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A Genuine German Colony

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A genome Germán colony is about to - be formed by the A., T. & B. F. E. E. Co. ' The plan, briefly, will be : All tho ' road lands in thrae or four townships, ' about 40,000 aore3 in the valloy, will be ' drawn f'rom sale, and devoted to Gorman eettleuient only. A town situated thoreia will be laid out and reserved for the people of the colony. Tho necossary buildings and arrangements will bo provided for the first corners, so that shelter and comfort may be cssured to them until thoy shall haTo made their locations. Donations of the necessary land will bo rnade for schools and churohes ; the prices ot' the lands will be guarantoed for a satisfaotory time without any increase of pries, bucause of the increased valué tñrough settloments. Every preoaution will be takpn to have the fullest justioe and fair troatment given to all, while those who are nowíy arrived in the United States will be safely guarded against imposition. A Germán agent of expoiionce and character, will take charge oí' tho work, and will be personally interested in the sucoess of the enterprise. A Scandintivian colony is to be formed on a similar basi?, and the expRctation of the ootnpany is to permit only thosu who have the neccseary experiencein farming, etc., and .the neuessary mean to commence, to join tho colony, so that every addition will be an assietanco, and tho enterprise will be burdcnod by no useless impediinents. Mr. C. B. Schmidt, of Lawrence, Kan., long and favorably known in that State, has been olectcd as the aa-ent of the Lierman dopartinont. - Circulara and maps descriptivo of the lands of tho A., T. & S. F. E. E. Co., can le obtained at the Argus office, Ann Arbor.


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