÜS canse, if anytbere bc, why the snid aS? .vi? nol 1. allow, ai And H s luither ordeVd.?ht JmÏÏ " bepersons i5ererteata_3 ?L?' ' ''üaid account, and theV", ' (A trae copy.) NOAH W. rHEEVER 1417 Judge of Prol'ato. Estáte of Sophia Green J ö Atasemionol the Probate Court tot the c„T, . ofWashtenaw, holden at the Probate Offloe TïL City ot Ann Arbor, on Monday, the ten h d„ ' ? I ív'mí Ihíi'e.70111 ne lh0U3:md eÍght '■ Present, Noah W. Cheerf, Jaáge 6f Probate att. MM 01 the estáte of Sophia Qreen, Ij On readtag aml flling the potition, dnly verified erf I, praying that Charles II. 'WaU. „ some othi r euitabfe person imy be appointed admi tstrator of the estáte of 8aid déceneed. "" Tbereuponit ia ordered, that M onday, the serentk day ot Apri next, at ten o'clock in the foreno ,ï ' . ungned tor the hearing of said pettaon ï oner pve notice to the persons interesad „ estáte ot thependeney of said petition, nd the C D (A true copy.) N0AH W. CnEEVEB 1417 Jnae of Probate. Estáte of John MilleT" TATE OF MiCHIUAN.ComUyo-t Wsshtenaw . rAt a session of the Probate Court for the Comfi of Waehtenaw.oolaeB at [he Probate Oftire inthl S_aírhní ;VlM"' 0D Wcd"ay. the tweifth dj, - ands"'"'"1 Present; Noah W. Cheerer, Jndge of Probate ceascd matter f 'he E8tateof Jobn MilW.d, ■ ,," re?'_?i and ftlingthe petition, dnly verinej 01 Jacob Mi Ier, praying that John Eamer or "ome other ■DltaUa persoii may be appoiuted Administré tt tor ot the estáte of said deceased Thcreupon kis ordered, that Tnesday theelrtth ■ day of Apri! next, at ten o-clock h, the forS h be asned for the hearing of 8aid petS' d and that the heirs at luw of said dmWit and all other persons interested in aid "t,t 0 arerequireüto appear at a session ofsaidfnurt , tlien to be holden at the Probate Office in thV . City ol AnnArbor, amUhowcauscif anj therehp why the prever of the pelitioner should not h.' f g;ruted: Andit isfunher ordered, that saklneti j tionerirlvenoticftothepersone interested in m r estaie.of the pendency ofsaid petition una the hearinsrthereol", Dycatielnpa copy oi thi order to t bepabllshed in the Michigav Argut.z uewspaper - printed and circulatiriR in said County. threetnc-' ceisive weeks previona to saiddav o: he'ariri! j (Atruecopy.j ÏJ0A1I W. OHETiVEK, 1 ]41T -Tadee of Probate. i Estáte of James Hankinson. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of TV'ashtena .. 1 7 At a Bession of the Probate Court for the CoudIt í oi Woshtanaw, holden at the Probate Office in tí city of Ann Arbor, on Thnisday, the sixtli day of j Mareh, in the year one tliessand eiht hundred cd Present , Ñoah Vf. Clieever, Judge of Probate. In the matturof theestate of James Hnnkinio. ied. _ On readtog and filing the petition, duly verificd of _ lloracel. LeBaron, praying for the pnrt'ition of 'the , estáte of aid dcisased. renpon it is ordeted, that Monday, the thirtvtarsl day of Maren next, at ten o'cloek in the for nooii be assigned ïor the hearing of suid petuion.BDd' that the devisees, legatecs and heirs ut law of said f deceased, and all other persons interested ia , said estáte, are required to appcar at n of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office-, in the City of Ann Arbor ' and show cause, if any therc be, why the prayer o! the should not be granted. And it h further ordered, that sniA petitioner gjve notice to the . inteiustxd m said catate, oí the pendciicy of ; said petition, and the hearing thefeof, fey causin? copy of tliis order to be publiahed in the Michigan ■ a netrepupei' printed and circulating insaid Comily, three auccessive weeks previous to said dav of hearing. (A truc copy.) N0AH W. CHEEVER, 1416 __ Jndge of Probate. Mortgago Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the condition ot a certain mortgage exeented by Joseph W, Walt, of the city of Ann Arbor. County of VVashtenaw, and State of Mialiignn, on the twenty-second day ot June, A. IJ. 1867,toEb?t MsCorsiiek of th township of Ann Albor, Coanty of Washtenaw aforesaid, and recoi-ded in the office of the Besutei of ■ forthei unty of Washtenaw. nd State iforald, on the twenty-second day ol June, A. D. )t67, ai 3?.i o'clork P. M. of said day, in libor number 35 of mortgagee, on page 784 ; and that theteia now claimed to be due :nul unpaid on said bond and mortgage thff iram of four hundred and forty-one dollars and twenty-flve ci-iits, also anattorney's fee of thirty dollar shonld any proceedinsrs be taken to foreekrae 3a:d mortgage, aml no proccedings in hjw or in equity havmg been had to recover said sum of money or any part thtreof; now, therefore. notice is hereby given that by virtue of a power of sale in said mortgag oontained, I shall seu at public auction to the hieheet bidder on the thirty-rirst day of May next, at two o'eloek P. M. ofsaid day, at the front door oí ti Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in the Cornity of Washtenal, State of Jliclijzan, that being tho place where the Circuit Courts are l.fid in said county, all those certain pieces or pareels f land situated in oí Aun Arbor, County of Washtenaw aforeMid, being lots nuraber one (1), two, three, and fonr, in block number six 6), lirown and Fuller's addition to the í Ulttge now city of Ann Albor ; alsn a piece of land eight rodssfiuare, bounded on the west by Pcntiac Street, south by the noïth line of block number six, Brown and Fnller's additien, on thenerthby land owned by James, and on the east by the party of the Ürat part and pamel Crawford ; also a piece of land 1 inL between the uorth east corner of lot number two and the north line of block number sis, Brown and 1'ulU'i's addition to the Tillase of Ann Arbor utoïesaid, heing a triangular piece of land lj-ini; between the north line of lots one and two, block number six, Brown and l'uller's addition and thi north line of said bloek. Dated, Alarch G, 1873. WILLTAM GEER, Administrator with the Will annexed John X. Gott, of tlis Estato of Robert McCormick, Attoi. deccassd. Administrator of Mortgagee. 