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Noah's Real Name

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It is said that the Chinese declaro that Noah's real ñamo was Ah Boo, and that ie resided in Pekin. Urifortunately íoah's family Bible was lost in the flood, and we cammot asoertain from it exactly vhat his real name was. His door-plate also seems to be missing, and ho had a Tcry careless way of neglecting to mark lis shirts, so wo aro bafflod in that direc:ion. We havo inquired at the librarles 'or a copy of tho Pekin directory of that date, to seo if Noah. really figured in its iages ; the only copy any of thom had vas out. For our part wo do not beicve that his name was Ah Boo, or that ie resided in Ipkin. These Chinamen really claim everything that is goir.g, 'rom gunpowder up to nowspapers. If wo givo them any ground on the Noah ausiness, tho first thitig wn know they will be oat with an assertion tht tbc ark was insured in tho Pekin Mutual Insurance Company, and that Noah used to give the Pekin newspapers people f ree tickets to go in and seo tho animáis porform. Tlio Kev. Mr. Emerson, of Gloucoster, Mass., reeontly said : " My friends, has the agn of miraolea roturned ? I do not know that thoy turn water into wine, but thoy do say that there aro thoso who can turn water into rnilk ! How happens it, friehds, that herring caught on the coast of Maino become ' Labrador herring' on touching the hands of some Oloucester dualersV How does it happen, too, that Bank codfish, worth uve dollars a quintal beeome transformad - changed in the twinkling of art eyo - -to George's fish, worth fit'ty cents moro. Can any ono here teil me how thpso wonderful transi forniutiona tako place."


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