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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ■ ■ Nn. CO'.H. Donier iuConl. Offloe wthFmcn . &, Guaxt, over Slawson & Sous' Store, Cur., Fourlh and Huron st. EïsïtiS THATCHEB, Attornev mtuI Counselor at, No. 5 Eust Huron Street, Ann Arl'or, Ilieh, lj3G MF. FASSlUEI.t'K. M. D. Office over . A. A. ri-rry'3 8tore. Resldence Washlneton Street, four doors cast of State. 1873yl i w !f ABB9B 1IIJÍEBAL SPBIiVGS. j.' Wnrr3 Hile, M. I)., Siipjrintendeiit. Office a öuiidiuJ, corner M.inn .ïd(1 West Huron Streets. f-VjjS & WOHDES, 20 Sovtth Mniii street. Aun Ar'ior, Mlch-, wholeal and retail dealers ia Dry Goods, Carpeta and Oroceries. USUÍ CK SCHJIID, Denl.'rs in Dry Gooda, lirocerius, Crockcry, &c. Ho. 64 South Mtün gtrwet. _.- Wíl. JACK8OS, Dontiet, successorto C. l!. Porter. Office corner Main and riuron streete, ver the ttore of R. W. Billa & Co , Ann Arbor, inestheticsadministered if reqnlrefl. EX. JOIIXS?!1, Dealer in Hnts and Cape, Pnrs, Strnw Gents' Furnishing Goods, fcc. Ño T South Main .-treet, Anu Arbor, Mich. ODTHLRUNO .& WHEDOI, tlfe and O Firelnsuranco Agents, and dealersm Real Ketate. nee on Hnron Street. BtCH ABEL, Dealers in Dry Goods, öro'cfries, c c.,Ko. M Soutti Main Street, Ann rbor. SLAWSO & SON, Grocc-rs, Provisión and OommtraioD Morchant, aiiit dealers lo Water ,ime . Land Piaster, and Plasler París. No. 16 Bast Hurón street. Ö su Vijittl.W. uiiolusale and Retail Dealer 5. iu k.íücly Made ülothlng, Cloths, Cassimeres, etluStt.aad(}öBt8 Furuifiliing GoodB. No.uSouth íalu Strvwt. __- W" . WjMNEÍt, Dsuler In Riady MudoHoth tne.Clotbs, Caelmere, Vcrtin-rs. Hsts.raps, franks.t'ariiet Baga, &c 21 Soath Mainutreet. ni!,ili)ílK riSKE, BooksellCTB and Staijr tion rs M-dical Law and College Telt Book, Sch'.ol and Kiscellaneone Itooks. No. 3 Nortti Main Itreet, öregory ljlock, Anu Arbor. TOAÏT CÏÏÊE VE K, ATTORNEY AT LAW ! Offloa wlth B.W. Morgan, Bast side of ConrtHonse Bciu-vre. 1S-1 J.F.SCH AEBEBLB, Teacher of Muüic. Q'-es instrucUon on the PIA&3, VIOUH AND GÜITAB, jtbia office. No. 67 Sonth Main strect, (Moore's ilMiue),' :: tht pDptl. ' PÍANO TUNIKG, tade a speclallty ar.d satiefuction guaranterd; iR O G K E 11 Y GLASSWARE & GROCERIËS, J. & ï- ronnellv It ave ini torca Urge stock "r"rockerj.,?lc(!ftre, ■ted Wr,'íiitlery lïroeone, &c, 4c. all looi oid at uniisnally low priors. No 12 Sast lív.ronfil reet, Ann Arbpr. TÖHN O.QALIi, DEAtBR I1T FilESH ANDSM.TMEATS, URB, láCSAQBI, Ktc, Onlorssolicitert anrl promiitiv Sllrt wlth thel)est UeiUa la the rírtrket. II líast Washington stroet Ann Arbor, Sept. lth, UW. 18S?tf TU" AKKiSEY, "i, Manfllactnror of öarriagea, Buggies, Wagons, ANO 8L8MH8, of eVery tyls. mide of the beet iítttirisl, and w irriiiUc!. Repuirtuc douo promptij anil pcicAt roMOnable. Detroit ;truot, uear B, ft Dep t, Ann Arbor, .vlich. WHfl, "I R. ü. A. LKITEU CONTINÚES TO PUT UP ASID FILL Physicians Prescriptions, At all hours, at No. 1 Qregory Block. C. A.LEITKH & CO. Aun Ariior,Dec.2Sd 1871. 1US4 rR.CB. PORTEIl, fflosln theSAYIHGB BAKK3LOCX, Ann Arbor. : - - i All Opsrarions on the Natural Teeth PERFOD.MED WITH CARB. DrNSURPA83ED FACILITIES AND BXPBRIENCE SïTTIlW ARTÏSaL TEETH, TO OIVE EACH INnïVipUAL; Btntvreê of the proper. ai%c, fkape,colorJirmi%esêand na al aprensión, 1344 HURRY UP ! PAKTSKS wililn Wall Pnpcr, Hhnrtos Hollands, Wlndow Fixtim'P. Co-rt, Tassels, Ac, all New Style, :it SntUfllctorj Prloe, bj .1. Jl. Webster & )o., Book Store, near the Eipiess Oftlcc. X X LOVEJOY, TOBAOCONIST ! Deals in botli FINE CUT A1SD SMOKING TOBACCO, StrufF, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EAST HUROX STREET, Next to the Express Office, AJÍN AKDOR, TCICII. 134r,tf TTOUSE FOE SALE! Thi Mridene of the subcriber rm North strekt Poiïwioii (fiven Lmm&dtately. Aise, the beoutlfti buiMin:; site on the hill just eaat of (lol. Grant'i taalden. Terim vfTy A crood bargnin can be made Inquire of Zina P. King. M. C. TTLFR. Ann Arbor, Jan.33, 1873, 1410


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