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Hard Times

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We are becoming a nation of schemers ;o live without manual labor. Our younS nen are not leaming Wades or preparing 0 be good farmers but seeking attei" olerkships, postoftices, fat offices, and irowdiug th'j oities whero it is supposed 1 living is oasily earned. Oar girlsare not earning to coük, sew and be good house teepers, bat want to drees and live as adiea without vvork. In tact a majority of them will not do housework for wages, no matter how groat their neous. ïho rosult of this we aro iruporting laborers and artÍ8aris froni Europe, China and everywhere elsc, to manufacturo andraiso tliose artioles wüich our people should niiuiufacturo themselves. For years past wo have imported manufactured articlos and have plunged deeper and deeper in debt to foreign nations. We aro like tho man who hires his neighbor's boya to do liis work, while hia own boys louugo around saloons or billiard hulls, on expense, and his daughters dress to kill, and enturtain beaax at ten or twelve, instead of being put to the affairs of tho household in place of Biddy or Dinah, who have bocu eniployed to do it, until thoy come to tho yoars of maturity, and judgmeiit, and have soine kuowladge of tho place they should be ablo to fill in the i'amily and in society. These are the men who wonder that thoy do not Bucoeed, and seil out or are t.old out by the Sheriff, and go to Texas perhaps to begin anow. We must turn over a new ïoaf. Our boys aud girls inuat learn to lova labor and be qualified for it. We must turn out more skilied artisans and fond growfirs. We must raise and manufacture threo or four millions worth of articles that we now import, and reduce our foreign debt. We must teach our young ludios how to " look well to tho ways of the householdi instead of spending their time in silly attempts to decoive the public as to their real personal appearance, and our young men to run factories, rolling milis, .tanneries, farms, and then we shall stem tho tide of debt that is sapping away our existence, and cease to bo visited and annoyed by hard times.


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