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The Elfin Dance In The Rain

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I hear tlie beat As of dancing feet And of ruin drope against the pane i Enoh elf and sprita ís free to-night, Outside in the wind tnil rain. With wicked glee Round 1 lio oíd oak brea i As the wild wind weep the plaifli The careless ront, They hwgh and shout, Outside m the wind and rain. The tall reed moans, The oíd troe groan?, As ií toni by the anguioh ai pain ; Y et dancing about They sing and sliout( Outside in the wind and rain, Little thoy hcod Tlie slender reed "Which the storm on tho earth hatli lain, Or the prrand old tree, 'Mid thr-ir rovelry, Bcaten down in the storm and raia. Or the sailors freo, Far out m the seo, On the tosaingi and terrible main, )o itu eagerstriis For the good ship's Ufe Toil on in the wind and ram. For thoy. ah rrie ! Watoh the pitüess sea, lts cruel victory gain : And they Kaml)o1 a!ul sklP' As the statoly hip Goes down 'neath the wind and ran. Hear their voices shrill, Ou the lonely hill, As thoycho the gale's refrain, 'Mid the tempest's battle My iasements they rattle, Outside in the wind and rain. And they whirl round the house In their phantom carouse, These spirits escaped frora the ehain, Oh, with wailing and shriek Alas, whoin do they seek Outside in the wind and rain ? And now as the beat Of their goblin feet Comes waftod again and again. I pity the wight Who on this weird night, Is abroad in the wind and rain.


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