1415; Mortgage Sale. DEFAL'LT having been made in the conditions ot a ceitain mortgage dated the lirst day of Slarch, A. D, L'-b'j, made and executed by John Diehl anii' tta Diehl, of iks city of Ann Albor, Michigan, to Henry L. James, of Williainsburgh, in th fetate oí KLassaéhuaeUa, and recoided in theotiieeoi the Regiatei of Deeds tor the County of Washtenaw Btate of Michigan, on the third day of March, A. D, lsia, in liber 3J of mortgage, at page 53-, which said mortgage was on tbc twenty-sixth day of DeceDiber, A. D. 107, sold and a-ssigned by said líonry L. James to Lesnara Gruner which said asignment wns on the Ihhticth day of -Jauuary, A. 1). 1873, recorded in the oth'ce of the Register of Deeds aforesaid in Jibet 3 of assiirnment of mortgages, on page 604 ; and wbereaa, theie is due and unpaid on said mortgage at th' date of t bis notioe the sum of twenty-six hundrecf hij and 110 suit or proceeding at law hm been instituted to recover the same or any part theiefc of. Xotice is hereby given that on Monday, May twelfth, A. I. WtS, at 12 orclock noon of that day, at the front door (south side) ol the Court House, in the eity of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michipan, by virtue of the power i! sak' ntaiaed in said mort' ïhall sell at publifl uction, to the highest blader, the premises desenb d ia said mortgage. or o much tliereof as may be necessary to satisfy the amount due 011 said mostage at tho date of this notice, with interest, and tie cost and expenses allowed by law, and also an attorney fee of Í3U.00 as providedinsaian efollowing is a description of the land and premise.s as given in said mortgage, and to be soW in pursuanoe of the afcove notioe, to wit: All tnose certain pieces 01 paicels of land situated in; theeityof Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw, aml Btate aforesaid, known, bounded nnddescribed as folit : Being lutsnmubera tíve and six [ö ïnd 6) in block number nine, in Onnsby and Paflftt addition to the village (now city} of Ann'Arbor, ïtïid also thaï part of lot number eight in said block, lying south of a direct line froin the east corner of said lot five to the southe,aa1 oorner of said block number niue, with thtf appurfenanees thereunto belonging. Dated, Anu Arbor, Kebruary 13, 1873. LE0SAK1) GJRTJXER, Feedfuick Piaroann, Assigneo. Attorney for Assignee. H13 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the condition of ff certain raoii gage, made and exeouted by Edward Kyan, of Northnela, County of Washtenaw, and state of Michigan', to William S. Barry, of the samff jlaci;, on the iltst day of August, A. D. ISo'li, and re'oid d in tlie office of the Register of Deeds for said Jonnty of Washtenaw, on th.' fourth day .of Decem:er, A. I). 1866, at live o'cloek P. M. of said day, in on page "?, which said mort- dnly assigned by said Wüliam S. Barry to uther James, of the eity of Ann Arbor. ConiMy and State aforesaid. on the fourth day of December, A. .1. IMit, and reeorded in the office of the Regwteï oí teeds for said County of Washtenaw, on ttie fourth !;ty of December, A. 1). 18(itJ, at fiveo'eioek P M. of aidday, in liber ;id of mortgages, on page 234, and hat there is claimod to be due at the date hereof, the um of six hundred and fifty-seven 97-100 dollars; lso au at toi'iiij s' l'ee of thirty dollars shouldany proeeding be had to foieelose the same, and further intalinents to beeome due on said mortgage, and no uit or proceedings at law or in equity having been ad to recover the debt secured by said mortgage-or ny part tin reo f. Noiiee is hereby friven, that by virLire of the power of sa!e in said mortgage contained, 1 at public anction, to ihe highest bidder, on :ie twenty-niBth day of .Mareh A. I). 1S7S, t two 'ciock in the afternoon of that day, at the tiont door [ the Court House, in tlie city of Ann Arbor, in the ounty of Waal I Btate of ]licbigaii, the described in said mortgage, as all those cerlin pitees or pareéis of land deeeribed as foliows, to it : The west hall' of the norrhwest quarter of secon twenty-eight and four acres of (ae east half rf te northwost qunrter of said seetion, heretofore ieded by said party of the rirst part to said partyof ie seeond part, all being in township one south of rage aix etist, in said township of Northiield, in the Minty of Washtenaw, Btate oi Michigan. Dated, Jaanuary ;i, 1878. I.T-TIIER JAMES, John X. Gott, Assignee of said Mortgage.. ttorney for Assignee. 14O7td lO-PAETNEESHIP ! C. H. MILLEN bas sssociated with himsclf in isinesshis son, CHARLES B. MELLEN. Hereafter e si y!,. and name of tht tirm will be C. H. M1LEN & SON. C. H. MILLEN, Ann Arbor, Feb. 20, '73. CHARLES S. MILLEN. AU persons having unsettled accounts or who are in ly way indebted to C. H. MILLEN will please settla same at once, eüher with myself or the new arm. C. H. MILLEN.


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