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The Three Cylinder Engine

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A tlirco cylmder engine is one of the novelties reccntly duscribed in the Englisli soientific journals. ín this engine throe cylinders are disposed round Ihe crank shaft at an angle ot' one hundred and twenty degrees of eaoh othor, each cylmder being provided with a deep but hght piston f rom whioh a conueoting rod is led to the crank comnion to all. One of the connecting rods lias a single oye at the crank end, the fork of the one being wido finough to take hold of the pin outside the ether, so that the center linos of the rods are all in the samo tlane. The cylinders are all open at theirends, and when tho engine is at work the steam from the boiler has frpe access to the central space, so that it tends to force the three pistons outward uiiiformly. The admission of the steam to, and its rolease from, tho outer euds of theso cylindevs is efl'ected by a single revolving slido valve. The valve works against a faco at one side of the central chaniber, being carriod around with the crank shaft. As thore is necessarily some throttling in the steam passage, particularly when tho engine is running fast, the pressurs of tho eteam at tho outer onds of the cylinders nover equals that in the central chamber, and henee tho pistons are always forced outward. Tho strain upon the conuectiun rods beings always a tonsile one, but varyiiig in amount according to whether the steam is boing admitted to or exhausted from tho other ends of the cyliuders. An individual having been convioted upon rrither slight evidenee, tbo judge procoeded to pass judginent as follows : "Prisouor at tbo bar, you have bconfouud guilty by a jury of yourcountrymon of a crime which subjects you to tho penalty ot death. You say you are innocent- the truth of that assertion is only kriown to yourseU' and God. It is ray duty to leave you for execution. If guilty, you riohly deserre tho fato which awaita you: if innocent, it will bö a gratificatioa to feel that you wero hanged without such a orimo on your conscience. In either case you will be delivered from a world of caro." ïlandel happfined once to be prcsiding orer tho oratoria of " Israel in Egypt." Tho first tenor began entirely out ot' tune, " I am an Israelite." ■ Handel, who was at the orgun, turnea aroimd, and glaring upon the offondor, in a voice of ton thousand tliundors oxclaimtid, ' You are von groat beast !"


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